Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Friday, April 29, 2005

Rowe On

Debbie Rowe made her second appearance yesterday at the Michael Jackson trial.

She said that Jackson is a "great person and a great father", but that some of his associates are "vultures" trying to exploit him.

There was some confusion, as the defence team initially asked for Rowe's testimony to be striken from the records. However, they changed her minds as it became clear that her testimony was favourable to Jackson.

Seems to me that the prosecution in this trial have made a complete mess of the case.

Rowe said that she believes that Jackson is easily manipulated.

She still seems to want friendship with Jackson, quote:

"There's different Michaels. There's like my Michael and the Michael that everyone else sees,".


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  2. Anonymous5:45 PM

    As the owner of eMuZic.co.uk I was hoping this was all false, not only for the boys involved but also as we would have had to destroy a huge amount of stock if Mr Jackson was found guilty, but as we watched the trial progress it was almost laughable to think he would ever be found guilty.

    The opposing family was such a joke and were so obviously trying it on that after their testimony and cross examination we all stopped worrying here. The mother and son were lying through their teeth, and doing a very bad job of it. Anyone with a psychology degree from a cornflake packet could see that.

    When the pornographic evidence was introduced we were in fits of laughter watching the prosecution deal with the issue of a male having legal pornography and making it sound wrong or unusual. There really is nothing wrong with legal pornography. Most men can reflect back at times where they have scouted for porn at relatives houses or simply found their Fathers stash when left unatended at a young teen age and can easily see a 13 year old boy finding it as perfectly normal.

    When the prosecution started asking people including Macaulay Culkin, who denied any molestation ever occurred, whether it could have occurred when they were asleep it only went to show the lengths at which they would reach out to try and smear Mr Jackson’s name. There is nothing sadder than watching a losing argument continue beyond sane reasoning and into the ridiculous.

    In our summation, Jackson may be stupid and naive, but he is definitely not a paedophile.

    The Boss.

  3. Anonymous4:25 AM

    Some observations about the Michael Jackson case:

    1. Pedophilia has become the modern equivalent of blasphemy -- merely the charge itself stains the accused forever, even if they are acquitted. In past centuries, people were burned at the stake for atheism, heresy and witchcraft. Today our witchhunts revolve around child molestation and sexuality in general. The worst crime, especially in the United States, is any crime involving sex. (Thus Iran-Contra was treated much more gingerly than Monica Lewinsky).

    2.Why is child molestation treated differently from other crimes? Sure it is repulsive, but so are other forms of child abuse, which do not receive comparable media or political attention. I suspect that it is the sexual element that disturbs us so much. The great irony is that as a culture, we increasingly push younger and younger children to act more adult. It is not uncommon to see little girls wear make-up or dress like Britney spears (who herself dresses up in school girl outfits).

    3. The hunt for "kiddie porn" is now a global crusade. Law enforcement, with the apparent consent of a panicked citizenry, seem to think that any encroachment of civil liberties and privacy is okay in the case of child pornography. Rape of adult women (and even men) is grossly unpunished in most of the world, but merely possessing photographs of child molestation is given far more effort and resources, and punished much more harshly.

    4. Accused terrorists and their helpers receive much lighter sentences around the world than child molesters and kiddie porners. Thus, mass-murder, including children, is less evil than pedophilia.

    5. Hysteria: Many regretable cases show the hysterical aspects of pedophilia. For example, in the UK, a pediatrician -- a doctor who treats children -- was mistaken for a pedophile, and the doctor's house was vandalized with the word "pedo".

    6. Internet lists of "sex offenders": Again, why are sex offenders worse than other offenders, such as murderers, arsonists and robbers? In the crusade against pedophilia, civil liberties and privacy rights are thrown out the window. (Also, note that "sex offender" can include more harmless activities, such as streaking -- showing a bias against anything sexual, not serious crime per se).

    7.How common is pedophilia? My guess is very rare, but I have no statistics to prove this. However, no one has proven to me that it is actually common. The suggestion that there is some "epidemic" of pedophilia strikes me as unproven, unscientific hysteria.

    8.Today's kiddie porn hysteria reminds us of the "Halloween poisoning" hysteria of the 1980s, the "cars cruising to nab kids off the street", the "satan-worshiping day care abuse" scares.... all urban legends that never were backed up with data. Why is the culture of fear necessary? Why do we always have to have a fear-of-the-day to terrorize us?

    9.The hysteria over child molestation harms families. Fathers may be afraid to embrace their children. Accusations of child molestation may be a convenient ploy in divorce, so a wise person would avoid any incriminating activity -- a bath with a child, for instance. What is the toll on children who have distant parents who don't hug them? Is society afraid that anyone can become a child molestor??

    10. This is strange historically: Many centuries ago, people didn't much care for children's sexuality, nor were children the center of their lives. Children were regarded on a level similar to property or pets. Today we obsess not only over children but their psycho-sexual development. Is this really healthy for them and for us?

    Michael Jackson has been acquited. The allegations will surely hang over him, despite a legal system which insists that people are innocent until proven guilty. It may simply be a case of a man who carelessly violated societal taboos in a culture obsessed with child sexual abuse. For that carelessness, he has surely paid a high price.

    I am not minimizing the crime of child abuse nor the injury to the victims. However I am questioning the motives of our society, a society with unresolved issues regarding sexuality (at once puritanical and licentious) and obsessively focused on children's sexuality.