Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Cunning Gavin

Chris Tucker, the comedian, was the final defence witness in the Michael Jackson trial yesterday.

He said that he found Gavin Arvizo to be "unusually cunning", for a 12 year old. He first met him at a benefit, while Arvizo was fighting cancer, in 2001.

Tucker said that he became suspicious about the Arvizos, when they turned up at the set of a movie he was filming in Las Vegas and wouldn't leave.

Tucker ended up paying for their hotel and expenses, but they were still there several weeks on.

They sound like total bums to me.

Tucker even arranged for a private flight to Miami for them, after they discovered that Jackson was there.

He said that, when in Florida, he took Jackson aside and warned him to be wary of the family.


"I said, 'Michael, something ain't right,'".

District Attorney Tom Sneddon, for the prosecution, suggested that Tucker encouraged the family by asking them to come to his brother's wedding. However, Tucker said that they invited themselves.

When Sneddon showed a photograph of the family at the wedding with Tucker, the comedian quipped, "That's a nice photograph. Can I get it?"

Sneddon replied:

"That depends on whether youĂ‚’re a good boy."

Whatever the verdict of the jury about the truth, or otherwise of the Arvizo's allegations, it is clear that the reputation of the Arvizo clan will forever remain in the gutter.

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