Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Saturday, July 10, 2004

How Much Is Too Much?

In a side show, to the main issues surrounding Michael Jackson's forthcoming trial, it is reported that the appeal court has ordered Judge Rodney Melville to reconsider the size of Jackson's $3M bail.

It seems that the appeal court would like to have clarification from Judge Melville as to why he imposed a bail of $3M, which is considered by the defence to be excessive.

The defence want it reduced to under $500K, they believe that Michael Jackson is unlikely to abscond.

As one person wryly put it, the amount is what a billionaire of Jackson's stature would spend in a weekend in Vegas.

Friday, July 09, 2004

Another Friday, Another Hearing

More news about the legal case that just won't go away, Friday will see yet another hearing in the Michael Jackson trial saga.

As previously noted, the defence team for Michael Jackson are turning their fire on Tom Sneddon the prosecutor. It seems that they believe that he is overzealous in his desire to prosecute Jackson.

I thought that all lawyers were zealous in pursuing their respective cases?

The defence note that Sneddon conducted surveillance of the offices of Bradley Miller an investigator (no, I haven't heard of him either) who was working for the defence team at the time; the prosecution claim not to have known this. The defence also claim, in a story reminiscent of Watergate, that the sheriff's office broke into Miller's office in November 2003.

The reason the defence are getting so "heated" over this is simple, documents and computer discs seized by the prosecution from Miller count (if the defence can prove its case) as information covered under client/attorney privilege.

Meanwhile Theodore Boutrous, acting for the media, is going to challenge the secrecy of the trial hearings.

Splendid knockabout stuff!

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Bully Boy Tactics

It seems that Michael Jackson's defence team are determined to try to stop the trial going ahead in September.

It is reported that they have filed a motion for the charges against Michael Jackson to be dismissed; on the basis that the prosecution is incompetent, and that there is insufficient evidence.

Thomas Mesereau, Michael Jackson's lawyer, is reported to have complained that the prosecutor (Tom Sneddon) bullied and argued with witnesses during the grand jury hearings in March/April.

One witness, it seems, described Jackson as "the devil".

Mesereau is of the belief that Sneddon produced no evidence that implicated Jackson in abduction, imprisonment or extortion. It seems that, in Mesereau's eyes, Sneddon is biased and looking for a "celebrity scalp".

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Reality Bites

It seems that beneath the veneer of showbiz "pazzaz" (is there such a word?), Michael Jackson is dreading going to jail.

Reports indicate that Michael Jackson is terrified about the prospect of ending up incarcerated with murderers and rapists. The reports, which source their "information" from Jackson insiders, claim that Michael Jackson is having trouble sleeping and wakes up sweating.

The underlying fear burning in Jackson's mind, if these stories are to be believed, is that he will die in jail.

I doubt that any rational individual would be entirely at ease about going on trial for child molestation, irrespective of whether they are guilty or innocent.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

A Busy Year

Michael Jackson seems to be having a rather litigious year.

In addition to his forthcoming court case, in respect of child molestation charges, he also has a legal battle regarding the custody of his children.

It is reported that, Evveyln Tavacci, one of Michael Jackson's aides has been called to give a deposition in the child custody battle between the Jackson and Debbie Rowe his ex wife.

It seems that Tavacci is alleged to have exacerbated the problems between Jackson and Rowe. The fight is now on to see who gets custody of Prince Michael and Paris (the child not the city).

Rowe is reported to be claiming the Jackson has violated the divorce agreement.

I wonder if Michael will have time to write any songs this year?

Monday, July 05, 2004

Wank Mags Seized

Say it how it is, that's my motto.

It is reported that police seized a pile of pornographic magazines and dvd's from Michael Jackson's Neverland homestead. The magazines and dvd's were said to be located by his bed.

The magazines were, by all accounts, adult not child orientated. Now at first sight this would be a rather innocuous find; there are, I suspect, a large percentage of men with such reading matter secreted about their household.

However, the lurid twist being suggested by the prosecution is that this material may have been used to arouse the child allegedly abused by Michael Jackson.

Tacky and sordid, isn't it?

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Happy Independence Day

Independence day seems as good a day as any, to remember the fundamental principles of the foundation of the USA; namely, freedom of speech and freedom of access to information.

Unfortunately it seems that Judge Rodney Melville, who is presiding over the pre trial hearings of the Michael Jackson case, has forgotten this.

It is reported that on Friday he sealed yet more information about the Michael Jackson case.

This time he has decided to seal a defence motion, that seeks dismissal of charges against Michael Jackson.

The request for sealing the motion came from Jackson's defence lawyer, Thomas Mesereau, who is reported to be of the opinion that the sealing was needed to ensure that Michael Jackson receives a fair trial.

This means that the citizens of the USA, and the onlookers from around the world, will not know on what grounds Jackson is challenging the indictment against him.

It seems that Theodore Boutros, the lawyer representing media organisations, will be mounting a challenge to this sealing order before the next hearing; which is scheduled to take place on the 9th of July.

As I have noted before the USA, in raising the level of secrecy in the Michael Jackson trial day by day, is becoming as secretive as its colonial cousins the Brits.

Happy Independence Day!