Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Here's Janet

Janet Jackson (nee Arvizo) made another "spirited", and "emotional", performance in the witness stand at Michael Jackson's trial yesterday.

This time, to add credibility to her testimony and character, she admitted lying under oath twice in an unrelated case.

Tom Mesereau for the defence "went to town" on her, insinuating that she was a con artists; for her part Janet obliged all and sundry by giving long winded rambling answers, that had little to do with the case in hand.

What are the prosecution thinking of using this person in their case?

Mesereau went to work on her $150K action against JC Penney, where the Arvizos received that amount after claiming that they were manhandled by security guards.

Mesereau pointed out that Janet had sworn that she had never been abused by her husband at the time. Quote:

"You were not telling the truth under oath when you made those statements,".


"This is correct,".

She also admitted being untruthful, when she said in the lawsuit that her husband was honest.

Janet also stated, in relation to the rebuttal video, that she had given a poor performance. Mesereau contradicted her saying:

"I think you're a good one."

Judge Rodney Melville gave him a slapped wrist for this.

Janet then went on to say that everything on the video, even breaks where Gavin complains about his seat and the family laughs at jokes, was scripted by Jackson aides.

She said that met with one of Jackson's lackeys 10 times at Neverland, to discuss what she would say on the video. Mesereau noted that this was the first time this piece of information had come up.

As a witness she is a disaster area. That of course does not mean that the abuse did not take place.

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