Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Conduct Unbecoming

It is reported that Michael Jackson's lawyer, Thomas A. Mesereau Jr., has been fined $18,950 on Friday for "unprofessional conduct".

I appears that, amongst other things, he insulted his opponent during a jailhouse deposition of actor Robert Blake (star of Baretta) in 2003. I always thought that lawyers were polite to each other!

If you want to read up on the Blake trial, then visit The Robert Blake Murder Case.

Mesereau was then defending Blake, who had been charged with soliciting two former stuntmen to kill his wife; it is alleged that they refused, so he did it himself.

The Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge, David M. Schacter, noted that Mesereau had "thwarted the purposes of discovery" and had displayed "unprofessional conduct" during the deposition in 2003.

It seems that Judge Schacter does not like "theatrical performances" in the court room.

The judge fined Mesereau in favour of Eric Dubin, the attorney for the children of Blake's deceased wife.

It is understood that Mesereau will appeal the size of the fine.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Judiciary 1 Media 0

Thursday saw the judge in the Michael Jackson child molestation trial increase the security around the case.

Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judge, Rodney Melville, opted to continue to seal the grand jury materials plus requests for the release of other evidence.

He had previously "teased" the media and public, at the last hearing, by saying that he would consider the release of the grand jury indictment and the grand jury transcript.

However, in a volte face he said that he had reviewed the material again; and decided to keep all of it sealed. His main concern is the integrity of the jury pool.

The media do not see it this way though, their lawyers had petitioned to have the names of the unindicted co-conspirators and 28 overt acts listed in the indictment released. They also wanted the transcripts of the grand jury hearings released.

Judge Melville indicated that he may well seal the entire transcript until the trial of Michael Jackson is over.

I wonder how "untainted" the jury pool really is, given the saturation media coverage? This may be a case of shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted.

It goes without saying that not everyone agrees with his ruling. Some ask why should Michael Jackson get special First Amendment treatment.

Additionally, it has been pointed out, that in the O. J. Simpson case (10 years ago) there was full disclosure and he still got off.

In my view this ruling could backfire, the seal will act as a "Pandora's box" increasing peoples' curiosity to find out what exactly is being hidden from them. The conspiracy theorists will have a ball.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

The Return of The Jackson Five?

There is a rumour circulating that, if the trial of Michael Jackson turns out alright (ie he is found innocent), there will be a re-union of the Jackson Five and the Osmonds for a special joint performance.

However, in the meantime, it seems that some people are a little nervous about the damage that the trial of Michael Jackson will do to his brand image and the brand image of those associated with him.

I understand that the release of the "Very Best Of The Jackson 5" album, expected to be released in the UK on the 31st of May, has been delayed.

I suspect that, with regard to future performances and album releases, all bets are off until the trial is out of the way.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Reality Dawns

It may be that Michael Jackson is finally beginning to realise the enormity of the charges, and consequences of those charges if proven true, being brought against him in the forthcoming trial; tentatively set to begin on the 13th of September.

Reports indicate that he has been making nightly, tearful, phone calls to members of his family.

However, in celebrity cases such as this, how can you rely on the veracity of any report about the "goings on" behind closed doors; or indeed about the state of mind of the individual concerned?

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Twists and Turns

It seems that the family of the boy, who has accused Michael Jackson of molestation, have registered a claim against the County of Los Angeles.

They allege that they were damaged by a "leak", to a popular website, of a confidential memo detailing how a child welfare probe concluded that the family's allegations of abuse against the singer were "unfounded."

The family have claimed damages (it always comes down to money, doesn't it?), and it looks like that there may be a civil case at some stage in the future.

The "legalese" of the claim alleges that the Department of Children & Family Services has been guilty of a "total failure" to protect the privacy rights of the accuser and his immediate family.

Aside from an apology, it does look as though they are after money as well.

If this is true, then I find the whole thing pretty sordid. To my view, if the accusations against Jackson are truthful, then the family should concentrate on that court case; and try to limit further damage to their son by getting involved in another case which on the face of it seems to be about getting money.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Home Alone

Macaulay Culkin appeared on Larry King on Thursday and, during part of his interview, discussed his friendship with Michael Jackson.

He noted that Jackson was still a good friend.

It seems that after "Home Alone" Jackson rung Culkin up out of the blue, and asked him to come over to his house. Unlike many people, Culkin was a not a particular fan of Jackson.

Culkin emphasises that they played in the amusement park, and that was all.

The story about sleeping in Michael's bedroom is, according to Culkin, true. However, there is a strong caveat; namely that the bedroom (much like Dr Who's Tardis) is enormous, eg it has two stories and three bathrooms.

Culkin states that he believes that the current situation, with regard to the forthcoming trial etc, is akin to a circus.

That being said, Culkin was a little reluctant when pressed; to say that he would act as a character witness.

The full transcript can be viewed here Larry King and Macaulay Culkin interview.

Sunday, June 06, 2004


I came across this little gem on the net today.

It is a phone scam, perpetrated by Channel 955, on the Santa Maria Court House; the day before Michael Jackson's last appearance there in May.

In brief, Channel 955 ring the Court house pretending to be one of Michael Jackson's legal team asking for seven more people to be allowed into the court room.

The scam progresses to a request for space for a candle light vigil in the car park, and space for setting up a merchandising area.

"Michael Jackson" then makes a surprise appearance on the phone line.

Needless to say this form of behaviour is thoroughly juvenile, and reprehensible.

If you want to listen to it yourselves visit Channel 955.