Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Blood Circulation

In scenes more reminiscent of a third rate Dracula movie, it appears that a "Heath Robinson" style blood circulation machine was delivered to Michael Jackson's Neverland on Saturday evening.

This bizarre contraption, which is not approved of by the FDA, squeezes the legs and allows the heart to rest for a few seconds.

It also seems that Jackson is now receiving vitamin nutrients and supplements.

Jackson was treated at a local hospital last Thursday, despite denials by some, after complaining of cold hands, dizziness, fatigue and flu-like symptoms. He received electrolytes through an IV.

Normal people would just eat and drink properly.

I am reminded of the last days of the Reich when Hitler was under the "care" of Dr Theodor Morell, who administered all manner of drugs potions and pills to the hypochondriac dictator.

Do I sound unsympathetic?

Sorry, I am afraid that I am.

This seems to me to be no more than a method of pulling at the heart strings of the jury and the public. Jackson is well capable of eating and drinking himself back to good health, if he chooses to do so.


  1. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Wrong.If you were accused of something so nasty and were facing potentially, a huge portion of the rest of your life imprisoned...and the accusation would pretty much end the only life and career you ever known, are you saying you'd be feeling like eating and drinking?Get real man.Jackson is not the first to have his health go downhill during a trial.Remember all the judges who didn't make it through the trial of Greg Powell and Jimmy "Youngblood" Smith? How about the Manson trial? So in your opinion everyone in such a situation should just be at the top of their form, right? Very interesting hypothesis, however, completely unrealistic in our opinion.

  2. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Your post is incorrect. It appears research was not done regarding the "Heath Robinson style blood circulation machine."
    A "bizarre contraption?" I don't think so.
    As a matter of fact, the machine you are referring to is called an EECP therapy system. EECP is an acronym for: Enhanced External CounterPulsation. It is also owned by a company called Vasomedical, Inc. They are based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Call them...1-800-455-3327. This machine was first approved by the FDA in 1995 for the treatment of Stable Angina. It has also been proven to benefit Congestive Heart Failure patients. It has been available in the international community (mainly Europe) as early as the 1960's. I suggest you visit these sites for your own record.
    Numerous articles have been published regarding this treatment, here are a few recent ones: Woman's World dated 5/10/05, Time Magazine 3/8/04.

    EECP is designed to briefly squeeze or "milk" the blood from the legs to the heart during Diastole ( Sequentially speaking...calves to the thighs to the buttocks.)This sequence happens very fast because it is in tune with the patients heart rate. It then releases quickly, making the patient appear to be "jumping and bumping" on the EECP bed.
    During Diastole, the heart is "technically" @ rest (or in between beats.) This is the time when blood is pumped into the Coronary arteries, providing the heart muscle with oxygenated blood. With the milking of the blood from the legs to the heart, an augmentation has been made by briefly increasing the Diastolic pressure to incur new growth of collateral circulation. It has been proven to accelerate the formation of Collateral circulation, or small little branches off the Coronary arteries where they currently have blockages. (We develop "collaterals" over our life span, this machine is just a quicker way to accomplish this.)Most patients that are referred for this therapy are not candidates for interventional procedures like angioplasty or Coronary by-pass.
    "The therapy is being used by thousands of physicians at over 800 treatment centers throughout the country to treat approximately 20,000 patients annually for angina and CHF. Significant benefits of EECP therapy for treating angina and CHF including improvements in the ability to exercise, reduction in symptoms and improved quality of life have been reported in numerous studies in leading medical journals."-Thomas Glover, President and CEO, Vasomedical, Inc. June 7, 2005 Vasomedical News Release.

    In the future...........do your homework.

    Have a great day,