Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Hot Air

Janet Jackson (nee Arvizo) took the stand again yesterday, in the Michael Jackson trial.

It is fair to say that she gave yet another bravura performance; which further "endeared" her to the jury, and ensured that no one was left in any doubt about her intelligence or moral character.

Janet said that she once told sheriff's deputies that she feared Jackson had a plan for her, and her family, to disappear from Neverland in a hot air balloon.

What had she been drinking?

Seemingly Janet felt that this remark had been taken out of context. Quote:

"He's taking it out of context. He's minimising it. I told police that (Jackson associates) had many ways to make us disappear,".

Mesereau, for the defence, retorted:

"And someone mentioned to you a hot air balloon?".

Janet said:

"That was one of the ways,".

Janet contended that Jackson did not really care about children, merely what he could do to them. Quote:

"He managed to fool the world. Now, because of this criminal case people know who he really is."

Despite this "revelation" in her mind, about Jackson's character, it was shown that she had written a letter to Jackson in gushing terms with a heart and X's and O's on it. Seemingly, if Janet is to be believed, this was written under duress.

She denied ever asking for money, "Money doesn't buy happiness."

But it does buy a manicure, doesn't it Janet?

Then for good measure Janet entered into a tirade against social workers, saying that they were only interested in not being sued by Jackson.

Despite her statement about money, it was shown that she received cheques for $20K which she put into her mother's bank account.

Oddly enough though, she could not remember how any of the money had been used for Gavin.

Funny that!

Despite appearing to be an idiot, Janet did manage to have the brains to open a bank account; in which people could deposit money for Gavin's benefit. The money though, was not used for Gavin.

Mesereau asked:

"Did you withdraw thousands of dollars from that account?".

Janet said:

"Yes," .

"And was any of that money for medical expenses?" the attorney asked.

"No," she said.

What was it used for Janet?

It seems that Gavin's treatment was covered by the father's medical insurance, in other words Janet paid for nothing to help her son.

Janet maintained her story that Jackson planned to send her and her family off to Brazil indefinitely, against their will.

Janet was oddly reluctant to give an answer that was coherent, when asked as to why she did not contact the police about the alleged kidnap. She repeated that she couldn't then.


To my view this woman is probably the best witness for the defence, the prosecution must be mad for placing her on the stand.

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