Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Flu Stops Trial

Michael Jackson was taken to hospital yesterday, vomiting and suffering from a "flu-like illness"; consequently his trial has been put on hold.

Seemingly Jackson became so sick en route to court, that he was driven instead to a local hospital. The sudden illness came as a surprise to the judge, and the defence/prosecution teams.

The defence lead, Tom Mesereau, said:

"I did speak with Mr. Jackson by telephone this morning on the way to court and he said he was very ill... I'm told he's being examined by a doctor..."

Over 100 potential jurors idled away an hour while the judge conferred in private with prosecutors and Jackson's attorneys and then, by telephone, with an emergency room doctor.

Judge Melville emerged from his chambers to announce that Jackson had been admitted to the hospital, and would not be able to attend court until next week. It is reported that the potential jurors let out a collective groan at this juncture.

I suspect that the initial buzz of attending a showbiz trial may soon wear off, as the tedious procedural realities of the lengthy court case dawn on them.

Needless to say the reporters covering the case all made a dash to the Marian Medical Center, where Jackson is being treated.

Dr. Chuck Merrill said:

"Mr. Jackson has been evaluated in our emergency department for a flu-like illness with some vomiting.."

Seemingly Jackson is in a stable condition.

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