Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Thursday, February 24, 2005


In an unbelievable change of pace, the jury for the Michael Jackson trial has been selected.

Well ahead of schedule, the jury was selected yesterday. Judge Rodney Melville said:

"We have a jury..".

The jury consists of four men and eight women, age range 20 to 79. The racial and ethnic breakdown, not that this should matter, is reported to be; seven whites, four Hispanics and one Asian.

Having sworn in the jury, the attorneys then went on to the selection of eight alternate jurors.

The jury selection had been expected to last several weeks, but in fact took only five court days (despite two delays caused by a death and Jackson's illness).

The selection moved at a very fast pace, as the judge imposed tight time limits on how long each prospective juror could be questioned.

My compliments to Judge Melville, he seems to be a man who can well handle the difficult and unusual aspects of this case.

Those of you fascinated by pure trivia may be interested to know that it is reported that the jury consists of:

  • A woman who said her grandson was required to register as a sexual offender because of a crime

  • A woman who said she was related to the pilot of Flight 93, one of the planes that went down on Sept 11

  • A 20 year old man who likes "The Simpsons"

  • A man who is interested in Western art and country music

Now onward and upward!

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