Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Monday, June 13, 2005

Michael Jackson Trial Verdict

The verdict has just been announced in the Michael Jackson trial.

He is innocent on all counts.

Michael Jackson has left court, and returned to Neverland, a free man.


  1. Anonymous2:47 PM

    I live in Indianola, Mississippi and I'm glad that Michael was acquitted. I don't know he actually did those terrible things he was accused of but I sure hope not. After being accused twice in ten years; I hope Michael looks at things differently from now on. I hope he never sets himself up for such torture and humiliation and it's probably not over yet because the next thing I'm waiting to hear is talk of a civil suite.

  2. Anonymous2:54 PM

    I am very unhappy that Michael was charged un-gulity in all 10 counts. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. If i were that boys parents i would have flipped out. This is soooo gay.

  3. unbelieveable! i wonder how much it took to buy that verdict... tho i agree with the last comment, he'd better get his act together or he's gonna be put thru this humiliation again... and maybe next time he'll get his 18 years in the slammer.

  4. In a more sane world, this is what we would have heard today:

    SANTA MARIA, California (IndependentSources) — A jury of eight women and four men returned a verdict of guilty on all counts against former pop star Michael Jackson

    A loud gasp was heard across the packed courtroom followed by members of the press corp scrambling to get outside to phone the news of the guilty verdict. Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judge Rodney S. Melville twice threatened to clear the courtroom before allowing the jury’s foreman to read the verdicts.

    Jackson, 46, was found guilty of all counts against him: four counts of committing a lewd act on a child; one count of conspiracy to commit child abduction, false imprisonment and...

    rest of post at: www.independentsources.com

  5. Anonymous4:01 PM

    I am very pleased that he was acquitted. I have never been a fan, and have young children of my own. I'd certainly be distraught at the outcome if my child had been victimized. The fact is, there simply was not enough proof presented. The prosecution did an abyssmal job. If Jackson is actually guilty, then Sneddon is to blame for not making sure he had all his "ducks in a row" before launching this action. I disagree that the verdict was "bought". That's insulting to the men and women of the jury who had to sit through a very long and difficult trial. Jurors did what they could with what was handed to them and what was presented was trash.

    You know what I find interesting, as well, after all this time? Look at the suits launched against the Catholic church because of "so and so" priest who was a molester. One adult child speaks out and suddenly hoards of others come out of the woodwork, granted the courage to say, "He did it to me too!" Even those that courts determined were lying, showed up to see if they could "get a piece of the action".

    Well after all this time has gone by, from the raid on Neverland, to the arrest, throughout the trial...no one else came forward. No one. I find that kind of odd given the fact that it has happened so many times in other legitimate cases. All it would have taken was one more child and Michael would have gone to prison....but no one stood up, even to be the "hero". Personally, I think it's because none exist.

    Regardless, the jury made the right decision. If it's wrong, MJ will have to live with himself and Tom Sneddon will regret his hasty, unprepared move. However, bottom-line, my gut tells me it was a witch hunt from the start.

  6. Anonymous4:23 PM

    After listening to the "on-going" saga of the Michael Jackson trial, I honestly believe that he is guilty. His "poor-poor pitiful me" comments just do not ring true. He had a pornagraphic book featuring young boys in seductive poses, hidden in his bedroom for heaven's sake! Normal people just do not do that! That tells me that he
    is interested in viewing young boy's bodies at the very least. He holds his own children over the edge of a balcony. He has manipulated the mother of his children. Remember, this is not the first time he has been in this type of trouble. Michael is a "sick" puppy and a molester. Perhaps no other victims came forward because of the shame that they felt. It would be difficult to share the disgusting, perverted acts with anyone. McCauley Culkin's testimony . . .he is not exactly all there either, is he? And the jury believes all these people? I say that some monetary gain is about to change hands very soon! Jacko is guilty and I will never allow any of his CD's in my home and I intend to get rid of all that I have now! And to get off on all ten counts! My prediction: Give him 6 months and he will be in some other "drama" and at the very least should me locked up in mental facility.

  7. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Maybe you'd better take a look at the family that accused him. Patterns of lies abound and there are no innocents there.Perhaps Michael had porn in his home.It's no crime.The jurors aren't idiots and to imply such is rude and defamatory.I agree that this was a ploy for money and notoriety from this sick family.

  8. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Michael is innocent. Luckily, he was blessed with a jury of 12 sane, normal, rational people who agree. His reputation has been ruined. For what? Sleeping in a bed with a young friend during a slumber party does not make the man a pedophile. People who automatically assume that something sexual happened are perverted. Our society is jaded and cynical and sick. Michael has long been a beacon of innocence, hope, and love. Let us hope the perverted masses have not finally succeeded in extinguishing his spark.

  9. -I recently posted a "sound off comment" at www.canada.com regarding how everyone should now leave the man alone, now that he's been acquitted/found Not Guilty.

    -We have always enjoyed Michael Jackson's music but have never enjoyed all the negative comments about his habits or personality, or even how he dresses etc. It has been very disturbing to hear the jokes from all the talk show hosts as well as the comedians etc. during the past few years.

    -Even though Mr. Jackson has never been found to be a hurtful or spiteful man and its doubtful if he's ever said a bad word about anyone (even his accusers past and present), we feel he needs to do something about the following:

    -Jay Leno verbally "beat up" Mr. Jackson pretty well every chance he got, on his late-night talk show. Conan O'Brien, Jon Stewart etc., were no different.

    -Not hard to believe or expect either, this does not end here as is evident on all of the comedians' talk shows that aired after the trial was over, as well as whatever was taped after the trial was over. All seem to still be "bashing Michael Jackson". When does it end for Mr. Jackson and it brings me back to what I said about him NOT being a hurtful or spiteful person.

    -Perhaps he should now consider engaging in a lawsuit or two against all those who continue to defame him. He has been found not guilty by a jury of his peers. Even though Robert Blake and O.J. Simpson were also found to be Not Guilty, its not hard to see that many have not let up on them either. Constant bashing makes these comedians funny to some, but does serious damage to those they continue to defame day after day.

    -Whether or not anyone still has an opinion about Mr. Simpson as to his innocence or guilt in his past troubles, we are still hearing about it today, and many years later at that! It seems that people would've been happier and would probably have shut up "if" the man "had" been found guilty at the time. Why will Mr. Jackson be any different? He's been found not guilty and it is fair to assume that we will still be hearing from people in the next few months-to-years about his "weirdness according to them", and anything you can imagine about "him beating the rap." If he had been found guilty, what would they have had to joke about then?

    -I took a look at michaeljackson.com, no way to leave an email for him, far as I could see. Perhaps someone could advise him, he "should" go after those that continue to slander him after the fact. Probably not alot he could do about what went on while the trial was underway but now that its over, why is this behaviour still condoned? Someone needs to take a stand and show these comedians and/or talk show hosts its NOT okay to keep beating a person down "just because they might be a little different or something you or I may not agree with-how a person dresses, what their skin colour was or is, now etc. All this does is turn a person who has always been a caring individual like Mr. Jackson, into a hateful one, if others are allowed to keep bashing him.

    -To reclaim his credibility and integrity that he's always had in our eyes, he should go after all those that continue to slander, libel, or defame him, with a vengeance. Only then will they learn to accept the verdict that has been handed down and he can go on with his life.

    -Yes, he may want to let this go also and NOT go after any of the above, in court. Hopefully though, just the threat of legal action might teach others to listen to the verdict(s) they've heard in the past and live with that verdict, OR ELSE! We haven't often heard of persons like O.J. Simpson, Robert Blake, Michael Jackson etc. go after someone who continually slanders or defames them but it'd sure be nice to see the first one in court. Those tabloid newspapers that are often sued for such things as pictures printed without permission, are a joke compared to what these same tabloid papers have been printing about past trials for celebrities who have been found not guilty.

    -I hope Mr. Jackson truly sees, or gets some sort of satisfaction out of all this and can get back on track with his life as well as his music, and wish him well for the future.

    -And here's a p.s. now that I've found this "blog". Some pretty hateful people here too, no surprise! I doubt if any of them were present on that jury who decided Mr. Jackson's fate, so what kind of valuable input do they have at all then? Actually, none at all and just goes to show you, all I had to search for on the web was "leave michael jackson alone already!" and not surprisingly, literally thousands who share my view. Those that continue to bash, condemn, slander, defame, libel him, hope you never find yourself caught up in a mess like he was. Perhaps if you do, let us all know so we can bash you "after" you might be found not guilty as was Mr. Jackson. see how you like it!