Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Another Allegation

It seems that there is another allegation about molestation from the past.

Not only has Judge Rodney Melville to decide as to whether to admit evidence from the well documented Jordie Chandler allegations from 1993, but he must also decide as to whether to admit allegations concerning another case.

The second case involves the son of a Neverland employee, who claimed that Jackson touched him on the outside of his trousers. Allegedly the child's family received an estimated $2.5M settlement.

The Jackson camp has reportedly admitted making settlements while denying any guilt.


  1. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Just a comment on the "Jesus Juice"... I believe that MJ probably did provide the young cancer patient the alcohol because if I were a young boy facing the possiblity of death from a cancer at a young age, I would want to experience a few things before that happened. The young lad probably talked about it and MJ, being the accommodating host, figured it wouldn't hurt to give him the taste of what we consider an adult experience. Afterall, kids in France are allowed to drink wine and they aren't hurt by it.

  2. What? Are you freaks pedopfiles too? This blog seems to be taking the defense in this case seriously. Are you fucking crazy! He's guilty and sick and needs the help only penitentiary confinement can offer. Get real.

  3. I think hes guilty...but OJ Simpson got off ...didnt he..!!!!

  4. Anonymous10:59 PM

    People in the United States are worse than the Taliban when it come to being religious and scocial fanatics regarding any gay type of situations. ..... Not only is alcohol consumption by anyone allowed in Europe, they also do not have a stigma about the age of sex and even street drugs for that matter.......Who is to say some of the kids that liked Michael liked him because they knew he was gay and they were too...... I trust that it is very difficult to have an open Gay relationship in the US due to all the Religious Nut Cases......Because the religious right in the US has made those types of things so Taboo here, smoe kids may want to try it just because their parents and society are opposed to it....... Remember, Alice Cooper became a super star by doing things in his act that adults and parents hated.........It does not harm anyone to experiment with sex in their younger years. Most people have done ........ I am sure most of us messed around with one of our same sex friends when we were younger, perhaps an older neighbor as well........ Seems alot of people in this Country have a RED NECK Biggot type of attidude towards any type of homosexual acts........ If you think this way, you may want to join the local chapter of the KKK, or a Nazi organization, they too hated gays didn't they? ...................................
    Oh, and by the way, if you feel this way, and have not had children yet, please don't.....one of them may grow up and be GAY, it would be a shame for a parent to HATE thier child.....HATE is not a FAMILY Value!

  5. Anonymous11:05 PM

    So you are saying that penitentiary confinment makes people better. So why not require everyone to spend Four Years in the penitentiary following graduation from high school, they could also complete their college courses while they are there. Based on your conclusion, they would be much better citizens following their term. ..........
    So, after they spend a specified amount of time behind bars, they are a totally differnt person? ....And this is a form of Justice????