Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Jackson Jury

The jury in the Michael Jackson trial cannot be named.

However some information can be gleaned from the questionnaires filled in when they were selected.

The jury consists of seven whites, four Latinos and one Asian. Most of the jurors told lawyers that they enjoyed Jackson's music and were impressed by his career. They also said that they didn't trust what they heard in the media, and few had seen recent interviews with Jackson.

Juror 1 - White male, 62
He is a civil engineer with a graduate degree. He has been married for the last 13 years and has four grown children. He owns a home in Santa Maria.

Juror 2 - Latino male, 63
A retired school counsellor. He enjoys bronze casting, has a passion for Western art and is an avid horseman.

Juror 3 - White female, 53
She has been a horse trainer for 33 years and said she was a subject of inaccurate media coverage when she was an Olympic hopeful.

Juror 4 - White female, 52
She is a former computer programmer and systems analyst, who also used to be a high school maths teacher. She now says she is a homemaker with two teenage children, and is married to a university researcher.

Juror 5 - White female, 79
The oldest juror is a grandmother who has lived in Santa Maria all her life. A widow with some college education, she is also a movie buff and a fan of the TV show Jeopardy. She has a close relative who is a registered sex offender.

Juror 6 - White female, 22
A physical therapy aide who works in a nursing home. She is a mother with two daughters and lives with her boyfriend.

Juror 7 - White male, 21
A student with a high school degree who lives in Santa Maria. He is a wheelchair user. His father has served in the US Air Force. A keen motorsports fan, he dreams of becoming a sports journalist.

Juror 8 - White female, 42
This juror is a special needs educational aide. Her four children are aged four to 20 years old.

Juror 9 - Asian female, 39
An office specialist for the county government whose first language is Indonesian. She has been married to a local TV reporter for eight-and-a-half years but has no children.

Juror 10 - White female, 45
A supermarket worker who previously sold radio advertising. She has three children aged 14 to 26.

Juror 11 - Latino male, 20
Single with no children, and has a disabled mother. Says he is a Simpsons fan and doesn't really watch television news. Lists his job as an assistant head cashier.

Juror 12 - Latino female, 44
Social services supervisor for the last 12 years whose ex-husband is a Santa Maria police officer. Says she also has a friend who is a police detective. Her half-brother served in Vietnam.

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