Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Jackson Begged To Sleep With Jordie

Jordie Chandler's mother gave testimony at Michael Jackson's trial yesterday. Jordie claimed that he was molested by Jackson in 1993; the case never went to court, as Jackson paid him off.

Jordie's mother said that she allowed Jordie to start spending nights alone with Jackson after he, Jackson, sobbed and pleaded with her to let them sleep together.

Now if this were the case, what parent in their right mind would allow a pitiful clearly disturbed thirty year man like that to sleep with their child?

Something stinks here; either she is lying, or else she must have taken leave of her senses.

Then for good measure she said that, at Jackson's urging, she signed papers giving custody of the boy to his father; seemingly the father had threatened Jackson with legal action.


"[Jackson] kept begging me to sign it so there wouldn't be any lawsuits or anything..I didn't understand completely what I was signing."


Jordie, who is now 25, will not testify because he does not want to get involved in the media spectacle; so his uncle Raymond (who has written a book about it) has told the media.

Jordie's mother recalled the first meeting with Jackson in 1992, when Jackson came to a Los Angeles car rental agency after having car trouble. Her then husband, the boy's stepfather, worked there.

She said that she gave Jackson their phone number, and told him:

"if you'd like to see [him] ... or speak to him."

Within a month Jackson began calling the boy, the conversations "got longer and longer,".

They then began spending weekends at Neverland, and taking trips to Las Vegas, Disneyland and Florida.

On the third visit to Neverland, she said that she refused Jordie's request to spend the night with Jackson in his bedroom.

However, after Jackson started "sobbing, crying, shaking and trembling" she changed her mind; quote:

"You don't trust me. We're a family..There's nothing wrong. There's nothing going on. Why don't you trust me?"

After 30 minutes or so of this pathetic spectacle she consented to allow Jordie to sleep in Jackson's bed.

I repeat, if this is the case, what on earth was she thinking?

No rational, sensible, responsible parent would allow this to happen.

Seemingly the sleepovers happened over 30 consecutive nights. Jackson would visit their home in Santa Monica, to spend the night with Jordie. He would then leave in the morning, and return in the afternoon to eat dinner with the family.

In May 1993, Jackson took the family with him to the World Music Awards in Monaco, and gave her his credit card to go shopping.

Money rears its ugly head!

Jackson also gave her gifts including; a gold Cartier bracelet, earrings, a necklace and a ring, as well as a $7K gift certificate to a Beverly Hills store.

Question: would she have allowed this to go on if Jackson was a penniless neighbour, with no money or celeb status?

It seems that by the Autumn of 1993, the mother claims that she finally woke up to reality. Jordie had become withdrawn, sullen and "was not wanting to be with us anymore." He began dressing like Jackson, and was "not as sweet as he normally was."


"[He] was spending too much time with Michael Jackson, and I was upset..I wanted my son back. ... It was getting out of hand."

Question: Did she give all the presents back?

Question: Why did they accept a multimillion dollar settlement to?

Question: Why are they now reneging on this settlement?

This is a story is a sorry indictment of the human condition.

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