Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Saturday, April 30, 2005

More Nude Books

The smorgasbord of smut and innuendo, that has been served up during the trial of Michael Jackson, will be further garnished with an additional hors d'oeuvre.

At least that is if the prosecution have their way.

They asked Judge Rodney Melville on Friday to admit into evidence two books taken from Jackson's bedroom in 1993, during the Jordie Chandler investigation, these books contain pictures of nude boys.

The prosecution contend that about 10% of one book contains pictures of nude boys, whilst the other was 90%.

Not surprisingly the defence are having none of this, and contend that they are not relevant and would unfairly prejudice the jury.

Judge Melville has yet to rule on the request.

Down But Not Out

The prosecution seem to have foundered in their selection of Debbie Rowe as a witness in the Michael Jackson trial.

Instead of providing them with ammunition to use against Jackson, she has painted a picture of Jackson as being a good father and friend who is manipulated by "vultures".

Has this put the prosecution team off?

Not at all!

They have asked that travel and phone records be brought into evidence. These will be used to bolster their argument that Jackson conspired to falsely imprison the Arvizos.

Additionally Tom Sneddon has said that he will call three, yet to be identified, new witnesses.

The prosecution will finally rest on Tuesday of next week.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Rowe On

Debbie Rowe made her second appearance yesterday at the Michael Jackson trial.

She said that Jackson is a "great person and a great father", but that some of his associates are "vultures" trying to exploit him.

There was some confusion, as the defence team initially asked for Rowe's testimony to be striken from the records. However, they changed her minds as it became clear that her testimony was favourable to Jackson.

Seems to me that the prosecution in this trial have made a complete mess of the case.

Rowe said that she believes that Jackson is easily manipulated.

She still seems to want friendship with Jackson, quote:

"There's different Michaels. There's like my Michael and the Michael that everyone else sees,".

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Nice Try!

Michael Jackson's lawyers filed for a mistrial yesterday, arguing that the prosecution improperly questioned the videographer who shot the rebuttal video.

Needless to say Judge Melville threw the motion out.

Nice try lads!

Beware A Woman Scorned

Debbie Rowe, Michael Jackson's ex-wife, gave her testimony at Jackson's trial yesterday.

She is the mother of Prince Michael and Paris.

However, there is a rumour circulating that Jackson is not the father and that Rowe acted as a surrogate and was artificially inseminated; not with Jackson's sperm.

Much like many others in this tawdry tale of money, sex and celebrity she has also appeared in a video.

The video praised Jackson, needless to say she is now claiming that the video was made under duress.

She claimed that she had known Jackson for 20 years before they married, she was a nurse to one of his plastic surgeons; so if your lonely, book a nose job, that's one way to meet girls I suppose.

She said:

"We never shared a home,".

Some might argue that is an ideal way to keep the marriage fresh!

Rowe admitted that she had lied in praising Jackson's parenting skills, she said she wanted to get back together with her children.

She said that Jackson had called her in early 2003, before the Bashir documentary was broadcast.


"He told me there was a video coming out and it was full of lies and would I help, and I said 'yes, as always',".

In Rowe's videotaped interview she praised Jackson as "a wonderful man", and a model parent.

She now says that her answers to some of the questions in that video, including those about his parenting, were dishonest.

Once she had agreed to make the video, she said that Jackson had agreed to allow her to see him and the children afterwards.

She said that she had made the video in the expectation that she would be "reintroduced to them and to be reacquainted with their dad".

She said of Jackson:

"He's my friend".

When they divorced Rowe signed away her parental rights entirely. She did this, so she claimed, because of the difficulties imposed by a custody agreement that limited her visits with the children to eight hours every 45 days.


"The visitations were not comfortable..We were hooked up at a hotel. When I would bring things to do, like fingerpaints or colouring, the nanny was always very concerned they would get dirty."

In my humble view, her reasoning as to why she gave up her rights is not logical.

Maybe money was a factor?

Surely not!

Janet's Story Takes a Hammering

Hamid Moslehi, Michael Jackson's videographer, gave testimony at Michael Jackson's trial yesterday.

He testified that Gavin Arvizo, his brother and sister were at his house for two or three hours before the rebuttal video was taped. However, he never saw them rehearsing.

He added that Janet Jackson (nee Arvizo) was there for about an hour before the taping, and that he did not see her reading or rehearsing either.

This is important, because it contradicts Janet's story that they were working to a script.

In fact, Moslehi said that he did not see anyone coaching Janet at all.

Moslehi said that when he shot the rebuttal video, and other footage to be used in a TV show defending Jackson, Dieter Wiesner and Ronald Konitzer (associates of Jackson) promised him a percentage of net profits.

However, Moslehi said that he has received nothing; and has a law suit pending against Jackson.

Rather bizarrely Moslehi said that he loaned Janet $2K, because he felt sorry for her.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Personal Videographer

Hamid Moslehi, Michael Jackson's personal videographer, gave testimony in the Jackson trial yesterday.

Moslehi made the Arvizo "spin" video for Jackson. The prosecution alleges that Jackson's team forced the Arvizos to make the video.

Moslehi testified that the video was made to "make Mr. Jackson look good,".

He also noted that Schaffel, an associate of Jackson, said that it was imperative to get the Arvizos out of the country.

Come Fly With Me

Cynthia Montgomery, a travel agent, gave testimony in the Michael Jackson trial yesterday.

She told the court that she made a flight booking to Brazil for the Arvizos, after a request from Frederic Marc Schaffel a Jackson associate.

The prosecution contend that Jackson associates wanted the Arvizos to vanish to Brazil indefinitely, after the airing of the Bashir documentary.

Montgomery testified that she although was told to book a one-way flight, she reserved a round-trip flight because Americans aren't allowed into Brazil without a return ticket.

The Arvizos never actually made the flight.

Montgomery also said that she watched Jackson being taken into custody, and noted that the sheriff's deputies did not manhandle Jackson.

Jackson contended that they did, in a December 2003 60 Minutes interview. A subsequent California state investigation cleared them of any wrongdoing.

Montgomery gave her testimony under immunity, as the FBI is investigating her in connection to Jackson being secretly videotaped on a charter jet flight she booked.

Montgomery is suing Jackson for allegedly stiffing her on the charter flight's $18K fee.

Does anyone have clean hands in this case?

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Oxman Dropped

Michael Jackson's lawyer, Brian Oxman, has been dropped by Jackson.

Oxman was a long-serving legal adviser to the Jackson family, no reason has been given for his departure.

Debbie Rowe To Give Evidence

As predicted on this site earlier; Debbie Rowe, Michael Jackson's ex wife, will give evidence this week at his trial.

It is expected that Rowe will say that the marriage and birth's of their two children were a sham, and that they were both a ploy to improve Jackson's public image.

Celebrities presenting fake images of themselves, surely not?

I am sure that Victoria and David Beckham would have something to say about that! (See Two Faced Cow)

Rowe is currently involved in a lengthy, and bitter, dispute with Jackson for the custody of their two children.

The "sham" marriage between them lasted from 1996 to 1999.

Seemingly Rowe will say that following on from the Bashir documentary, she was pressured into making a video message of support for Jackson.

The deal being that if she played along, and made the scripted video, she would be allowed to see her children.

In 2001 Rowe signed an agreement that waived all access rights to the children, Prince Michael and Paris. However, she went to court in 2004 to have that decision reversed and is now fighting for custody of the pair.

Jackson's defence lawyer, Robert Sanger, is arguing that there is nothing wrong with giving scripted interviews.

Swimming Trunks

Kassim Abdool, Michael Jackson's ex security guard, took the stand in Jackson's trial yesterday.

He corroborated earlier testimony given by another security guard, Ralph Chacon.

Chacon had stated that he had seen Jackson performing a sex act on a boy, aged 10 at the time.

Abdool said that he had seen Jackson and the boy leaving a jacuzzi area on the day of the alleged incident.

He said that their swimming trunks had been left behind, and that the boy was wearing a bathrobe and that Mr Jackson had a towel around his waist.

Abdool lost a case against Jackson for wrongful dismissal in 1997.

Abdool admitted that in 1994 he had signed a statement saying that he had never seen Jackson behave improperly.

Janet Keeps Schtum

Janet Jackson (nee Arvizo) made yet another appearance on the witness stand, in Michael Jackson's trial yesterday, I honestly thought that we had seen the last of her!

In her final curtain call she cited attorney-client privilege, by refusing to say whether she was represented by a lawyer during the time period in which she and her children were allegedly held captive by Jackson.

Thomas Mesereau, for the defence, asked Janet if she had been represented by attorney Michael Manning from 2001 to 2004 re issues involving her divorce.

Janet said that Manning had helped her on several issues involving the divorce. Seemingly he worked for her for free; and that as a result she was, in her words, one of his low-priority clients.

Mesereau asked Janet if Manning was her attorney at the time of the alleged captivity, she asked:

"Is that attorney-client privilege?"

Mesereau dropped the question when she cited privilege.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Was Jackson Molested As A Child?

It is reported that Antoinette Holmes, the first president of the Jackson Five fan club and baby sitter to the group, claims that Michael Jackson confessed to her in 1969 that he was molested by an adult.

She says that Jackson, who was 10 at the time, bragged that he was having sex with an adult "girlfriend."

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Beware The Ex Wife

It is possible that Michael Jackson's luck will run out this week when Debbie Rowe, his ex wife and mother of Prince Michael and Paris, takes the stand.

In a bitter behind the scenes custody battle for her two children, she is demanding that he be forced to undertake a psychiatric evaluation.

She is reportedly threatening to reveal information about Jackson's physical condition, sexual activities, purported drug use, and lifestyle.

Needless to say, he is resisting the mental examination.