Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Jackson To Do Charity Work

Allegedly Michael Jackson will travel to Rwanda next year, to perform charity work there.

Jackson is reportedly eager to improve health care and education.

Kije Mugisha, the Deputy Director General of the Rwandan bureau of information, said:

"Michael Jackson will be here in June 2007, he confirmed this.

Michael Jackson is eager to know how many hospitals are in place in Rwanda and how he can help in improving people's health here.

He promised to do what he can afford to do. It could be in terms of equipment or any other assistance. We shall get to know much of that when he is here in June next year

Cynics might argue that it may be unwise for the people of Rwanda to pin too much hope on Jackson doing anything for them; as the peopled devastated by hurricane Katrina can testify, they are still waiting for Jackson's much hyped charity single.

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