Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Friday, June 01, 2007

Auction Outcome

The two day auction of Michael Jackson memorabilia, held by Guernsey's Auction House in the Hard Rock Casino and hotel in Las Vegas, seems to have gone well.

A black silk jacket that Jackson wore on stage in the 1980s fetched $17K, whilst the biggest sale was another glittery jacket that went for $19K.

Jackson's MTV music award for the song "We Are the World" made $16K, and gold discs for his album "Off the Wall" and the Jackson 5 single "I Want You Back" each raised $11K.

The auction got off to a shaky start, with several items selling for just a few hundred dollars. A platinum record for "Billie Jean" sold for just $100, and a copy of the contract for Jackson's purchase in 1987 of Neverland sold for just $100.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Prince Snubs King

Prince has snubbed the "king of pop", Michael Jackson, by refusing to join him on a comeback tour.

Jackson asked Prince to perform with him on a planned comeback tour. However, Prince delcined citing that he was busy.

A source is quoted in The Sun:

"Michael seemed pretty gutted about it. He said he's approached Prince to see if he would like to work together. But Prince wasn't interested in gigging with him.

There would be so much hype surrounding (his) first gig, it would end up turning into the Michael Jackson show.

Prince had his own plans. He is a legend in his own right. He doesn't need to be supported by anyone

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Jones Rejects Jackson

Quincy Jones has turned down the opportunity to work with Michael Jackson again.

Jones produced Jackson's 1982 album Thriller, the best-selling LP of all time, said that he has too much on his plate.


"Man please, I've got enough to do. We already did that. I have talked to him about working with him again but I've got too much to do. I've got 900 products, I'm 74 years old. Give me a break."

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Jackson Auction

A collection of Michael Jackson memorabilia will be auctioned at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel and Casino tomorrow, May 30th.

The event is being billed as the largest Jackson auction ever. There will be over 1,000 original Michael Jackson costumes for sale.

Universal bought the items from the New Jersey businessman Henry Vaccaro, who bought them in 2002 from a bankruptcy court auction. Universal claim they have spent another $2 million just to transport the goods from New Jersey to Las Vegas.

Jackson tried to halt the auction, but two weeks ago reached a confidential settlement and dropped the opposition.

Some of the most popular items that will be offered at the casino auction are:

Bill Whitten-designed militaristic red coat with gold rope, that belonged to Michael Jackson

The 1987 contract detailing his $30M purchase of the California ranch now known as the "Neverland."

A worn telegram from July 6, 1984, from Marlon Brando encouraging Michael Jackson before a show.

Also many paintings, personal clothing of Michael and Janet Jackson, lyrics of the pop-singer and more.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Jackson Claims Food Poisoning

Michael Jackson cut short his $10M birthday appearance at the 25th birthday party of Brunei's Prince Azim this weekend, because he claimed that he was "ill".

Jackson had been paid $10M to attend the party at the Prince's country estate in England this Saturday. However, he left early claiming that he had food poisoning from the party buffet.

Jackson allegedly said:

"I am feeling ill and so weak. I had to go to the bathroom to vomit. I think it must be the food. I feel terrible.

I want to go now! Please call the prince, I want to say goodbye

There were no reports of any of the other guests, eg Jerry Hall and Roberto Cavalli, falling ill with food poisoning. Neither is it clear as to whether Jackson will refund the Prince for his non appearance.