Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Exit Janet Stage Left

Janet Jackson (nee Arvizo) made her final appearance in the witness stand at Michael Jackson's trial, yesterday.

Doubtless this "final bow" before her audience will be greeted with a huge sigh of relief from Judge Rodney, the prosecution team and the long suffering jury.

To say that she has proved to be a credible witness, would be as an outlandish suggestion as the stories that she has spun whilst giving testimony.

Janet went out in a blaze of "glory", insisting that her allegations that security guards at JC Penney had beaten her were true.

Janet stated that the photographs taken immediately after the alleged beating were proof of the attack, despite the repeated suggestions that they were in fact the result of domestic violence.

It goes without saying that Janet made some money out of these allegations at the time, some $150K in fact.

The odd thing about the photos of the bruising from the alleged "beating", is that she had told the police that the bruises did not show up immediately.

Sounds plausible, doesn't it?

Even more oddly, it took her a year to get around to claiming damages.

Again, Janet seemed to think that the best way to add credibility to her testimony was to clash with lawyers, give impromptu outbursts and to lecture the jury.

At this juncture the prosecution, clearly realising that they were on to a lost cause with this particular line of prosecution, announced that they will wrap up the case next week.

Goodbye Janet, we won't miss you.

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