Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Friday, November 18, 2005

Jackson's Toilet Trouble

Following on from the earlier article on this site concerning Michael Jackson being spotted in a ladies toilet in Dubai, applying make up, it seems that he just misread the sign.

Raymone Bain, Jackson's spokeswoman, claims that Jackson made the mistake because he didn't recognise the Arabic sign on the door; he left as soon as he realised where he was.

One of the ladies in the rest room apparently took photos of Jackson doing his make up, on her mobile phone.

However, she was apparently forced by Jackson's minders to delete these images.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Elanor Cook Regrets

Elanor Cook, one of the jurors in Michael Jackson's molestation trial, appeared on TV on the "Big Idea" last night.

On the show she reiterated that she was forced to agree with her fellow jurors, and had to let Jackson go free.

Cook claims that she fought to convict Jackson on the lesser charges of kidnapping and conspiracy charges.


"Every time I would try to explain, they all (fellow jurors) would shout me down, and finally the foreman (of the jury) said that the judge told him that if I couldn't change my mind, I would be kicked off.

I just shut down. I said, 'I didn't really care. I was 79 years old, I'd given six months of my life to this and I didn't need any more.' So I thought, 'Who cares? I'm not going to fight the world.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Diane Dimond, former Court TV reporter on Michael Jackson's recent molestation trial, has just published a book "Be Careful Who You Love" in which she says that the trial should have been abandoned as a mistrial.

Dimond alleges that a juror, Elanor Cook, signed a book deal before the verdict had been decided. This is illegal under Californian law, until 90 days after the trial ends.

Dimond also alleges that Cook was close friends with a maid at Jackson's Neverland ranch, and gave her legal advice ahead of her prosecution testimony.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Jackson Causes Uproar In Ladies Toilets

It seems that the media in the United Arab Emirates have become somewhat excised over Michael Jackson's latest alleged faux pas.

The newspapers alleged that Michael Jackson was caught inside the ladies toilet in the Ibn Batuuta Mall shopping Mall, while doing his make up.

The ladies of the UAE, are apparently furious at this latest escapade; they want the "appropriate punishment" to be given to Jackson.

Mahasin Mansour, a Sudanese national working as a nurse in Dubai, is quoted as saying:

"I am surprised with Jackson's behaviour and I condemn it. He must go to the jail..not even to jail but to a place worse than that so that it would set an example.

He is infamous around the world for his indecent acts. This act was considered a great insult to us as we are Muslim women

If the story is true, then one has to ask what on earth was he thinking of? Especially as this was in a Muslim country.