Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Friday, June 03, 2005

Defence Failed

The prosecution yesterday accused the defence of failing in their task of exonerating Michael Jackson in his trial.

They stated that Michael Jackson targets vulnerable boys to bring them "into the world of the forbidden,".

Deputy District Attorney, Ron Zonen, said that the defence failed to keep promises made to the jury in opening statements; the defence's only strategy had been to attack the credibility of Janet Arvizo.

Zonen said that that Jackson has a pattern of going after susceptible boys and when he brings children to his Neverland ranch he separates them from parents and authority and fills their days with candy, video games and other amusements.

This is part of the "grooming process", he said.

He said that Jackson lowered their inhibitions by showing them pornography, appearing naked before them and simulating a sex act with a mannequin.


"This case is about the exploitation and sexual abuse of a 13-year-old cancer survivor by an international celebrity,".

Zonen reminded the jury that the defence had said that Janet Arvizo had asked Mike Tyson, Adam Sandler and Jim Carey for money.


"Did you see any of them come in here?...There's no evidence she received anything from the three of them."

Zonen said Mesereau also failed to prove that Janet Arvizo tried to negotiate for money, during the making of the rebuttal video, and that she tried to use Gavin's illness to make money.

Zonen said that Jackson never visited Gavin when he was in hospital in Los Angeles in 2000.

Zonen quoted from a letter written by Jackson to Gavin:

"But you have to really be honest in your heart that I AM your DAD and will take good care of you. DAD."

Another note said:

"I want you to have a great time in Florida. I'm very happy to be your DADDY. Blacket, Prince and Paris are your brothers and sister. Love Dad."

Zonen noted that Jackson had misspelled his son's (Blanket) nickname.

He also said that Jackson had urged the Arvizos to come to Florida, contradicting defence suggestions that the family had found out Jackson was there and wanted to get to him.

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