Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Gavin Arvizo Denies Sex

Irene Peters, a social worker from the LA County Department of Children and Family Services, gave testimony at the Michael Jackson trial yesterday.

She said that she had met privately with Gavin Arvizo and his family, during the time they claim they were held prisoner by Jackson, and they praised Jackson and denied any sexual abuse.

Peters said that she had met Janet Arvizo, and her three children in February 2003, after the Martin Bashir documentary was shown on TV.


"I asked him if he had ever been sexually abused by Michael Jackson and he became upset. He said, 'Everybody thinks Michael Jackson sexually abused me. He never touched me'..."

Adding that Gavin told her Jackson "was very kind to him and treated him like a father."

Peters also said that she separately interviewed Janet Arvizo, Gavin's brother Star and his older sister, and all of them praised Jackson. She said Mrs Arvizo even gave Jackson credit for her son's victory over cancer.

It seems that Janet Arvizo initially asked if the social worker could do her interview at Jackson's estate.

So much for being held captive!

Peters said:

"She denied all allegations of general neglect...I asked her about the relationship with Michael Jackson. She went on to say he was like a father to her children and she felt he was responsible for helping (Gavin) to survive his cancer, for his cancer to go into remission. I asked her if the kids ever slept in Michael Jackson's room and she said no, that never happened."

Peters said that the Arvizo family never mentioned being held against their will.

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