Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


The jury in the current Michael Jackson trial, brought by ex associate Marc Schaffel, got to listen to some of his phone calls on Wednesday.

The calls became increasingly frantic as he demanded action from Marc Schaffel on a number of projects including, a collaboration with Marlon Brando on TV shows and videos and the release of a charity recording.

The tapes were of voice messages left on Schaffel's answering machine. Schaffel claims that Jackson owes him $3.8 million in royalties, expenses and other debts.

In one message dated 2001, Jackson said:

"Marc, it's Michael. ... Marc, please never let me down. I like you. I love you. ... I really want us to be friends and conquer the business world together. Please be my loyal, loyal friend. I love you."

How utterly nauseating!

Schaffel claims that he had been working on a number of projects for Jackson, and had arranged a $10M line of credit for him.

Schaffel went on to talk about the possible deal with Marlon Brando, quote:

"We had several meetings with Marlon. Michael wanted Marlon Brando to do several DVDs on acting lessons. Mr. Brando was getting up there in age and Michael considered him the greatest actor of all time."

Jackson left several messages about Brando. In one he said:

"Marlon Brando has been pushing. He's a wonderful man. He's a god. He wants a lot of money. He wants to get things done right now."

Another project that failed to materialise was Jackson's record, "What More Can I Give," which was a charity project for victims of 9/11. It was never released (much like the Katrina record), because of complications involving Jackson's relationship with the record label.

In 2003, plans changed, and Jackson called Schaffel with urgent messages saying he now had a plan for the recording to be a charity project tied to the Iraq war.

"It should be for America in Iraq... It's a perfect cause. It means more now than any other causes."

Where's that one then?

Schaffel also alleged that he made to Brazil in November 2003 to deliver $300K to someone in South America, to take care of a personal matter.

Schaffel acknowledged that he was paid $1.4M in royalties from two videos sold to Fox television and received other expense payments, but said he was still owed $664K in royalties.

Schaffel's attorney called Alvin Malnik, who said he advised Jackson on financial matters without charge after they met in 2002, he claimed that Jackson was bewildered by money affairs.

He said he once received an urgent call from Jackson saying he needed $1M immediately.


"It was very, very important that he buy a piece of jewelry for Elizabeth Taylor and a substantial amount of it went for that.

The reason was that Elizabeth Taylor would not sign a release for her participation in the Fox special. He knew her well enough that he knew if he brought a piece of jewelry he could obtain the release and that's how it was done

That's how it's done folks, money and gifts will get you what you want. That at least is how it has worked so far for Jackson, this approach may no longer work for him.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Janet Jackson Turns on Son

Janet Jackson, the mother of the boy who accused Michael Jackson of abusing him last year, blames her son for the failed court case.

It is reported that she has turned her back on him, and refuses to cook for him; treating him like dirt.

Allegedly she screams at him:

"You allowed him to touch you! You allowed him to do it!"

This was of course the same woman who managed to annoy the jury so much during the case, with her attitude and finger clicking.

Seemingly she also blames her son for her current court case for welfare fraud.