Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Jesse Jackson Speaks

Reverend Jesse Jackson entered the media spotlight again, in an attempt to speak on behalf of Michael Jackson.

He said that Michael Jackson does not feel bitter towards Gavin Arvizo, but does feel betrayed by those who testified against him.

It seems, according to the Reverend, that Michael Jackson believes that he will be acquitted.


"He is convinced that he'll be acquitted if the jury uses reasonable doubt..He declares his innocence in the most private sessions."


"I think in some sense he feels betrayed by those he trusted the most, who now seek to destroy him..He's not embittered by it ... he does not speak toward them in embittered tones. He speaks of the unfairness of the sheriff."

Why is he annoyed at the Sheriff?

Reverend Jackson also criticised the search of Neverland. He referred to it as "a Waco-style invasion,".

Needless to say, great emphasis was made as to Jackson's back pain:

"You add to that the stress of this moment. And yet, through it all, he is enduring the pain with great strength and great focus,".


  1. He is undoubtedly NOT a child molester. The fact is that Sneddon et al have been years setting this up. The family accusing him are the lowest of the low: they ought be subject of investigation. Not Jackson. Michael Jackson has been nothing short of a living saint. He shows unconditional love to all he comes into contact with. Finally, a wholesome role model for every kind of human being. This trail has been like a replay of Jesus with the Romans!

  2. Jackson is not Jesus.

    He is a middle aged man who has an inability to face reality.