Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Allegations of Serious Misconduct

The jury that cleared Michael Jackson of child sex abuse has been accused of serious misconduct including, smuggling books and videotapes into the jury room.

The allegations come from Stacy Brown, who used to be a friend of Jackson and a spokesman.

He has been approached by two of the hapless members of the jury; who want to make a fast buck out of their brush with celebrity, by writing a couple of books.

Isn't there a law against members of juries profiting from the verdicts?

Brown is quoted as saying:

"That jury would have acquitted him even if they had a videotape (of the alleged crime)".

It seems that one juror allegedly sneaked a video of Court TV broadcasts, widely considered biased towards the prosecution, into the deliberation room.

A medical book had also been smuggled into deliberations, to show that "Jackson fit the book`s definition of a paedophile to a T"; but Eleanor Cook, who had brought the book into the room, was later "intimidated" into voting for acquittal.

Three of the female jurors were such fans of Jackson, that they allegedly gushed "Not my Michael..." when the panel discussed the sex abuse charges.

Brown alleges that he was told that the women formed a bond and their "minds were made up about one-third of the way through the trial."

He also alleges that Cook had also admitted that she frequently winked at Jackson's mother, Katherine, across the courtroom.

Seems to me the verdict should be thrown out, and a retrial ordered.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Jackson Sells Story To OK

Michael Jackson has sold the "inside story" of his child molestation story to OK magazine.

It is reported that he will make around $2M for this first post trial interview.

However, instead of being a hard hitting investigative piece, it seems that the interview will be very lightweight and attempt to show Jackson in the best possible light.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Guilty as Sin

It seems that the desire for money and fame is proving to be a little too much for some of the members of the Jackson child molestation jury.

Two of the jurors, who acquitted Michael Jackson of child molestation charges, now say that they think that Jackson was guilty.

Needless to say, this sudden volte face is immaculately timed to coincide with the announcement that they are writing a couple of books.

"Guilty As Sin, Free as a Bird" is the title chosen by Eleanor Cook.

Whilst co juror Ray Hultman will write "The Deliberator", along with former Jackson family friend and author Stacy Brown.

In interviews immediately after the verdict, Cook supported the verdicts and castigated Gavin Arvizo's mother.


"Don't snap your fingers at me, lady!".

The jurors had originally made a pact not to talk about what went on in the jury room. However, it seems that loyalty to money and fame proves hard to resist.

It seems that there is also going to be a movie about the jurors' experiences.

Doesn't this blatant money making and attention seeking, by the so called impartial jury, invalidate the verdict?

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Jackson Near To Child Settlement

Michael Jackson is nearing a settlement in one of his many ongoing legal disputes, this one being with Debbie Rowe the mother of Prince and Paris.

Rowe voluntarily gave up her parental rights in 2001, but a judge voided the order at her request in 2004; after her attorneys argued that proper court procedures weren't followed.

Rowe's attorneys said at the time that she wanted a change in status because Jackson had been charged with child molestation and was associating with the Nation of Islam, which has views that many consider anti-Semitic.

Despite the dispute, Rowe made an appearance at Jackson's molestation trial in support of him.

Cynics have speculated that this show of support was part of a deal to ensure that she got access to her children.

Jackson's attorney, Michael Abrams, said in an interview yesterday that the dispute may soon be resolved.

"I think I see it a settlement is in sight. The resolution will be to everybody's satisfaction. I'm hoping everybody will go away very happy."

Monday, August 01, 2005

Fans Shun Jackson

Michael Jackson's fans seem to be shunning him in the aftermath of his trial.

His latest greatest hits album "The Essential Michael Jackson" has sold only 8,000 copies in the US, in its first week of release, and has reached number 128 in the chart.

However, the album went straight to number two in the UK.

British public relations expert Max Clifford has revealed that he turned down a request to represent Jackson after his trial.


"He came to me a month ago and I turned him down. It would be the hardest job in PR after Saddam Hussein and I would be astounded if he could turn things around. People were extremely offended by even some of the things he admitted in court. The final judgement is with the record buying public and they have made their verdict clear."