Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Friday, March 04, 2005

Jay Leno Gagged

It seems that the chat show host, Jay Leno, may have to stop making jokes about the Michael Jackson trial.

Leno was subpoenaed for Jackson's trial, and Judge Rodney Melville issued a gag order barring anyone involved in the case from discussing it outside court.

This means that Leno could be barred from making "Tonight Show" jokes about the trial.

However, he may be able to claim constitutional protection under the First amendment.

Jamin Raskin, a law professor at American University in Washington, is quoted as saying:

"The court, in order to avoid a Constitutional showdown, would try to draft a very carefully worded gag order that would allow him to make fair comment on the public aspects of the case,".

It is not clear as to whether Leno has changed his monologue's contents.

In a motion filed on behalf of Leno, attorneys said the court couldn't have intended the order to limit "public personalities" from commenting on the case.

It seems that applying the order to Leno would be "prior restraint in violation of the First Amendment and the California Constitution", the motion argues, and it asks the judge to clarify or lift it.

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  1. Anonymous3:31 PM

    I am a female victom of child abuse, physical, emotional and sexual for almost 10 years and I am outraged over this! Because of what happened to me I am a pretty good judge of character . I DO NOT beleave he did this!!! He is just strange. We all are. He is Peter Pan he never got the chance to grow up or to be a child. He was made into a slave by his own parents. If you look at all the Jackson children they all have some emotional problems and it stems from this. This is what happens when people get greedy. They put their own happiness first. He was abused as a child by being forced to perform over and over. He had no childhood so now he lives it out in other kids. He is determined to make sure kids get to be kids.I can relate because I go out of my way to help a child in need myself (I also have a differently abled child with Cerebral Palsey aged 15). I feel happy with myself when I know I've helped. I just don't want any child (like me and I believe him also)to not be able to find any happy memories of their childhood when they grow up. Now he is stuck in the middle of a greed game again. People see him as fast money. Now why I realy wrote you. All these people that are testifying against him are saying they saw or heard or suspected this and that should be brought up on charges also because they are an accessory to the crim they saw, heard or suspected. Why? For not grabbing the child or children or reporting it right away to the athorities. Instead these so called good people just stood by and let it continue time and time again, or so they say. This is what they are saying every time they open thier mouths no matter who they are!!!!!!! And the worse one of all is the parent(s) of this boy. She knew of his past problem with the other one so why in the name of God did she let him go there in the first place??? Because he was kind and granted the wishes of children. Greed! She knew he would get anything he wanted. Greed! I can't say I blame him for not having adult friends because most of us adults are cruel! I am the mother of 4 children and very happily married and one of my sons was also sexually abused at age 4 along with 6 other little boys 13 years ago. The SICK guy got a few years but it's never enough to erase the pain of what happened or enough to erase the guilt I will carry with me everyday of my life. I believe it will be the last thought I have when I take my last breath. He was the adult son of my sitter. I THINK she should have been convicted right along with him because these babies were in her care. How could she not notice them missing or hear their cries. If something happened to one of my children (accident)I as a the parent would be brought up on charges for neglect or endangerment of a minor or something like that. So that is the reason behind what I said about the SO CALLED WHITNESSES! If they find him guilty then the whitnesses need to be punished for allowing it to continue in their presence. Kinda like ading and abeding a crimanel, don't you think. According to their own testamony, their silance allowed a sicko to have his way with little boys!!!!!!So by now you should know I am not for sick people that hurt children (or anyone)in any way. Thank God my son doesn't remember anything. That's alright, because I will remember for the both of us and morn both of our childhoods!