Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Come Fly With Me

Cynthia Bell, the a flight attendant on Michael Jackson's private aircraft, gave her testimony yesterday.

She said that Gavin Arvizo once showed off an expensive watch that Jackson had given him, and boasted that Jackson would buy him anything.

Bell said that this incident happened in 2003, during a Florida-to-California flight with Jackson and members of the Arvizo family.

The prosecution believe that the watch was a bribe, to prevent Gavin from revealing that Jackson gave him alcohol. The defence would have you believe that the Arvizo's were out to "take Jackson to the cleaners".

Bell testified that she served Jackson wine in a Diet Coke can, but did not see Gavin drink from it.

The idea for serving wine in cans came, it seems, from Bell herself. She said that "Michael Jackson is a very private drinker."

Bell went on to testify that Gavin was rude and unruly throughout the flight, at one point starting a food fight by throwing mashed potatoes at a sleeping doctor who was travelling with Jackson.

Bell said that Gavin made a number of complaints during the flight:

"His chicken was warm. 'I want a side of coleslaw. I don't want it on the same plate.' ... He was very demanding throughout the entire flight,".

The prosecution asked Bell if she saw Jackson cuddling the boy. She said she did not think so, but Jackson had an arm around the boy while listening to music.

Bell was asked: "What do you define as cuddling?"

She smiled and said: "I'd have to show you."

This provided a little light relief for the court.

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