Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Friday, September 30, 2011

Dr Murray Panicked

Michael Jackson's former bodyguard, Alberto Alvarez, appeared at the trial of Dr Conrad Murray yesterday and told the court that Dr Murray grabbed vials of drugs from near the bed and ordered him to put them in bags.

Mr Alvarez was also told to remove a saline bag, contained a “milky white substance” (Propofol) from an IV stand.
The jury was played a tape of Mr Alvarez's 911 call:

"We have a guy here, he’s not breathing. We are trying to jump him."

Kia Chase, Michael Jackson's former chef, also took the stand in the trial of Dr Conrad Murray yesterday.

She said that Dr Murray was acting frantically at the scene of his death.

She said that Dr Murray came downstairs in a panic, calling for her to call security as well as Jackson's oldest son, Prince.
"I saw Dr Murray come down the stairs into the kitchen in a panic and frantic," she told the packed courtroom.

His energy was very nervous and frantic and he was shouting 'get help, get security, get Prince', I dropped what I was doing and I ran to go get Prince."

The trial continues.

1 comment:

  1. HollyB6:35 AM

    Im sure he did indeed panick after he found a dead Michael Jackson. But the evidence suggests he still had the presence of mind to change the scene in that bedroom. His priority was not with his patient, it was to get rid of the propofol he had adminstered. The very first thing he should have done was call 911. When the paramedics arrived he should have told them about the propofol. Looks like Dr Murray immediately went into coverup mode.

    Given the properties of propofol, the notion that MJ played possom, then administered a lethal dose to himself is imo preposterous. And who stockpiles gallons of this stuff, if the intention was to wean Jackson off his weird sleep remedy. Since when does an ethical physician allow the patient to dictate his drug of choice? Jackson's needs,wants and wealth would inevitably lead him to quacks.