Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Shutting The Stable Door

It seems that yesterday the lawyers acting for Michael Jackson, in respect of his upcoming trial for child molestation, did something rather strange.

Robert Sanger, Jackson's defence lawyer, asked the judge presiding to seal certain motions relating to the case. One of these is reported to be their own request to have the charges against Michael Jackson dismissed.

It seems that their rationale was that, if the documents were made public, then possible evidence would be disclosed that may not be used at the trial.

Now I am not lawyer, but I have to confess I find this a little strange. It has already been widely reported that they wish to try to have the charges against Michael Jackson dismissed; what possible benefit can it be to them to have this covered up, after the event?

It seems to me that the three wise monkeys would be well placed to be involved, in both the prosecution and defence of Jackson, viz:

  • Hear no evil

  • See no evil

  • Speak no evil

Needless to say, the lawyers acting for the media are already reported to be "fired up" at this further threat to the "public's right to know"; news ratings as well may come in to their thinking too, methinks.

The level of secrecy threatening to engulf the trial of Michael Jackson is more akin to standard procedure in UK trials, rather than the "freedom of expression and information society" of the USA.

As the saying goes in showbusiness; "this is going to run, and run!"

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