Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Punch Up Almost Erupts At Jackson Trial

The tension, whilst waiting for the verdict in the Michael Jackson trial, appears to be getting to some of the more "excitable" Jackson fans.

There were about 200 fans, cordoned off by a fence, who hoisted signs and repeatedly yelled "Liar! Liar!" at the posse of international reporters gathered for the verdict.

At one point, fans and camera crews almost had a punch up when Joe Jackson appeared; he arrived under the mistaken belief that a verdict had been delivered.

In addition to the media, the fans also seem to be a "tad annoyed" at DA Tom Sneddon, who they refer to as a "snake" and a liar who "will go to hell."

I thought Jackson "preached" forgiveness and peace?

It seems that if the jury find Jackson guilty there may be some bother there.


  1. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Hi there. I've been reading through your blog and thought I'd comment. As a Jackson fan I thought maybe I could help shed some light on the fan side of all this. If you don't mind. If you'd rather not see the fans side just let me know....that's not a problem either lol.
    Just for reference I spend every trial day online with many, many fans and we try to keep each other informed etc, so though I'm not actually in California, I'm extremely informed on what is going on.

    Reply to this post: I understand that people have been a little surprised at how angry the fans are, especially their attitude towards the press. I want to try to shed some light on this if I can. You have to understand, that as a fan, it is very hard to turn on your television set and see what some of these reporters are saying. Of course, there are a few individual reports that seem to be at the top of the fan's 'hate list' as well. I'm not talking though, about straightline, unbiased reporting here. What we've been running into at almost every turn is a more 'tabloid' style coverage that seems to have taken over the professional coverage that is generally seen. Fans try to get the news on this case, and end up hearing time after time trashing comments about Jackson and sarcasm that really is not necessary. This is supposed to be trial coverage, not a Jackson fashion critique, not a 'lets disect his facial surgeries session, etc. Yet, even on channels such as CNN, these sorts of sarcastic comments seem to be the mainstream, and after years of hearing this, the fans have hit the boiling point.
    We are all aware that Michael promotes love and peace. We know that, yet emotions are running high, especially right now.
    I am in no way condoning it. If I was there, I'd like to say I wouldn't do it, but I really do not know how I would react in that situation - because I'm not there.
    Basically, at this point in time, the fans have had little sleep, barely eat, and have been bullied and harrassed to the point that they are turning on the media to vent their angers. For us this is a stressful time. Most fans I've been talking to are having the same sleep/eating problems. Even on our message boards, people who have been friends for years are snapping on eachother - and then moments later bursting into tears and apologizing. Some of us are running on no more than 2-3 hours of sleep with between our work/school schedules, and another 6-8 hours online everyday helping one another and keeping watch. Let me tell you, after even a few days, that kind of regiment strains the mind, and the body and the tolerance to control our emotions. And every day that the jury deliberates, just adds more stress on top of what is already there and for some, unbearable.

    Hope this wasn't too boring....

  2. Anonymous1:08 AM

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