Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Jury Suspected Jackson Was Guilty

It is reported that members of the Michael Jackson jury suspected that he was guilty of child abuse, but did not have enough evidence to find him guilty of the trial charges.

Two of the jury are quoted as saying that Jackson had probably molested young boys, who were guests at his Neverland ranch, in the past.

Raymond Hultman said:

"I feel that Michael Jackson probably has molested boys. I cannot believe that this man could sleep in the same bedroom for 365 straight days and not do something more than just watch television and eat popcorn. I mean, that doesn't make sense to me. But that doesn't make him guilty of the charges that were presented in this case and that's where we had to make our decision. That's not to say he's an innocent man. He's just not guilty of the crimes he's been charged with."

The jury foreman, Paul Rodriguez, also said that he had not ruled out that Jackson had abused boys.


"The allegations of past abuse were considered credible to some extent. There are not too many grown men we know that would sleep with children but we had to base it on the evidence presented to us. There were a lot of things lacking."

One juror summed up the feelings of many people, not just the jury, in relation to the idea of letting children sleep with a middle aged man.


"As a parent you spend every moment of your day protective of what happens to your children. What kind of mother in her right mind would allow that to happen, to freely volunteer your child to sleep with anyone, not just Michael Jackson, but anyone?"


  1. Anonymous5:50 AM

    First of all, please excuse my English language, I'm Brazilian

    Any man, not only Michael Jackson is considered not guilt until any prove. All people can speculate, but the truth is; there's nothing to make Michael Jackson guilt of any crime in any time.

    I can in any moment accuse someone about any crime, but to condemn, prove is need. Michael today is free and is guilt like any free men in the world.

    In my country, 100% consider Michael Jackson not guilt and even not speculate about it. If someone have jealous about Michael success, this is not Michael problem.

    Some kind of people never can admit that your opinion is wrong, understand and accept the delusion and mistakes is out of question. Michael Jackson in jail was a desire of a lot, and this people can not imagine the trial result, and this was because those people take one sentimental judgment, inverting the right way. If you don't like some people it don't make this people guilt for anything.

    Michael is free definitively free, and if he did anything in past is not in question, there's no another trial, and like everyone he is innocent until any prove.

    I read a lot of official documents like trial transcripts, final arguments and jury instructions, and there's no other possible verdict.

    Michael had a fair trial, and is not in trial again.

    What kind of world we have if someone can think that if we live 365 days a year with a child anything can happen, the juror only can use his imagination to conclude it, but the human being can imagine everything.

    I see some kind of evil in a people in USA, I think it occurs in minority, but is strong, and its makes wars based in nothing. I think that first of all, all what they need is solve the interior war and understand that if our animal instinct prevail, we never will have a fair human world, the mind need to prevail, not the feelings.