Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Money Can't Buy You Peace

I am reminded of that most excellent view postulated by Adam Smith, namely:

"...the beggar sunning himself by the road, has the peace and security that kings fight wars for...".

This seems to be highly apt in the case of Michael Jackson's life, both private and public.

During yesterday's hearing in Santa Maria, which Jackson and his family attended, Tom Mesereau (Jackson's lawyer) took a break from the court house and read a statement.

The statement covered a number of issues, most notably the "fact" that Jackson is the victim of music industry greed.

Additionally, it noted that Jackson had been "pressured" by advisers and the music industry to pay off previous accusers; the basis being the the negative publicity would not be good for the industry.

Now the case being put forward by the defence, is that Jackson regrets doing this. He had, according to the statement, "hoped to buy peace...he should have fought these actions to the bitter end..".

Now I could have told him that, for free!

I make one observation, Mesereau knows that the issue of previous payments has to be addressed; not to address them would seriously harm Jackson's case. The best and only way, under the circumstances, to address the issue is to blame others and express deep regret. This is a standard damage limitation trick pulled by the PR industry; when handling political and showbusiness scandals, eg George Michael, Hugh Grant, Clinton etc etc.

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