Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Head Licking

In the bizarre world that is Michael Jackson's trail, we now find ourselves reading about head licking.

Not exactly something that one would normally be reading about, even in the most salacious or unpleasant of trials.

Bob Jones, Jackson's former publicist gave testimony yesterday, admitting that he saw Jackson lick Jordie Chandler's head when he and his family were on the plane returning from Monaco.

Not exactly the Waltons, is it?

Jones, worked for Jackson from 1987 until last year when he was fired..

Needless to say, like many of the other ex employees he is writing a book ("The Man Behind The Mask") about his time with Jackson. The draft of which is with the prosecution, and contains details of the head licking incident.

Oddly enough, when first questioned about this on Monday, Jones had a touch of amnesia and claimed he could not recall the incident.

Call me old fashioned but you would remember something like that, wouldn't you?

However, the memory lapse was overcome once he was confronted with e-mails that he sent to Stacy Brown (co author of the book) that "the licking is going to be important,".


"I would not have made it up,".

How oddly reluctant for a budding author.

Brown was also called to give testimony. He said that he had several conversations with Jones, in which he talked about seeing Jackson lick Jordie's head during the Monaco trip.

Thomas Mesereau, for the defence, wryly pointed out that Brown and Jones' recollections about the incident seemed to change with his finances; that he had a better memory of seeing the licking when he needed money, and a fuzzier memory when he didn't.

When asked about the accuracy of the book, Jones said "It's factual to a degree,"; elaborating that Brown had included things of which he did not approve.

Quotes from the book where introduced; Jones described Jackson and Jordie "holding each other tightly" while sleeping on the return trip from Monaco in an "almost romantic embrace," with "cooing" and licks on the head.

In Jones' e-mail to Brown, he states that "the licking is going to be important because he did it in this case" and that it would "bite him big,".

Jones also said that during the 1993 World Music Awards show, at Jackson's insistence, Jordie and his sister sat on his lap.

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