Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Monday, March 07, 2005

Jackson's Dick Goes Public

Michael Jackson's one time private detective has given an interview to NBC about the case.

Bradley Miller, a Los Angeles private eye, was hired by Jackson's then lawyer Mark Gregaros in the winter of 2003.

In the interview he claims that he was hired to monitor the Arvizo family. According to Miller the Arvizo's had threatened to contact the tabloids about allegations that they were prepared to make about Jackson, following the airing of the documentary "Living With Michael Jackson".

Miller claims that Gavin and his family knew about a previous allegation, made in 1993 by Jordie Chandler, against Jackson.

In the interview Miller is adamant that the Arvizo's life centered around money, fame and celebrity.

Miller says in the interview that it was decided by the Jackson team to get a sworn statement from the Arvizo's, just in case. He was despatched to make an audio tape of the family answering his questions.

According to Miller, in response to his questions about inappropriate behaviour, Mrs Arvizo said that Michael would never do anything like that.

Then three nights later Miller joined the Arvizo family at the home of Michael Jackson's videographer, to make the "rebuttal video".

Miller says that the claims by Mrs Arvizo that he got rid of love letters from Jackson to Gavin are false.

However, former Santa Barbara County sheriff and NBC News analyst Jim Thomas has put a different spin on this. He is reported to believe that Miller's real job was to make sure that the Arvizo's participated in the rebuttal video.

Thomas also noted that the DA claims that the Miller audio tape had been altered.

There are many lies being told in this court case, the question is who is telling them.

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