Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Beat It

The Lake Elsinore Storm, a baseball team, took the mickey out of Michael Jackson last night, when they appeared at their home stand.

They named the occasion the "King of Pop-Beat it Night". Fans were given a medical mask and white glove; the team mascot, Thunder, than appeared in gold shin guards and a rhinestone glove.

Jackson's music was played over the PA system, and members of Storm front office performed Thriller between innings.

There was a Neverland Ranch petting zoo, which contained stuffed animals. There was a "live" interview with Jackson, which in fact was a cunning re edit of old video clips and interviews.

Fans threw baby dolls and attempted to catch them in strollers on the third base line. Finally, Thunder appeared in the sky box dangling a miniature version of himself.

A good time was had by all.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Abuse Expert Barred

Judge Rodney Melville has barred evidence from a domestic abuse expert, in the Michael Jackson trial, as to why there are contradictions in the testimony of Gavin Arvizo's mother.

The fact that she's nuts, and lying, may be two possible reasons.

The prosecution wished to call a specialist in the effects of spousal abuse, to explain to jurors why Janet Jackson (nee Arvizo) never called the police during the time that she claims she was held captive by Jackson and his cronies.

They told Judge Melville that the expert would talk about battered women's syndrome, that would also help explain why Janet Jackson lied under oath about details of her relationship with her ex-husband who she claims beat her.

The prosecution state that Janet's behaviour was "counter-intuitive".

I would be more sympathetic to this line of reasoning, if Janet had not proven herself perfectly capable of extracting $150K from JC Penney for alleged abuse by their security staff.

It seems to me that if she was capable of that, then she was quite capable of taking care of herself when allegedly "under house arrest" at Neverland; ie she would have called the police.

However, I am not a psychiatrist.

Judge Melville ruled:

"I think this type of evidence is valuable in domestic abuse case, but I'm not going to allow it in this case...It may or may not explain her".

Defence Witness Arrested For Alleged Sex With Minor

It is reported that Ahmad Elatab, a potential defence witness in the Michael Jackson trial, has been arrested in New Jersey for allegedly having sex with a minor.

Elatab is in police custody and faces charges of sexual assault, criminal sexual contact and impairing the morals of a minor.

The alleged victim is a 14 year old girl, who knew Elatab from a belly dancing class. She has told police that she invited Elatab to her home, earlier this month, and that some parts of their encounter was consensual; however, certain acts were not.

The girl said Elatab has told her that he had been at Jackson's house, and had seen Jackson seduce a girl.

Elatab maintains his innocence, and that the sex was consensual.

One may ask, at this juncture, why an 18 year old man wants to have sex with a 14 year old girl.

Elatab is a potential witness in the Jackson trial because he was a friend of Gavin Arvizo, and said that Gavin told him that Jackson helped him fight the illness.

Vaseline Barred

Following on from the earlier article on this site, about admitting the testimony of the guard Kassim Abdool who was asked to bring vaseline to Michael Jackson, Judge Rodney Melville has ruled that Abdool can only testify about two incidents; and that jurors may not hear any testimony about vaseline.

Abdool, who worked at Neverland between 1991 to 1994, will testify that he once saw Jackson and Jordie Chandler having a Jacuzzi together. He claims that he then saw them go into the men's restroom, with their swimming kit on.

Sneddon, for the prosecution, is quoted as saying:

"After approximately 45 minutes, he saw Jackson and Jordie exit the restroom..He observed Jackson carrying Jordie 'piggyback' style from the restroom to the house. Jackson was wearing a robe or towel around his waist and Jordie a towel-like robe over his body. He could not see whether the child was naked or not."

Adding that when Abdool entered the restroom:

"He observed the floor to be wet and two wet bathing trunks on the ground. The trunks were side by side,".

Abdool will also testify that he once saw Jackson and Jordie embrace, under a Peter Pan display.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Hitting The Vaseline

It seems that the prosecution in the Michael Jackson trial are doing their best to insert extra testimony about the Jordie Chandler case from 1993.

They are seeking to call Kassim Abdool, a former Neverland security guard, to give testimony about a request by Jackson for some vaseline.

Seemingly Abdool can testify that he brought the "sweaty" and "aroused" Jackson a jar of vaseline, while he was in his bedroom with Jordie Chandler one evening.

I wonder how much more sordid this trial is going to get?

Culkin Coming?

It is reported that Macaulay Culkin will testify on Michael Jackson's behalf, in the ongoing trial.

Culkin has stated that he would not take the stand. However, media reports state that he will deny claims that Jackson molested him at Neverland ranch.

This is contradicted by Culkin's publicist, Michelle Bega, who has told CNN "there is no change" in his position against testifying.

Family Rift Denied

Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson's father, dismissed speculation that the Jackson family are distancing themselves from Michael.

Joe Jackson was responding to media reports that the absence of family members, during Michael's trial, was indicative of some form of family rift.


"This information is both false and mean-spirited,".

According to the family spokeswoman, Angel Howansky, the family decided that only Michael's parents Katherine and Joe would attend the trial.

She went on to say:

"Joe Jackson has been resting at home recovering from a recent bout of the flu, and is being very careful not to get his son Michael Jackson sick,".

Exit Barred

Brain Barron, a former security guard at Michael Jackson's Neverland, testified in the Michael Jackson trial yesterday.

He stated that a notice once was posted in a guard station, saying that Gavin Arvizo was not to be allowed to leave the estate.

However, he also stated that it would have been appropriate to keep child guests on the estate if their parents weren't present; and that guards should not let any children leave, if they were unsupervised.

The notice was posted for a week around January/February 2003.


"We weren't allowed to let him off property without some sort of permission from the ranch manager,".

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

One Man's Art Is Another Man's Porn

Michael Jackson's defence team took Detective Janet Williams, of the Santa Barbara County police force, to task yesterday in the Michael Jackson trial.

They were analysing the book of photographs, Poo-Chi, which had been entered into evidence at the trial along with other books and magazines seized during the November 2003 raid on Neverland.

Detective Williams said that "I can still be shocked" by sexual imagery, and that she had been shocked by photos of the female groin in Poo-Chi.

However, all is not what it seems, the defence pointed out:

"These are pictures of armpits and other bodily folds that are made to look like genital areas as a kind of spoof, are they not?" .

Detective Williams hesitantly agreed:

"It could be,".

Williams agreed that none of the books, or magazines, were illegal for an adult to purchase or peruse.

The Japan-born artist, Mayumi Lake, explains in a statement on her website that in her Poo-Chi series:

"I transform adult (both male and female) anatomy into provocatively suggestive young girl's anatomy to elicit forbidden desires."

Grandmother Takes The Stand

Gavin Arvizo's grandmother took the stand yesterday in the Michael Jackson trial.

Speaking through an interpretator, she is Spanish, she claimed that Gavin became a completely changed person after spending three weeks with Jackson.

She said that Gavin and his two brothers returned from Neverland "different kids".


"Those kids were not my grandchildren. They didn't talk to me the same way. They were different kids."

She also confirmed the testimony of her daughter, Janet, in that they had been held against their will at Neverland.

She claimed that she pretended to be ill, so that the children would be released by Jackson.

Exit Janet Stage Left

Janet Jackson (nee Arvizo) made her final appearance in the witness stand at Michael Jackson's trial, yesterday.

Doubtless this "final bow" before her audience will be greeted with a huge sigh of relief from Judge Rodney, the prosecution team and the long suffering jury.

To say that she has proved to be a credible witness, would be as an outlandish suggestion as the stories that she has spun whilst giving testimony.

Janet went out in a blaze of "glory", insisting that her allegations that security guards at JC Penney had beaten her were true.

Janet stated that the photographs taken immediately after the alleged beating were proof of the attack, despite the repeated suggestions that they were in fact the result of domestic violence.

It goes without saying that Janet made some money out of these allegations at the time, some $150K in fact.

The odd thing about the photos of the bruising from the alleged "beating", is that she had told the police that the bruises did not show up immediately.

Sounds plausible, doesn't it?

Even more oddly, it took her a year to get around to claiming damages.

Again, Janet seemed to think that the best way to add credibility to her testimony was to clash with lawyers, give impromptu outbursts and to lecture the jury.

At this juncture the prosecution, clearly realising that they were on to a lost cause with this particular line of prosecution, announced that they will wrap up the case next week.

Goodbye Janet, we won't miss you.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

"I'm Stupid"

Janet Jackson (nee Arvizo) finally made a statement in the Michael Jackson trial, that everyone could agree with.

She admitted that she showed "poor judgment" by letting her children sleep at the ranch, after allegedly seeing Jackson lick Gavin's head.

She then described herself as "stupid" for assuming children stayed in the same room as other youngsters.

Well done Janet, this is the only statement that you have made that is believable.

Hot Air

Janet Jackson (nee Arvizo) took the stand again yesterday, in the Michael Jackson trial.

It is fair to say that she gave yet another bravura performance; which further "endeared" her to the jury, and ensured that no one was left in any doubt about her intelligence or moral character.

Janet said that she once told sheriff's deputies that she feared Jackson had a plan for her, and her family, to disappear from Neverland in a hot air balloon.

What had she been drinking?

Seemingly Janet felt that this remark had been taken out of context. Quote:

"He's taking it out of context. He's minimising it. I told police that (Jackson associates) had many ways to make us disappear,".

Mesereau, for the defence, retorted:

"And someone mentioned to you a hot air balloon?".

Janet said:

"That was one of the ways,".

Janet contended that Jackson did not really care about children, merely what he could do to them. Quote:

"He managed to fool the world. Now, because of this criminal case people know who he really is."

Despite this "revelation" in her mind, about Jackson's character, it was shown that she had written a letter to Jackson in gushing terms with a heart and X's and O's on it. Seemingly, if Janet is to be believed, this was written under duress.

She denied ever asking for money, "Money doesn't buy happiness."

But it does buy a manicure, doesn't it Janet?

Then for good measure Janet entered into a tirade against social workers, saying that they were only interested in not being sued by Jackson.

Despite her statement about money, it was shown that she received cheques for $20K which she put into her mother's bank account.

Oddly enough though, she could not remember how any of the money had been used for Gavin.

Funny that!

Despite appearing to be an idiot, Janet did manage to have the brains to open a bank account; in which people could deposit money for Gavin's benefit. The money though, was not used for Gavin.

Mesereau asked:

"Did you withdraw thousands of dollars from that account?".

Janet said:

"Yes," .

"And was any of that money for medical expenses?" the attorney asked.

"No," she said.

What was it used for Janet?

It seems that Gavin's treatment was covered by the father's medical insurance, in other words Janet paid for nothing to help her son.

Janet maintained her story that Jackson planned to send her and her family off to Brazil indefinitely, against their will.

Janet was oddly reluctant to give an answer that was coherent, when asked as to why she did not contact the police about the alleged kidnap. She repeated that she couldn't then.


To my view this woman is probably the best witness for the defence, the prosecution must be mad for placing her on the stand.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Larry King Live

Larry King, host of Larry King Live on CNN, will make an appearance at the Michael Jackson trial; he will testify that he was told that Janet Jackson, (nee Arvizo) and mother of Gavin, was just out for money.

King was served with a subpoena, as he left a news-stand in Beverly Hills, on Friday.

Seemingly he allegedly had a chat with lawyer Larry Feldman, who won an $25M out of court deal from Jackson for Jordie Chandler in 1993, and book publisher Michael Viner.

The Jackson defence team believe that Feldman has said unflattering things about Janet Arvizo to King.

Allegedly Feldman said "she wants money".

However, Feldman insists that he never said anything damaging to King.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Selling The Family Silver

Michael Jackson is reportedly on the verge of bankruptcy, the costs of his trial may push him over the edge.

Such is the financial pressure, that he is reportedly considering selling a large part of his holdings of the publishing rights to the Beatles catalogue. These originally cost him $47M, and are now thought to be worth in the region of $500M.

Jackson is rumoured to owe the Bank of America $270M, he will soon have to find a way to pay that debt off.