Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Rude Bastards

Witnesses in the Michael Jackson trial are painting a picture of the Arvizo family as being a bunch of rude, demanding bastards.

The witnesses certainly didn't feel that the Arvizos looked like they were being held hostage.

Seemingly "f--king Cheetos" were one of the Arvizo's more pressing concerns, during their sojourn at Neverland.

The witnesses included an ex-spa owner, a local dentist and a former Neverland kitchen worker.

Carole McCoy, the spa owner, said that Janet Arvizo didn't appear to be a kidnap victim the day she visited her salon for brow wax, lip wax, face wax, leg wax and bikini wax. The costs of this overhaul to the Arvizo body came it at $140.

Needless to say the account differs with that provided by Janet Arvizo, who claimed that she only had a leg wax.

Additionally Janet had said that a camera crew had trailed her to the appointment; McCoy said that she saw no cameras.

Neither, oddly enough, did Janet say that she was being held prisoner during her waxing.

Security guard Shane Meredith testified that he caught Gavin Arvizo and his younger brother with a half-empty bottle of wine. Maid Maria Gomez said she found porn mags in a backpack that she believed belonged to Gavin's brother.

Ex-chef's assistant Angel Vivanco said that Gavin demanded snack foods--"Give me the f--king Cheetos".

Vivanco said:

"He told me if I didn't do it [pour alcohol into a milkshake], he would tell Michael and I would get fired,".

Vivanco then went on to say that Gavin's sister called her mother a "psycho mom," spoke ill of her brothers and hinted that her mother and future stepfather were planning "something big" with regard to Jackson.

Dr. Jean Seamount testified about tending to the braces of Gavin and his brother on Feb. 24, 2003, again when these two were meant to be being held captive.

The doctor noted that, despite the fact that everyone hates going to the dentist, no-one tried to do a runner during the appointment.

Seamount did encounter problems with Janet Arvizo:

"[The mother] was angry at another orthodontist who had placed the braces, and she wanted the braces removed so she could send [them] back in the mail to the orthodontist,".

Seamount described Gavin as being "undisciplined." Seamount's assistant, Tiffany Haynes, called him "rude."

Again, there was no sighting of the alleged film crew trailing the Arvizo clan around.

It seems to me that the jury can conclude from this that the story about the Arvizos being held captive is, to use an olde English phrase, "utter bollocks".

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