Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Thursday, September 13, 2007

You Are Not Alone

Twelve years on from Michael Jackson's release of "You are not alone", a Brussels court has ruled that the song is mainly similar to a song written by Belgian twins the Van Passels two years earlier in 1993.

All the authorial rights of the Jackson hit, written by Robert Kelly, are switched to the brothers according to the court ruling.

However, the judgement is only applicable in Belgium and acquiring the royalties will be an uphill battle (most especially as it has taken the Van Passels 12 years to get this far).

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Song Leaked?

Mamacita a new song allegedly by Michael Jackson has reportedly been leaked on Pittsburgh's 96.1 KISS FM, a US radio station.

However, as with all matters relating to Jackson, nothing is ever quite as simple as it would first appear. Jackson's publicist, Raymone Bain, has denied that the track is Jackson's.


"Michael Jackson has not released any new material. This appears to be a smooth criminal pulling a fast one!

However, if someone has leaked material illegally, my client's legal team will pursue the matter

Good PR though!