Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Saturday, February 26, 2005


Judge Rodney Melville made a number of rulings yesterday, in addition to the one allowing the defence to attack the mother of Michael Jackson's accuser.

Judge Melville ruled that lawyers may not show the jury the entire "Living with Michael Jackson" documentary, but may use a clip.

The prosecution plans to use a two-minute segment. The first prosecution witness is expected to be the documentary's maker, Martin Bashir.

However, Judge Melville did not immediately rule on a defence request to take the jury to Jackson's ranch. It is reported that one juror and two alternates have already been there.

In another matter, Melville ruled that the defence will not be allowed to raise the allegations about the accuser's mother's extramarital affairs.

It seems that the defence said that it had wanted to show that during the time she was allegedly held captive by Jackson she was in contact with a Los Angeles police officer and an Army officer, whom she eventually married.

The defence also alleged that the mother might have been delusional, at the time she was allegedly held against her will, because she wasn't taking drugs that had been prescribed for her. Judge Melville barred mention of prescription drugs, unless the defence establishes that the woman was supposed to take them and did not.

The trouble with barring mentioning these issues, is that now that it has been widely reported the jury will be well aware of them.

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