Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Thursday, December 30, 2004


Michael Jackson received a dubious accolade from Access Hollywood, for being the fourth most written about celebrity in 2004.

He apparently notched up 84 stories during 2004.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Jury Summons

The summonses are being sent out to the 4000 potential jurors, in the forthcoming Michael Jackson trial.

The task of selecting a group of 12 "peers" to Jackson may not be easy. One newspaper rather cynically remarked:

"Finding 12 "peers" of Jackson will not be easy, unless county officials scroll the patient lists of every plastic surgeon in the area, instead of eligible voter records"

Monday, December 27, 2004

Key Witness Won't Testify

It is reported that Vincent Amen, a key defence witness in the forthcoming Michael Jackson trial, won't testify.

Amen is rumoured to be one of the 5 alleged co-conspirators in the Jackson case. He worked for Jackson from February 2003, as a chauffeur to the family who are at the centre of the child molestation allegations.

It is alleged that Amen spent some considerable time with the family.

To ask a naive question here, why did the family accept such a "gift" from Jackson?

Amen is reported to be prepared to invoke the Fifth Amendment, if he is subpoenaed to appear.

It is rumoured that Amen has evidence of the family enjoying Jackson's largesse, in the 6 weeks following the infamous Martin Bashir interview.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Miss Castaway

The threat, in a cease and desist letter from 20th Century Fox, to independent filmmaker Bryan Michael Stoller (an upcoming character witness at Michael Jackson's trial) about his film, "Miss Cast Away," has been resolved.

Fox had threatened to block the release of the film, stating that audiences would confuse it with their Tom Hanks film "Cast Away." Stoller could not afford to fight the claim in court, and therefore changed the title to "Miss Castaway & the Island Girls" to avoid any confusion to Fox's Hanks picture.

Stoller said:

"It's a ridiculous claim. Even my dog can tell the difference."

The distribution plan for the film is now affected by the timing of Jackson's upcoming trial. The film is currently only available via the website www.MissCastaway.com.

All major distributors were afraid to consider the film for distribution, due to Jackson's forthcoming trial.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Jury To Be Summoned

Jury summonses will be sent out next week, in preparation for the trial of Michael Jackson which starts on 31 January 2005.

Jurors will earn $15 a day for their time.

Approximately 4000 summonses will be sent out for the Jackson trial; out of which, maybe, 300 would be able to serve for the estimated 6 month duration of the trial.

The jurors will be taken from those residents, who are citizens over 18 of Santa Barbara County, who live north of the Gaviota Tunnel.

Needless to say, both the defence and prosecution will be looking to select jurors who are most sympathetic to their case.

It will be a case of "many are selected, but few are chosen".

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

A Huge Step Backwards

Judge Rodney Melville, presiding over the pre trial hearings in the Michael Jackson case, yesterday rejected attempts by the defence to throw out the child molestation charges or delay the trial by several months.

Judge Melville rejected both arguments, saying that any delay in the trial would be:

"a huge step backwards.....If I continue this case for three months, we'll have 90 more search warrants and 90 more motions...".

The court will begin summoning jurors next week, and the trial will start on 31 January 2005.

Jackson will be required to attend, when jury selection begins next month.

The prosecution's wish to have evidence of "prior sexual offenses" by Jackson admitted to the trial, will not be discussed until early January.

The trial is expected to take about 4 months, and may involve over 150 witnesses.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Another Hearing

Yet another hearing, in the build up to Michael Jackson's trial, will be held today.

The prosecution wish to include evidence of Michael Jackson's alleged past misdemeanors; whilst the defence team wish to delay the trial, which is scheduled to begin on 31 January 2005.

Both these motions will be presented to Judge Rodney Melville today and for the next two days.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Coachloads of Kids

It is reported that dozens of children have visited Michael Jackson's Neverland Valley ranch, at his invitation.

Buses and mini-vans of children, and some parents, drove through the gates of Neverland yesterday. The hometowns of the children were not identified.

Neverland has theme-park style rides, a miniature train and a small zoo.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Party Time

A children's party will be held at Michael Jackson's Neverland Valley Ranch this Christmas.

The event has become something of a tradition during this time of year.

It is not clear as to whether Jackson will attend.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Searches Abused

Michael Jackson's defence team want his molestation case dismissed, no secret there then!

They argue that the prosecution have overstepped themselves, by abusing search warrants and unnecessarily raiding Jackson's Neverland Ranch this month. Apparently, more than 100 search warrants have been issued relating to this case.

The prosecution state that the recent raids on Neverland, between 3rd and 4th December, were:

"clearly designed to shock and intimidate the defendant, his family and staff...."

It seems that despite the fact that the search warrant was issued on 24th November, the search was delayed by more than a week. The defence argue that this was done, deliberately, to disrupt their preparations for the last court deadline.

Jackson Moans

A video, showing Michael Jackson complaining about his fans, has been stolen from his home; and is now being offered to the press.

The video was shot by Jackson's friend, Dr Allan Merger in 1996. It features Jackson moaning about his fans. He does not like them touching him, or invading his personal space.

It is reasonable to assume that this tape will hit the airwaves, at sometime between now and the trial.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Past Comes Back To Haunt Jackson

It is reported that the prosecution, in the Michael Jackson child molestation case, wish to introduce evidence that Jackson has committed other sex crimes in the past that never went to court.

The prosecution argue that this evidence should be admitted under a 1995 California law; that lets relevant previous acts, whether prosecuted or not, be considered in sex crime cases.

The prosecution submitted a 65 page filing, which argued that their evidence will demonstrate Jackson's "propensity" for such crimes; and show how he "created the opportunities to achieve his goal."

Senior Deputy District Attorney, Gerald Franklin, said:

"As a matter of logic, the best way to prove that a man is a sex offender is to prove that he has sexually offended again and again..".

These alleged previous acts apparently took place at Neverland.

Jackson's defence team have asked for the trial to be postponed by 6 weeks, so that they can go through the 14,000 pages of evidence filed by prosecutors in the past two months.

The defence also claim that the list of 164 witnesses, provided by the prosecution, includes some badly misspelled names and names of some people who do not exist.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Defence Puts The Boot In

Michael Jackson's lawyers filed a motion on the 10th of December, which was made public yesterday, to have the child molestation charges against Jackson dismissed.

Their rationale being that the charges are based on "vindictive prosecution and outrageous government conduct."

They also want the start of the trial put back, from its scheduled date of 31 January.

There seems to be a contradiction in their motions; if they want the charges dismissed, then there will be no trial to delay.

The defence have also asked the judge to suppress all evidence seized under the latest search warrants in the case.

Monday, December 13, 2004


It is reported that fingerprints belonging to Michael Jackson, and the boy accusing him of child molestation, were found on pornographic magazines seized from Jackson's Neverland ranch last year.

It is assumed that, if the reports are true, the prosecution will try to use this as evidence that Jackson was showing the boy pornography; as a precursor to molesting him.

The defence will, on the other hand, argue that the boy may have read the literature without Jackson's knowledge.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

More Support

Michael Jackson received support from Stevie Wonder yesterday.

Stevie Wonder criticised Eminem for ridiculing Jackson in his video "Lose It".

Eminem refers to Jackson's plastic surgery, and the child molestation charges faced by Jackson.

Stevie said:

"Kicking someone when he's down is not a good thing....I was disappointed that he (Eminem) would let himself go to such a level..."

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


For some, the innocence or guilt of Michael Jackson is merely a matter of faith.

Deborah Dannelly, the president of the Michael Jackson fan club, is reported to have said:

"Obviously I believe that he's innocent and the experience I've had with him and the times I've been with him...This isn't the man I know at all..."

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Ray Chandler, the uncle of the boy who accused Michael Jackson of molestation in 1994, gave an interview to Good Morning America.

He said that the boy's parents did not go forward with a criminal case because they felt threatened and were denied a request to join a witness protection program.


"They only refused because they requested protection. They wanted to be put in witness protection program, and that request was refused."

Prosecutors did not pursue charges against Michael Jackson then, after they said the alleged victim refused to testify. The boy and his family received a reported $20M settlement from Jackson.

Chandler said that the family decided not to pursue a criminal case against Jackson, because of the multiple death threats received from his fans.


"Jackson fans had flown in from Europe to Los Angeles and had come to the father's office, had phoned in bomb threats as late as April 1994, four months after it [the case] was settled.."

"..The father was forced to leave his dental practice because his staff and his partner would no longer allow him in there because fans were coming to the office. It was a very serious threat

Monday, December 06, 2004

Two Searches and a Swab

Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch was searched for two days, Friday and Saturday, after which a swab of saliva was taken from his mouth.

Santa Barbara County sheriff's officials have refused to discuss the visits, except to issue a statement saying they are "part of an ongoing criminal investigation".

Sunday, December 05, 2004


If reports are to be believed, it seems that the police have taken a sample of Michael Jackson's saliva.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Neverland Raided Again

Police raided Michael Jackson's Neverland again yesterday.

The search lasted all day. However, the reasons for the search and what was taken were not revealed.

Jackson was reportedly at home, with his children, when the warrant was served. He remained in a guest cottage on the property throughout the day.

The last raid on Neverland was a year ago.

Lawyers outside of the case have speculated that the evidence being sought must be very important, for the judge to authorise a search so close to the trial.

The late search could result in the defence seeking a postponement of the trial.

Deputies searched the 2700 acre property for more than 8 hours yesterday. The media lined up outside along the fence outside of Neverland, but much of the search was focused on a complex of buildings that can't be seen from the road. The media also "buzzed" Neverland in helicopters, trying to get a better view.

Friday, December 03, 2004


It is reported that Michael Jackson's lawyers are trying to stockpile ammunition to fire at the credibility of the young accuser's mother, in Jackson's upcoming trial on child molestation and conspiracy charges.

This trial will get very nasty indeed.

Thursday, December 02, 2004


It seems that the world is full of nuts, no real surprises there then!

A Canadian performance artist is facing charges in Germany, after a failed attempt to spray blood on a sculpture of Michael Jackson at an art exhibition there.

Istvan Kantor tried to squeeze a capsule of blood on the sculpture "Michael Jackson and Bubbles", by Paul McCarthy, at the Flick Collection show on Tuesday. However, he was stopped before he could do any damage to the statue.

He did manage to spray the blood on an empty wall of the Hamburger Bahnhof gallery. The sculpture, which depicts Jackson with his pet monkey, was undamaged.

Kantor, who is also known as Monty Cantsin, was arrested but police freed him on Wednesday. He will face charges of trespassing and damage to property.

Kantor, who was filmed throughout the incident by his own film crew, has been banned from many galleries around the world. However, he had been allowed inside the Berlin gallery because one of his own video installations is on show there.

The Flick Collection has already attracted controversy because its owner, "Mick" Flick is the grandson of Friedrich Flick, who built the family fortune by producing weapons for the Nazis and using slave labor.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Set Back for Jackson

Michael Jackson's defence team suffered a set back yesterday, when Judge Rodney Melville rejected their bid to bring in a psychologist.

The defence wanted to hire psychologists to examine the boy and family accusing Jackson of molestation.

Their rationale being that as the prosecution will be calling psychologists, so should they.

However, Melville was having none of that; and rejected the request out of hand, without taking any arguments or making any explanation.

Monday, November 29, 2004

London Visit Off

It seems that, despite the fact that Michael Jackson still has a loyal fan base in the UK, the pressure of the trial must be getting to him.

Michael Jackson's publicist, Raymone K. Bain, has confirmed there will be no visit to the UK in either November or December.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Britain Backing Jackson

Michael Jackson's career might be flagging the USA; however, in Britain he seems to have found a new lease of life.

The Sun, a popular British tabloid, reports that his album sales for 2004 have reached number 5 position in the rankings.

Friday, November 26, 2004

Tom Joyner Show

The Tom Joyner Morning Show featured the Marc Schaffel lawsuit filed against Michael Jackson, for the alleged debt of $3M.

The show expressed disbelief at the sum, noting that it would be unlikely that someone would allow a debt to get to that level in the first place.

Listen to the show here Tom Joyner Morning Show

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Psychiatrist Called In

The defence team in the Michael Jackson case have asked for a psychiatrist to be brought in.

They have asked the judge to order mental evaluations for relatives of the boy, who says Jackson molested him. They claim that they won't be able to effectively cross-examine a psychologist, if they don't have access to his reviews.

It seems to me that if a psychiatrist is to be employed, he could also be used to examine Jackson; that's only fair isn't it?

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Family Problems

Jermaine Jackson, Michael's older brother, has filed for divorce from his wife Alejandra.

The divorce papers cite "irreconcilable differences", as being the reason for the ending of the 9 year old marriage.

It is proposed that the couple's children; Jaafar, 8, and Jermajesty, 4, will live with their mother in Encino, California.

Jermaine and Alejandra married on March 18, 1995, and separated on November 15.

Jermaine Jackson has three children from a previous marriage to Hazel Gordy, daughter of Motown founder Berry Gordy. He also has two children with another woman.

Christmas must be a nightmare!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Death Threats

Adrian Poffley, a Canadian man, has pleaded guilty to e-mailing death threats to Michael Jackson.

Poffley was given a year's probation, and a conditional discharge, by the court in Kitchener Ontario.

The first threat was sent to the Santa Monica courthouse on 16 August, where Jackson was facing charges of child molestation.

The mail said:

"Jackson will not make it to his car..This is a promise. By the way, bulletproof vests are weakest under the arm...Maybe next time.."

Poffley then sent another threat to Jackson, after he left the court, which said:

"The cop in the green suit and blue shirt was in the way. Maybe next time."

Seemingly Poffley had not been taking his medication. Not surprisingly he is now banned from sending emails.

Monday, November 22, 2004

MTV Frets Over Eminem

Eminem had planned to dress up as Michael Jackson, during the opening ceremony of Europe's music awards at Rome's Tor Di Valle.

However, MTV (the organisers) were afraid that this would be too offensive.

However, Eminem still performed "Just Lose It" whilst surrounded by children.

In the song, Eminen acknowledges Jackson's recent charges, singing:

"Come here little kiddie, on my lap. Guess who's back with a brand new rap? And I don't mean rap as in a case of child molestation accusation."

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Bizarre Information Request

I am not a lawyer, and therefore appreciate that what may seem bizarre to the layman may in fact be perfectly normal for a lawyer.

However, I must confess that I concur with the prosecution team in the Michael Jackson child molestation case; where they accuse the defence of abusing the judicial process.

It seems that the defence have been demanding the medical records of the alleged victim and his family; including gynecology and ultrasound records for his mother, and information on his 3 month old brother.

Precisely what use, or relevance, to the case is the gynecological records of the mother?

The defence did, seemingly, respond to the prosecution lambasting them. However, their response is sealed under the gag order.

We are therefore left to speculate as to what on earth they need this information for; other than to humiliate, and intimidate the witnesses.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Skeletons in The Closet

It seems that the past may return to haunt Michael Jackson, in his forthcoming trial for alleged child molestation.

It is reported that Santa Barbara authorities have contacted the alleged victim, and witnesses, from the decade old child molestation case against Jackson; with a view to them testifying in the entertainer's upcoming trial.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Another Day, Another Lawsuit

I think I should rename this site "Michael Jackson's Trials", as it seems that yet another party has filed a suit against him.

Kamand Enterprise, an LA based antique store, filed a claim yesterday for $178K. This is in respect of a purchase of $US380K of furniture, made on the 8th of May 2004.

The purchased items included; a large mirror, a 13-branch candelabra, a pair of tall white marble and bronze centrepieces, a French silver bread holder and a silver tea and coffee set.

Allegedly Jackson only paid $US200K, and refuses to pay the balance.

This is the second lawsuit filed against Jackson in a week.

As already reported, Marc Schaffel is suing Jackson for more than $US3M for unpaid loans and other debts.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Big Lie

It seems that Marc Schaffel's lawsuit, discussed on this site yesterday, has ruffled a few feathers in the Jackson camp.

Marc Schaffel is suing Michael Jackson for $3M, for unpaid debts and loans. Schaffel contends that Jackson is broke, and has used drink and drugs.

Needless to say Jackson's entourage dispute these claims. A spokesman for Jackson denied the "slanderous" claims, and questioned the timing of the lawsuit.

Jackson's representatives also said that Schaffel cannot be trusted, because he is a pornographer.

Now to put my two cents in here, I will make this small point.

The fact that Schaffel was involved in the porn industry, is neither here nor there. He is either telling the truth on this, or he isn't; his porn past is irrelevant to this lawsuit.

I would also point out that, if the porn past causes Jackson such "moral distress", why did he hire Schaffel in the first place?

Jackson knew that Schaffel had been in the porn industry, before he hired him.

Someone here is lying.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Debts, Debts and Debts

J. Marc Schaffel, a former producer and business associate of Michael Jackson, is suing Jackson for $3 million in loans and producing fees.

This case was reported on this site some time ago. However, more details have now come to light; as the suit was only filed yesterday.

The lawsuit highlights loans and payments made on Jackson's behalf, it also claims that Jackson did not fully pay Schaffel for his role in producing two television specials.

These specials were aired on Fox last year, and were meant to act as a rebuttal to the "infamous" Martin Bashir interviews.

It seems that Schaffel acts as some form of banker for Jackson; Schaffel claims to have made loans and payments on Jackson's behalf totaling $8.6M since 2001. Only $6.3M of these have been paid back; according to Schaffel.

Some of the payments made on behalf of Jackson, if true, seem a tad extravagant; given Jackson's dwindling financial resources.

$600K for an item of jewelry for Elizabeth Taylor, and $1M to pay Marlon Brando to appear in a video all seem unnecessary.

Seemingly the loans also include $1M for "emergency cash", in the event of a 9/11 disaster; whereby Jackson, and entourage, would have to shelter underground.

Word of advice, if we end up living like rats in the sewers, money will have little value.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Michael Jackson's Mind

British TV's Channel five showed an hour long documentary, last night, entitled Michael Jackson's Mind.

It featured associates, friends, detectives and psychologists who knew or were at least familiar with Jackson.

There were no "revelations" of any significance, most of the matters discussed are already in the public domain.

However, for fans of interior decoration, there were some shots of the inside of Neverland.

The documentary came up with the conclusion that if Jackson is convicted, it will be the end of his world.

Also, the overall opinion of the psychologists (both US and UK based) was that Jackson has a somewhat "troubled mind".

No surprises there then!

Monday, November 15, 2004

Relaxation Techniques

Michael Jackson is reported to have taken up yoga, in preparation for his forthcoming trial for alleged child molestation.

Not unreasonably, he is reported to be a tad nervous about the forthcoming court case. Therefore, he has sought solace in the ancient art of yoga.

Certainly far better than turning to drink or drugs!.

Sunday, November 14, 2004


Watch Michael Jackson's single "Cheater" here.

This single features in Jackson's, soon to be released, "The Ulitmate Collection" box set.

Saturday, November 13, 2004


The ex girlfriend of Joseph Bartucci, the man who has accused Michael Jackson of sexually abusing him, has said that Bartucci is a conman.

Bartucci filed a complaint against Jackson in New Orleans, last week, alleging that he was sexually abused by Jackson in 1984.

Hope Horne, Bartucci's ex, is so disgusted with Bartucci's behaviour that she went on TV; to point out to the USA that Bartucci is a conman and a liar.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Jackson Loses It

Michael Jackson upped the ante, in his ongoing spat with Eminem, over Eminem's video "Just Lose It".

Jackson's fans, about 20 of them, assembled outside of MTV studios in Times Square in New York yesterday; they were protesting about the Eminem video.

Oddly enough, Fox news were covering the "impromptu" event; and had a "mystery" caller live on air.

No mystery, it was Jackson; who said:

"It's demeaning and disrespectful....I love them (my fans) so much...."

"...And I also want to make it clear that it's not just about Michael Jackson but about a pattern of disrespect that he has shown to our community," Jackson said of the white rapper.............He needs to stop it, and he needs to stop it now..."

Black Entertainment Television (BET) has agreed to stop broadcasting the video, but MTV has ignored Jackson's request.

The video shows a Jackson look-alike on a bed surrounded by children.

In the song Eminem says:

"Come here little kiddie, on my lap. Guess who's back with a brand new rap? And I don't mean rap, as in a case of child molestation."

To see the interview on Fox please click here Jackson Fox interview.

Eminem's fans were unimpressed.

I have said it before, but will bore you all again by repeating myself. Jackson needs to concentrate on the more pressing, and urgent, issue of his forthcoming trial.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Shop Till You Drop

Michael Jackson, as you would expect, likes to spend money on designer labels and in upmarket stores.

Now, those of you who want to see precisely where he spends his money can see for yourselves.

Records from such names as Bergdorf Goodman, Banana Republic and Nordstroms were among the documents seized by investigators in Michael Jackson's child molestation case, according to court records which were released yesterday.

These documents were seized as recently as the beginning of November 2004, and mainly relate to the past 2 months.

Quite how they relate to the case is unclear, maybe Jackson finds spending money to be therapeutic?

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Gloves Are Off

Michael Jackson's lawyers are going to use the different dates, used in the case against Jackson, to attack Jackson's accusers; labeling them as liars.

The original criminal complaint, accused Jackson of lewd acts on 7 occasions between February 7 and March 20 2003. The grand jury later alleged 4 lewd acts, committed between February 20 and March 12 2003.

The defence allege that the dates have changed, because the story has changed; as a result of the accusers being liars.

The prosecution have retorted that the dates have not changed that much, and that the story is essentially the same.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Organised Rallies

The prosecution team in the Michael Jackson child molestation case have alleged that the Jackson team held organised rallies, shades of Nuremberg perhaps?, outside of the Santa Barbara court house.

The prosecution claim to have evidence that the rallies were co-ordinated to generate positive PR for Jackson.

The defence team deny this.

Whilst the judge has ruled that if the rallies were organised, they did not breach the law.

Pop stars organising rallies of fans, surely not?

Monday, November 08, 2004

Grouchy Judge

It seems that Judge Rodney Melville, the judge in the Michael Jackson trial, is becoming a tad grouchy with the ongoing arguments between the defence and prosecution teams.

In fact, he admitted as much on Friday.

Melville reiterated that Jackson's trial would start on 31 January 2005. He tartly remarked that both sides should make sure that they are ready for this, and the hearings that will accompany the trial.


"if we're going to go to trial by Jan. 31, and we are..."

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Putting The Boot In

Life just seems to be getting harder for Michael Jackson.

It is reported that one of Jackson's defence witnesses has just filed a law suit against him.

Marc Schaffel, a former Hollywood porn producer, worked with Jackson when he was accused of molesting a young boy at his Neverland ranch.

Schaffel is writing a book about Jackson, there's a positive glut of Jackson books on the market now, and is taking Jackson to court to claim an unpaid debt for video work.

Schaffel's book is allegedly going to reveal sensational details of Jackson's life.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Godfather's Son Implicated

It is reported that one of Marlon Brando's sons has been implicated in an alleged plot, by Michael Jackson, to kidnap the boy who accused Jackson of child molestation.

This allegation was made during yesterday's pre trial hearings. The prosecution revealed that they have discovered documents, that link Miko Brando with the alleged crime.

Miko works as a security guard for Jackson and received a $20K petty cash payment from Jackson, according to the prosecution, in December 2003.

The record of this transaction was seized from the home of Jackson's personal assistant.

The defence argued that the payment proves nothing, and that this along with other evidence should be ruled inadmissible for the trial.

The prosecution also contend that Jackson "fixed" demonstrations outside of the courthouse in Santa Maria.

The next hearing is scheduled for 22 November.

Friday, November 05, 2004

More Skeletons

Isn't it funny how skeletons come out of the cupboard, when a major trial is about to start?

It seems that Michael Jackson is facing just such a skeleton, in the form of Joseph Bartucci.

Bartucci has filed a case, in Louisiana this week, against Jackson; claiming that he has just remembered being forced to have sex with Jackson in 1984.

Allegedly Bartucci, who was 18 at the time, was forced at gunpoint by Jackson's aides to have sex with Jackson.

It seems that he had totally "forgotten" the incident, until seeing a programme about Jackson's current legal issues.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Sneddon Stays

In a rebuff to Michael Jackson's defence team, Bill Lockyer (California's attorney general), has ruled that DA Tom Sneddon will remain as prosecutor in the trial of Michael Jackson.

Jackson's defense attorneys had argued that Sneddon holds a grudge against Jackson.

However, Lockyer has ruled that Jackson's team had not come anywhere near to proving misconduct by Sneddon.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Jackson's Lawyers Get Heavy

It seems that Raymond Chandler, author of "All that Glitters", is having a little trouble promoting his book.

The book claims that Chandler's nephew, Jordie Chandler, received death threats after alleging that Jackson abused him in 1993.

However, according to reports, it is alleged that Jackson's lawyers have been putting pressure on Chandler to scale back the publicity for the book.

Which is somewhat perverse, as this naturally gives the book even more publicity!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Attorney General Steps In

Bill Lockyer, California's attorney general, has urged the judge in the Michael Jackson's child molestation case to reject the bid by Jackson's defence to remove Tom Sneddon, the Santa Barbara County prosecutor, from the case.

Lockyer has called the request "baseless".

Jackson's lawyers allege that Sneddon is "blinded by his zeal".

Jackson's attorneys do not seem to like Sneddon's "smug" and "jocular" manner during a news conference, in which he announced Jackson's arrest.

It all seems to be getting rather personal.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Another Member of The Jackson Clan

It seems that Michael Jackson has a secret half sister, 16 years younger than him; that is according to reports in a British tabloid.

Her name is Joh'Vonnie Jackson, she apparently worked as an airport baggage handler. However, it is not thought hat she has met her half brother.

It seems that her mother, Cheryl Terrell, and father Joe had a fling back in the seventies.

She allegedly lives with her father in Las Vegas.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

No Way

The state Attorney General's Office has said no to the request of Michael Jackson's defence lawyers to remove Santa Barbara County District Attorney Tom Sneddon from Michael Jackson's child molestation case.

No surprises there then!

Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Business of The Trial

Santa Maria is keen to cover the costs of hosting the circus, that will come to town for Michael Jackson's trial.

The costs are estimated to hit around $5K per day.

To this end, it is offering to rent empty offices to the media during the course of the trial.

Offices near the courthouse are being offered on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

In addition to office space, the town is also offering 12 parking spaces for TV satellite trucks.

The spaces are on a "first come first served basis", so get them while they're hot!

Friday, October 29, 2004

Prince and Paris

Michael Jackson's children, Prince and Paris, are going to be allowed to see their mother Debbie Rowe.

The judge in the access case, has ruled that they can meet their mother; after an absence of 4 years.

Rowe, despite being paid a large sum of money to hand them over to Jackson when they were born, has now decided that she wants to be a part of their lives.

They will meet "mommie dearest" before Jackson's trial.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Sneak In Sneak Out

It seems that Michael Jackson may keep his forthcoming visit to London a low key affair, by just "sneaking in, and sneaking out" according to his spokesman.

The visit has been criticised by some Labour MP's and child welfare groups who, forgetting the time honoured principle that a man is innocent until proven guilty, want the Home Secretary to ban his visit because of the allegations of child abuse.

Mark Tami, Labour MP for Alyn and Deeside, has written to the Home Secretary appealing for him to step in to stop the visit.

It seems that Home Office is refusing to discuss Jackson's visit, but has told reporters that anyone entering the UK is assessed in the same way.

In brief, the rules on immigration mean that civil servants will determine whether any individual could be refused entry; "..if there is a reason that their presence is deemed to be not conducive to the public good..".

In my view, until he is proven guilty, he should be allowed to enter the UK; after all, we allow a good number of alleged terrorists to reside here.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Lost The Plot

It seems that Michael Jackson has finally lost the plot.

Reports indicate that he wants to be able to approve court sketches drawn of him during his trial, and he even wants to handpick the court artist.

Apparently Jackson does not want to be made to look strange!

His worry is that he will be made to look like a freak; and he therefore wants the artist to portray him in a flattering light, much like a mediaeval monarch.

Needless to say the court are treating this request with the contempt that it deserves.

To vent my spleen for a minute, on this subject, it would seem that Jackson clearly has lost touch with reality.

He is facing charges for child molestation which, even in the rarefied and self centered world of the celebrity, should be a significant worry to him. Yet his prime concern is how a sketch artist will portray him.

He needs to get a serious grip on reality, and focus on priorities here.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Is Michael Crazier?

Blender magazine has asked actress and "amateur psychologist" Juliette Lewis who she thought was crazier, Courtney Love or Michael Jackson.

She opined that "Michael might win".

Juliette had better watch out, given Jackson's predilection for litigation; he may decide to sue her for alleged medical mis-diagnosis.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Bills Bills Bills

Seemingly Michael Jackson's life is nothing but bills these days. As if he did not have to pay out enough in legal fees, to defend himself against child molestation charges, he also seems to have been saddled with an enormous bill for accommodation.

The Mirage have reportedly sent him a bill for $250K, in respect of damages allegedly inflicted on a villa that he and his chums stayed in a year ago.

Jackson stayed there under the name Jonathon Parker, and apparently "trashed it". The carpeting was wasted, and contained an assortment of food and drinks.

Jackson and his buddies left the villa when his arrest warrant was issued.

May I ask what on earth he has Neverland for, if he doesn't live in it?

Sunday, October 24, 2004

The King is Dead, Long Live The King

It seems that in the eyes of music executives, Michael Jackson is no longer the king of pop.

The ongoing spat between Jackson and Eminem, over Eminem's "disrespectful video" about Jackson "Just Lose It", has polarised the Jackson camp and the rest of the music world.

Jackson has demanded that the video be pulled from all of the music networks. Only Black Entertainment Television has complied, the rest have "cocked a snoop" at the request.

Even MTV, once Jackson's best buddies in the music world, have ignored his request.

It seems that in the eyes of MTV, and the rest, Eminem is the new king of pop.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Michael Jackson is Guilty

Whilst the general public may be prepared to suspend their judgement on Michael Jackson's guilt or innocence.

It seems that his family have already made their minds up.

It is reported that Michael's brother, Jermaine, has revealed that the Jackson family are sure that he is guilty of molesting children.

Apparently Jermaine has said that he thinks that Michael is guilty of molesting the boy who is currently accusing him, as well as others.

Jermaine is then reported to have said that he isn't the only family member who thinks Michael is guilty, he implied that the majority of Jacksons do as well.

So much for innocent until proven guilty!

Does Jackson Have a Case?

Following on from yesterday's post, about the prosecution in the Michael Jackson case complaining about the tardiness of the defence team in handing over material, it seems that the prosecution are alleging that there is in fact no defence.

Part of the problem may lie in the fact that Jackson has used 6 different law firms, and 10 attorneys, since the charges were made a year ago.

That does not seem to be terribly bright.

Meanwhile the defence team argue they don't have to hand over anything until 30 days before the trial, which starts on 31 January 2005.

Friday, October 22, 2004

One Sided

It is reported that the prosecutors in the child molestation case against Michael Jackson say that they have handed over thousands of pages of documents, and hundreds of audio and videotapes relating to their case to the defence.

Yet they have not yet received anything in return.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Suicide Watch

A British tabloid reports that Michael Jackson's family are worried that he may commit suicide, if he is convicted of sexual assault.

Jackson's relatives are, allegedly, holding weekly meetings to decide the best possible way to help him.

Jermaine Jackson is quoted in The Sun as saying "Michael ain't going to jail, he's going to commit suicide first..".

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Moonwalk Backslide?

It is reported that Michael Jackson may not have invented the Moonwalk, his signature dance step.

His sister, LaToya, has very helpfully claimed on a British TV show hosted by Frank Skinner that a dancer from the TV show Soul Train taught him the step.

LaToya claims that it was called the backslide, Michael changed the name after learning its routine.

Doubtless this will provide another opportunity for litigation.

The legal fraternity must be licking their lips.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Jackson Lawyer Quits

One of Michael Jackson's lawyers, Steve Cochran, has quit the team. It is reported that he left for "confidential reasons".

Jackson has been decent enough to thank him publicly, on his website, for his work:

"I would like to thank Attorney Steve Cochran for all the hard work he has done on my behalf.... Unfortunately, he has taken a temporary leave of absence, for his own confidential reasons, from my defence tea, but will continue to collaborate..."

Monday, October 18, 2004

Cuisine Fit For a King

Michael Jackson has hired a top Indian chef to be his personal chef, during his forthcoming visit to London in November.

Raj Bajwe, manager of Cafe India based in Glasgow, will fly to London next month to cook Jackson his favourite vegetarian Indian meals. These include "Saag Paneer", "Allo Golu", "pakora", fried rice dishes, "chapatis" and "naan" breads.

Jackson's favourite, according to Raj, is "Saag Paneer"'(spinach cooked with cheese).

Raj and two assistants will travel to London to cook the meals, in the kitchen of the five star hotel where he will be staying.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

The Fear

Raymond Chandler, author of "All That Glitters", has given an interview to a British tabloid.

In this, he states that Jordie and his family were subjected to death threats by Michael Jackson's fans; when the allegations about abuse he claims to have suffered at the hands of Jackson became public in the 90's.

Apparently, Jordie's father received a decapitated rat with the message "You're next" tied to it.


Saturday, October 16, 2004

No Talking!

Thursday's hearing, into the Michael Jackson trial, took rather a bizarre turn.

Reporters and other members of the public were prohibited from talking in court, even before the proceedings started.

The rule was imposed after a reporter asked Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Sgt. Ross Ruth about a judge's order barring reporters from conducting interviews during breaks and hearings. Ruth responded by ordering his deputies to keep everyone silent.

One of Jackson's fans was removed from court by the bailiffs, for talking to the person next to her. Reporters had to write notes to each other.

The rule was rescinded during the day, apparently it was a "misunderstanding"; the "misunderstanding" was not explained.

Friday, October 15, 2004

The Show Goes On

Yesterday Judge Rodney Melville ruled that the trial of Michael Jackson would go ahead, despite attempts by the defence to have the charges dropped.

The judge ruled that there was enough evidence to proceed with the trial. He warned both sides that he would not tolerate any delay to the start of the trial.

It starts on 31 January 2005; no arguments, no delays!.

Some light was shed on the nature of the charges against Jackson, even though there is a gagging order in place.

The indictment alleges that Jackson convinced the boy, who accuses him of molestation, and his family to attend a press conference in Miami; this never took place.

When they arrived in Miami, Jackson allegedly advised them to cooperate with the making of a rebuttal video that was shown on the BBC. They were advised this was to ensure their own safety, it is claimed.

Conspiracy to kidnap charges arise from Jackson allegedly flying them to Neverland, and holding them against their will. He also, allegedly, put their goods into storage ahead of a planned trip to Brazil.

Judge Melville noted that "These circumstances would support the view that the crimes were committed...".

The judge also allowed evidence taken from nNverland to be used in the trial.

The next hearing is scheduled for 4 November, when the judge will decide as to whether the prosecutor should be disbarred from the case.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Today In Court

In today's pre trial hearing of Michael Jackson's case, the defence will press for a reduction of the $3M bail.

Additionally, their motion for the removal of the prosecutor from the case will be heard. Should that succeed, then the Attorney General will conduct the case for the prosecution.

All good "knockabout" stuff!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Jackson Still Hopping Mad

Michael Jackson is reportedly still hopping mad at Eminem for his spoof video, "Just Lose It", as reported on this site earlier.

Jackson is trying to persuade television networks to stop playing the video, he is not yet considering legal action against Eminem.

Black Entertainment Television had reportedly agreed on Tuesday to take the video off the air, and issued an appeal to other US broadcasters to "immediately follow suit and pull the video" .

Make you own mind up, by viewing "Just Lose It" here.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

A Bit Fishy

This has appeared on the net.

Call me cynical, but it seems a bit fishy to me.

In the interests of fair play, I have dropped the official Michael Jackson site a note about it.

If they reply, I will post their response.

As it appears on the net, verbatim (contact details edited out):

"The Michael Jackson Foundation

Michael Jackson has always been a sign of innocence, charity and talent. He has given the world so much, with nothing in return. But now when he needs us the most, we will be there.

A division of "The Michael Jackson Camp" has started a worldwide fundraiser to help pay for some of Mr. Jackson's legal fees.

We will be selling lot's of merchandise with all the proceeds going directly to Mr. Jackson himself.

I have spoken with members of Mr. Jackson's legal team and they have given me permission to conduct this fundraiser.

If you have any questions please contact me via email or telephone. I will respond as quickly as possible.

company: .....
contact person: .....
e-mail: ............
phone: ............
site: ..........."

Monday, October 11, 2004

Time To Prioritise

It is reported that Michael Jackson, clearly feeling that he does not have enough court appearances scheduled, is going to sue rapper Eminem over his new music video.

Apparently the video, "Just Lose It", mocks the Jackson.

The video features Eminem dressed as Jackson, losing his cosmetically enhanced nose; he then jumps on a bed with young children.

Eminem than proceeds to vomit, and douses his flaming hair by sticking his head down a toilet.


Jackson has branded the video "disrespectful", and by all accounts is determined to have it banned.

Reports indicate that Jackson is "going crazy" over this.

In my opinion, for what it is worth, no matter how tacky and "disrespectful" others in the media are; Jackson should focus on the real issue, namely the possibility that he may lose his liberty.

I would say that the molestation case should be far more worrying to him, than any video; I think that it is time to prioritise what is really important.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

I Have a Little List

Aficionados of Gilbert and Sullivan will doubtless be familiar with the song "I have a little list", from The Mikado.

It seems that Michael Jackson's defence team are seeking to emulate that song, by compiling their own list.

It is reported that they have requested that the names of the confidential prosecutorial informants be handed over to them. They wish to question them, to try to debunk charges against Jackson.

One of the informers apparently told the prosecution team that Jackson wanted to be like the "fog", untraceable.

In the motion, released on Friday, the defence argue that the informants are witnesses whose testimony might exonerate the singer. They also argue that, without the defence knowing the names of the informants, Jackson's right to a fair trial would be compromised.

Saturday, October 09, 2004


I understand that Michael Jackson's defence team have subpoenaed Raymond Chandler, the author of "All That Glitters".

This of course means that he will not be able to speak in public about the case.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Personal Animosity

The motion to dismiss Tom Sneddon, as prosecutor in the Michael Jackson trial, was partly unsealed yesterday.

It seems that Jackson's team feel that Sneddon's case is personal. Sneddon, in their view, has quote:

"abandoned his role as public prosecutor, and is motivated by personal animosity toward the singer."

They believe that Sneddon's handling of the investigation has revealed a conflict of interest, that prevents the singer from obtaining a fair trial.

They go on to allege that Sneddon has a vendetta against Jackson, which dates back to the 1993 molestation investigation which failed.

Thursday, October 07, 2004


It is reported that a judge has approved a class action suit against Ticketmaster and Madison Square Garden, for allegedly selling seats with obstructed views of Michael Jackson's 30th anniversary concert in 2001.

The suit could cover over 7000 ticket holders, who were not warned that they would have an inadequate view.

The suit was filed by Dana Gross, who paid $98.50 plus service charges for each of six tickets to see Michael Jackson in September 2001.

She is asking for a modest compensation of $14M!

To venture a non legal opinion, if I may, but does this not seem to be a teeny weeny bit excessive?

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Wild Rumours and Salacious Allegations

Attorney Theodore Boutrous, who is acting for the media in the Michael Jackson case, has pressed for more information to be released to the media/public.

He reportedly filed for access to sealed documents on Tuesday, under the First Amendment.

Boutrous is reportedly to be of the opinion that Judge Rodney Melville "has been applying incorrect legal standards".

It seems that, in the opinion of Boutrous, Michael Jackson's fame is not enough to shield him from the media scrutiny that would normally accompany a case of this magnitude.

The "wild rumors and salacious allegations" that surround the case will be, in the opinion of Boutrous, diminished if more information is placed in the public domain.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Horrible Conspiracies

Michael Jackson's defence team have filed a motion, under seal (of course!), requesting that Tom Sneddon (the DA) be disbarred from the case.

It is reported that other motions have also been filed, again under seal.

It is speculated that the motion to disbar the prosecutor, is based on allegations of personal involvement/conflict of interest. This probably arises from Sneddon's involvement in the 1993 failed child molestation case.

It is thought by legal specialists that the chances of the motion succeeding are not exactly high.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Michael's Competitive Streak

The stories circulating in the media about Omer Bhatti, being Michael Jackson's son, have taken a new twist.

It seems that, according to reports, Bhatti is the son of a Norwegian woman and a Pakistani man. However, Jackson's involvement happened because he was so "taken with the boy" who does a very fair impression of Jackson; and decided to "adopt" him.

It seems that, if the reports are to be believed, Jackson is competing with his father by trying to have more children than him.

This is all getting rather daft, isn't it?

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Paternal Wisdom

In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Joe Jackson came out in support of his son Michael.

He blamed the media for not telling the truth; and noted that once you get to certain level in "celebrityhood", the media then try to "tear you down".

Fair comment in my view.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Healing Hands

It is reported that Dr. Sebi, a herbalist who claims to have weaned Michael Jackson off an alleged addiction to pain killers, is going to sue Jackson for $380K.

Sebi claims this is money due to him for his treatment of Jackson.

True or not, Sebi claims that he still "loves Michael"; how very reassuring!

Friday, October 01, 2004

The Jackson Five (Mark II)

Sholeh Bocchelli, an actress based in Los Angeles, is reported to be carrying Michael Jackson's in vitro twins.

Apparently Sholeh Bocchelli was originally going to have four, but aborted two in order to save the remaining two.

She is, according to the report, in hiding in the USA; as a result of threats from "deranged Jackson fans".

Jackson has denied on his website that he is the father of the twins.

Bocchelli is reported to have said that she will have DNA tests done after the birth of the boys, who have been named Jean-Pierre and Maruizio.

In the event that this story is true, the new born will bring the number of known children belonging to Jackson to five; enough to start his own group!


Michael Jackson's attempt to sue Xtrajet, over the alleged videotaping of his conversation with his lawyer as they flew to Santa Barbara, has been delayed.

The judge agreed to postpone the trial date from November to May 2005, despite protests by Xtrajet; because Jackson's criminal case is getting in the way, and Jackson's ex lawyer is defending Scott Peterson who is accused of murdering his wife and unborn son.

Xtrajet believe the entire case is a publicity stunt.

Jackson has attempted to avoid giving a deposition for the trial, but the judge has denied that request.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Inaccurate Reporting

It seems that the recent report about the Yale conference on Michael Jackson, not discussing the child molestation allegations, was inaccurate.

It is now reported that K. C. Arceneaux's paper, "Michael Jackson: Media and Mythologies," did raise "facts" about the child molestation case against Jackson; that apparently have been suppressed or omitted by media.

The paper, it seems, also explained how the media taps into mythologies; in order to raise ratings and "sell" the news.

No surprises there then!

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Love Child

In a splendidly speculative article, The Times of India reports that Michael Jackson has a 19 year old love child.

Allegedly Michael Jackson told his friends that the 19 year old, improbably named Omer Bhatti, was born after a one nighter with a Norwegian woman.

It seems that Omer, if reports are to believed, looks like Jackson and has stayed at Neverland.

Needless to say, the story could be complete and utter tosh; others have claimed that Omer is not the real son of Jackson. Neither, would I say, is Omer Bhatti a particularly Norwegian name.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Jackson Released

Michael Jackson's father, Joe, has been released from hospital; where he was being treated for bleeding ulcers.

Whilst he was in hospital, he was visited by relatives; it is not reported as to whether Michael turned up or not.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Bleeding Ulcer

Joe Jackson, Michael's beloved daddy, went into hospital on Friday with 2 bleeding ulcers.

Undoubtedly the stress of the trial must be getting to him.

His "eyes and ears", Debra Opri, is reported to have said that the operation went fine.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Place Your Bets

It is reported that BetOnSports.com are offering a veritable smorgasbord of betting opportunities on the Michael Jackson trial.

Those that have a gambling bent, can bet on Jackson's guilt or innocence; or take a punt on whether Eminem will buy Neverland.

Side bets can also be placed on whether President Bush will be the first human to land on Mars, who Donald Trump will hire in "The Apprentice" and how much weight Mary Kate Olsen will gain.

There is no limit on the ways that humans will find to waste their money.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Michael Jackson is a Piece of Art

A conference was held at Yale (23rd-24th Sept), to discuss Michael Jackson; it neatly sidestepped the forthcoming trial.

Eighteen intellectuals, from around the USA, popped over to Yale; to discuss all things racial, sexual and artistic relating to Michael Jackson.

The conference entitled "Regarding Michael Jackson: Performing Racial, Gender, and Sexual Difference Center Stage", concentrated on a number of aspects of Jackson's life:

  • His battle against the music industry, who wanted to portray him as tough and macho; in contrast with his wish to portray himself in a softer light.

  • His desire to change his appearance; even past photos of him are not immune from being lightened, according to Todd Gray his photographer.

  • The charges against him, and society's prejudice against gays.

  • Jackson's media image, in contrast to black rapper stereotypes.

It seems that Jackson has become, according to one attendee, "a self created piece of art".

Friday, September 24, 2004

Gag Has Slipped

It looks like the much vaunted gagging order, in the Michael Jackson case, seems to be slipping.

It is reported that the authorities raided the home of Jackson's personal assistant, Evelyn Tavasci.

Tavasci's name had been blacked out in court documents about the raid, she has worked for Jackson for over ten years.

However, Tavasci has told the press that the gag order bars her from discussing the case.

Precisely what was taken from her house has been sealed by the gag.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

The Camera Cannot Lie

It seems that the row over the photos, allegedly taken from Neverland, looks like it will escalate.

As noted on this site, Tom Mesereau issued a statement on Tuesday denying that indecent photos were taken from Neverland; he asked the media to retract the allegation.

However, KFI an LA radio station that reported that several of the photos featured a naked boy is sticking by its story.

It says that it will only reveal the identity of its source, if the story is proved to be false.

I would venture to note, that the trial of Michael Jackson does not start until the end of January 2005. It seems, much like Christmas, it has started a little earlier.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Tom Mesereau, Michael Jackson's lawyer, issued a statement yesterday; categorically denying the story that has been circulating, about illicit photos seized by the police from Neverland.


"That information is false. The prosecution has confirmed that it is false...We demand an immediate retraction from any news or media organization that made such an announcement."

Perversely, because of the gag order on the case, Mesereau had to get permission to make that statement.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Testing Times

It is reported that the Santa Barbara authorities are performing a number of scientific tests, on a number of seized items including a mattress, in order to determine whether Michael Jackson molested his accuser.

The tests include, both DNA and fingerprint analysis. Prosecutors believe that the results will show that Jackson placed his accuser in compromising positions.

In addition to a mattress, it is reported that the police may have seized pornographic magazines and a number of compromising photos.

Last Friday the prosecution reportedly told that judge that they seized 6 photos of young men, during the Neverland raid.

Monday, September 20, 2004

I Am Just The Same As You

Michael Jackson's ex-wife, Debbie Rowe, has reportedly received emails of support from around the world; after her appearance on Entertainment Tonight.

The show took place in her Beverly Hills home, which Jackson bought her after their split. The show covered "meaty" topics such as; her life and facial makeovers.

Debbie claims to be the same as everyone else.

Sunday, September 19, 2004


I understand that a five disc box collection, which covers the solo career of Michael Jackson between 1969-2004, will be released by Sony on 16 November.

The collection includes four CDs of 57 tracks, containing thirteen previously unreleased songs; plus a DVD with a complete concert from Budapest in 1992.

The unearthed rarities include; 'Shake Your Body', 'Sunset Driver' recorded during the Off The Wall sessions, an early version of Thriller's 'PYT' and Michael's solo demo of 'We Are The World'.

This seems a little perverse to me.

On the one hand Jackson is calling the music industry greedy and manipulative; saying that they forced him to pay off those who have accused him of molestation in the past. However, on the other hand, he is happy to take their "dollar"; by releasing a rehash of long forgotten tracks, not deemed to be good enough to release at the time.

Maybe I am just being too cynical?

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Money Can't Buy You Peace

I am reminded of that most excellent view postulated by Adam Smith, namely:

"...the beggar sunning himself by the road, has the peace and security that kings fight wars for...".

This seems to be highly apt in the case of Michael Jackson's life, both private and public.

During yesterday's hearing in Santa Maria, which Jackson and his family attended, Tom Mesereau (Jackson's lawyer) took a break from the court house and read a statement.

The statement covered a number of issues, most notably the "fact" that Jackson is the victim of music industry greed.

Additionally, it noted that Jackson had been "pressured" by advisers and the music industry to pay off previous accusers; the basis being the the negative publicity would not be good for the industry.

Now the case being put forward by the defence, is that Jackson regrets doing this. He had, according to the statement, "hoped to buy peace...he should have fought these actions to the bitter end..".

Now I could have told him that, for free!

I make one observation, Mesereau knows that the issue of previous payments has to be addressed; not to address them would seriously harm Jackson's case. The best and only way, under the circumstances, to address the issue is to blame others and express deep regret. This is a standard damage limitation trick pulled by the PR industry; when handling political and showbusiness scandals, eg George Michael, Hugh Grant, Clinton etc etc.

Virginal White

Michael Jackson, and family, turned up to Santa Maria yesterday; to watch "Jane Doe", the mother of the child allegedly molested by Jackson, testify.

In order not to draw attention to themselves, the Jacksons wore white.

Jackson's lawyer, Thomas Mesereau, cross examined "Jane"; and tried to get her to confirm that she knew that the investigator, whose offices were searched by the prosecution, had told her he was working for the Jackson defence team.

"Jane" failed to recall if he had told her this, she had assumed that he was working for Jackson.

Whilst this may seem to be splitting hairs it is, if you are a lawyer, vital; for if the defence can prove that she knew that he was working for them, the evidence collected from the search of his offices would be disbarred from the trial.

Jackson, as befitting someone regarded by some of his fans as a minor "god", was greeted with cheers when he arrived at the California courthouse yesterday.

Banners with pictures of him, and phrases such as "we love you" were held aloft.

One person braved the wrath of the crowd, by displaying a sign that read "We Support the Victim".

Friday, September 17, 2004

Video Exposure

Michael Jackson's defence team showed the court yesterday, a video of the search of Neverland by police in November 2003.

The defence are hoping to persuade the judge that evidence was collected improperly during the search, and as such should be disbarred from the proceedings.

Today will see "Jane Doe" take the stand, and Michael Jackson join the public in the public gallery.


Michael Jackson and his family are expected in court today, to eyeball "Jane Doe" who is accusing him of molesting her son.

It is the first time in 10 months that Jackson has seen "Jane".

As befitting the dignity of this case; a large throng of fans, protesters and media pundits are expected to encamp themselves outside the court.

Doubtless the usual followers of large crowds will be there; hot dog sellers and purveyors of memorabilia.

The Butler Did It

Rather, in the case of Michael Jackson's trial, the maid was acting suspiciously; that is at least the opinion of the sheriff's team, who searched Neverland in November last year.

The court heard yesterday from the police, who felt that the maid was being evasive and not entirety truthful with them; as she showed them around Neverland.

The court was shown a video of the search, which showed the maid and the police wandering around Neverland; a bizarre form of home for a middle aged man, containing life sized mannequins.

At one point the maid, according to the deputy, flicked a light switch on and off; this was, he believed, a signal to warn others.

At one point the team enter Jackson's office; which, for reasons that escape my non legal brain, was excluded from the search warrant.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

God Chose Me

It seems that "Jane Doe", the mother of the boy allegedly abused by Michael Jackson, believes that God has chosen her to bring Jackson to justice.

This theory is aired by "Jane" on a police tape, which has fallen into the hands of a US television show.

Why bring God into this sordid and unpleasant story?

If God exists, I am sure that he/she is keeping as far away as possible from this nasty business.

One more thought, how did the police tape fall into the hands of the media?

Eyeball to Eyeball

Michael Jackson will appear in court tomorrow, not on the stand; but as an "ordinary" member of the public in the public gallery, watching the cross examination of "Jane Doe" who is accusing him of molesting her son.

The appearance by "Jane", is at the request of Jackson's defence team; who wish to suppress evidence taken from Neverland, and the offices of a private investigator.

"Jane" allegedly called Jackson "the devil", and has stated that she would never take money from him.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The Clan

I understand that the Jackson clan will be attending tomorrow's hearing in Santa Barbara.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

All Publicity is Good Publicity

It is reported that Michael Jackson will be making a "surprise" appearance at the World Music Awards in Las Vegas tomorrow.

Hardly a surprise now, is it?

He will be presenting a lifetime achievement award to Clive Davis.

The organisers are said to be "worried" about a protest over his appearance at the awards; hence their totally lame attempt to keep the appearance "secret".

Let us speak candidly here, they know as well as anyone that this will generate huge publicity. The idea that they were seriously trying to keep his appearance at the show secret is laughable.

This is one aspect about some of the people in showbusiness PR that is so nauseating; they seem to assume that the majority of the public are as thick as a plank.

Monday, September 13, 2004

How To Piss Off Everyone

Raymond Chandler's book, "All That Glitters", is now published.

In it, the uncle of Jordie Chandler writes about the alleged abuse by Michael Jackson of his nephew Jordie in the early 90's.

The book, 271 pages long, covers the alleged molestation and $20M payoff of Jordie in 1994.

Whilst this book is most certainly going to "piss off" Michael Jackson, it probably will also "piss off" Jordie’s father.

Raymond, as part of his publicity campaign for the book, has appeared on NBC's "Dateline"; with a secret recording that he made of Jordie's father talking about the issue in 1993.

It seems that Jordie's father did not realise that the recording was being made, and probably would not be that happy to have it aired on NBC over 10 years later.

It also seems that the brothers are no longer "close to each other", as "All That Glitters" was not written with the participation of Jordie's father.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

It's a Family Affair

I understand that Michael Jackson, and his family, are planning to come to Santa Maria this coming week.

They intend to watch his lawyers cross examine the woman, who has accused him of molesting her son.

I would have thought that they would be keeping their heads down.

Seems rather ghoulish to me.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Common Sense Prevails

At last, a little bit of common sense appears to be being used in the Michael Jackson case.

Judge Rodney Melville has rejected the defence team's request for a hearing, in respect of former Sheriff Jim Thomas's remarks on an NBC programme. These remarks concerned the 1993 investigation into allegations of molestation, which Thomas as a Sheriff was involved in.

The defence argues that the comments on NBC breached the gag order.

However, Judge Melville rejected their argument; on the basis that Thomas was no longer a sheriff, and was not being used by any of the parties in the case when performing his role on NBC.

This may only be a small step towards freedom of expression, but at least it is a step in the right direction.

Friday, September 10, 2004

The Crying Game

It seems that, along with everyone else joining the celebrity circus of Michael Jackson's trial, his ex wife Debbie Rowe is also keen to get in on the act.

Her speciality "turn", is to break down in tears during a taped interview with "Entertainment Tonight".

Let's face it, no celebrity has ever done that before have they?

In between the crying, she discusses her plans to win custody of her children; also she notes that she is trying to work out what she wants to do.

I understand that the show will be aired on Monday.

Thursday, September 09, 2004


The lawyers in Michael Jackson's trial, seem to be getting a tad tetchy with each other.

It is reported that Michael Jackson's defence team have requested that the prosecution team be penalised for, allegedly, delaying the release of a document which outlines planning for the raid on Neverland in November 2003.

The defence are peeved that the plan was not shown to them, until two working days before the 16 August hearing.

The plan, so it is alleged, contains details of events and interviews leading up to the raid.

Needless to say, the defence team are using this "delay" to press for the evidence gleaned from the Neverland raid to be suppressed.

It seems to me that evidence, if it is relevant, should be admitted whether or not there was an alleged "delay" in disclosure.

However, I am not a lawyer and therefore cannot be expected to grasp the finer points of the defence's reasoning on this matter!

Doubtless I will be enlightened, when the suppress motion is heard on 16 September.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Shut Your Mouth

It seems that, former Sheriff, Jim Thomas may have been rather hasty in commenting last week on the allegations that Michael Jackson molested a boy back in 1993. Note his comments were relevant to his job, he is a news analyst working for NBC.

It is reported that Jackson's lawyers filed a motion yesterday, noting that Thomas may have violated the gag order surrounding the current Jackson case.

So much for the notion that the US is the land of free speech!

Needless to say, part of the motion was itself filed under seal; isn't this obsessive secrecy getting rather ridiculous?

I would venture to point out that revelations about Michael Jackson and his life, no matter how highly he and his fans regard himself, should pose no threat to national security; therefore the veil of secrecy should be lifted.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Kicking a Man When He is Down

Whether Michael Jackson is guilty or innocent, has yet to be decided by the trial; which will not take place until January 2005.

However, in a veritable blizzard of kicks and punches, people close to him have all seemingly conspired together; to announce, in the last week or so, that they will be a publishing books about him.

The latest, in this line of literary masterpieces, is said to come from Bob Jones; who, until Jackson fired him a few weeks ago, was Jackson's PR man.

Jones, in the true spirit of showbusiness, is said to be hawking his memoirs to New York publishers.

I understand that Jones has been with the Jacksons, in one guise or another, since the 1970's. That is one hell of a long time to be in "the eye of the storm".

This book will become yet another in a long line of "kiss and tell" memoirs, that include one banned in the USA written by Victor Gutierrez; which alleges several inappropriate liaisons between Jackson and minors.

Details on the banned book can be accessed via the link below:


Monday, September 06, 2004

From Bad To Worse

It seems that in addition to the trial, and his father's book about the Jackson family, Michael Jackson now has to worry about a soon to be released book called "All That Glitters: The Crime and the Cover-up".

To order the book visit this link All That Glitters: The Crime and the Cover-up.

This book has been written by Raymond Chandler, not the well known author of detective novels, but the uncle of Jordie Chandler; who at the age of 12, in 1993, was at the centre of child molestation accusations against Jackson.

Although Jordie and others are restrained by a multi million dollar settlement from Jackson from discussing the story, his uncle isn't.

According to Jordie's uncle, Jordie idolised Jackson; allegedly the latter would call Jordie regularly when on tour, for hours at a time.

Aside from the background to the alleged abuse, the book also covers Evan Chandler's (Jordie's father) attempts to obtain custody of his son.

The book will be released on 12 September, All That Glitters: The Crime and the Cover-up

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Embarrassing Relatives

As if Michael Jackson doesn't have enough trouble at the moment, his dear old dad is set to publish a "kiss and tell" book about the family; in Germany.

Rather unfortunately the title in German is "Die Jackson's" (ie The Jackson's), sub title "The Golden Truth About The Jacksons".

Doubtless daddy Joe will feature heavily, and positively, in this literary masterpiece. The good news for son Michael, is that daddy Joe has to leave to USA; to go on a book signing tour of Germany for a while.

This just shows how some people in show business are pretty ghastly.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Untruths and Sensationalism

Michael Jackson issued a statement yesterday, saying he would answer "untruths and sensationalism".

He also, rather unnervingly, admitted that he had reached financial settlements with people in the past; in order to avoid the embarrassment of going to court.

That policy certainly seems to have backfired!

The latest report about payoffs was posted here yesterday, concerning the $2M allegedly paid to the son of an employee in 1990; in order to stave off allegations of molestation.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Buying Peoples' Silence

It seems that, if reports are to be believed, Michael Jackson has tried to buy another person's silence.

Michael Jackson is alleged to have paid $2M, to the son of an employee at his Neverland Ranch in 1990; again to avoid child molestation charges.

This payola culture, if true, seems to be a habit with Jackson. He is alleged to have paid another accuser between $15M to $20M in 1993.

The report will be aired tonight on "Dateline NBC" TV news magazine.

In the report I understand that the retired Santa Barbara County Sheriff, Jim Thomas, says that he investigated Jackson in 1993; in connection with one claim, and stumbled upon this accusation.

The accuser alleged that Jackson fondled him. However, the payoff disbars the accuser from discussing it publicly.

Paying off people to buy their silence is self defeating:
  • It encourage others to try to extort money

  • It sends the wrong signal to the world, ie that there is something to hide

  • It is financially unsustainable
The trial in Santa Barbara, this coming January, should put an end to this once and for all; irrespective of whether Jackson is found guilty or innocent.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

No Discount

Judge Rodney Melville has refused, for the second time, to lower Michael Jackson's bail from $3M.

It seems that the judge took the decision, based on evidence that Jackson was planning to flee to Brazil with his accuser's family. That would be a very bizarre holiday trip!

Judge Melville noted that the bail reflected Jackson's wealth, and fondness for travel.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Who Nose The Truth?

It seems that Michael Jackson's ear and nose are now on trial.

As noted on this site, Dr Werner Mang claimed that he had used part of Jackson's ear to rebuild his nose.

This operation was, allegedly, performed with Dr Stephen Hoefflin.

Now Dr Hoefflin claims that this is not correct. He claims that he has not performed surgery on Jackson for many years, and has no firsthand knowledge about anything Jackson has done more recently.

Now isn't this all getting rather silly?

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Ear Today, Gone Tomorrow

Appearances can be deceptive; it seems that Michael Jackson's nose contains parts of his ear.

That at least is what Dr Werner Mang, a celebrity plastic surgeon, is reported to have said. Dr Mang claims that Jackson's nose was in such a poor state, that parts of Jackson's ear had to be used to hold it together.

Dr Mang is concerned that Michael Jackson has overdone the plastic surgery, just a tad, and has issued a public warning that no more "cuts" should be made.

Mang is reported to have theorised, that Jackson wants to turn himself into a white woman.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

What Happens Now?

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff, Jim Anderson, has stated publicly this week that:

"We at the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department pride ourselves in our professional service ethic,...Clearly, Mr. Jackson was no exception to the exercise of this particular ethic."

The question now, is whether the Sheriff will take legal action against Jackson for making false accusations on TV.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Latest Odds

I understand that online bookmaker Betonsports.com is offering betting odds on the Michael Jackson trial.

  • On being found guilty of at least one count (-160)

  • On being found not guilty of all charges (+120)

  • A mistrial (+500)

  • On committing suicide to avoid the trial (+1000)

  • On fleeing the country (+200)

  • On returning back to Planet Zorg (+15000)

  • Fleeing the country with R Kelly to start a brothel in the Phillipines (+15000).

Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Yesterday, Sheriff Jim Anderson, the Santa Barbara County sheriff said that he felt vindicated by a state attorney general's report; that found no evidence in Michael Jackson's claims that he was manhandled, during his arrest for child molestation.

Evidence Dismissed

Judge Rodney Melville, presiding over Michael Jackson's pretrial hearings, has ruled that around 70 pieces of evidence obtained by the prosecution were inadmissible. That leaves another 34 pieces, or so, that could be used in the trial in January.

The grounds for dismissal of these 70 pieces of evidence, being that the authorities overstepped their authority when they searched Neverland in November 2003.

Melville requested to see written arguments on whether eight other items seized had been taken legally, he will then decide as to whether they can be admitted.

The deadline for written arguments is 3 September, the next hearing is set for 16 September.

Needless to say, the media is now "gagging" to see what evidence has been dismissed from the trial.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Too Many Secrets

The secret evidence, at the heart of Michael Jackson's child molestation case, will be the prime focus of today's pretrial hearings in Santa Barbara.

Michael Jackson's defence team accuse district attorney Tom Sneddon of obtaining some potentially illegal evidence, and are trying to get it dismissed.

It is also reported that a death threat by email, was made against Michael Jackson last week.

The message was traced to Ontario in Canada. Adrian Poffley, 26, of Kitchener, Ontario has been charged with sending the threat; and is scheduled to appear in court in September.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Don't Call Me Wacko

Michael Jackson has issued a statement expressing his exasperation at the media intrusion into his and his family's life, and the tabloid name "Wacko".

He also denied being the father of quads.

I would venture to suggest that the unstinting media coverage, is the price you pay for fame.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

Michael Jackson's defence team have accused the mother of the child, allegedly molested by Michael Jackson, of lying.

Consequently she, known affectionately as Jane Doe, has been ordered to appear in yet another pretrial hearing.

Jane will take the witness stand in September. The original plan had been for her to submit written testimony. However, Jackson's legal team insisted that she appear in person; citing the fact that they believe that she lies under oath.

In other news, a Santa Barbara County Sheriff's deputy testified that; during the November search of Neverland, he came across a tape recording of Jackson talking to a child on the phone.

Quite what the significance of this is remains to be seen.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Cash for Questions

It seems that money is a major factor in the background of the Michael Jackson case.

In testimony at the Santa Barbara court house, the stepfather (Mr Doe) of the boy accusing Michael Jackson of molestation admitted that he asked for payment from Jackson; for participation in a video interview, which was meant to restore Jackson's reputation.

Not wishing to leave any potential revenue source untapped, he also admitted to asking for money from a British journalist who was covering the Michael Jackson case.

Mr Doe also admitted that he felt that his family might have been held at Neverland under duress.

In another development, Judge Rodney Melville has agreed to let Michael Jackson file a request to make a public statement about the case.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Kiss and Tell

As if Michael Jackson hasn't got enough problems at the moment, it seems another one will be adding itself to his list.

It seems that Tatiana Thumbtzen, one of his former dancers, is hawking a "kiss and tell" story about an alleged tryst that she had with Michael Jackson.

It seems that rumours of the "relationship", with the dancer from "The Way You Make Me Feel", started after she was pictured kissing him in 1988.

Ever the master of hyperbole, Jackson said of her: "I love her because she's warm, caring and exciting."

Why do celebrities have to use the word "love" so much? In my view it totally debases the meaning of the word.

However, love in celebrity circles is as fleeting as dew on a summer's morning. Needless to say there was a "rift"; as we all know, "kiss and tell" follows rift in all celebrity relationships.

The rumours are that the account contains lots of "dirt". However, the rumours would say that wouldn't they?

No dirt no fee!

Sad world we live in.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Not All Honey and Roses in Neverland

It seems that even Michael Jackson, and his team, can't have it their own way all the time.

His case suffered a setback yesterday, when his lawyers failed to have the evidence seized during a raid on Neverland dismissed.

Jackson's team had asked Judge Rodney Melville to dismiss the evidence, on the basis that the search warrant was obtained by "malicious inaccuracies and omissions".

It seems that one of the "malicious inaccuracies", according to the defence team anyway, was the claim that Jackson's lackeys had spilled a urine sample from the child accusing Jackson of molestation; thus preventing it being analysed.

One of the omissions seems to be a psychologist's report, that noted Jackson did not fit the profile of a child molester.

However, all of this was to no avail. Judge Melville ruled that the evidence is admissible.

The defence are now compiling a list of specific items that they want dismissed from the evidence. This list must be submitted by tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Porky Pies

Oh dear, it seems that Michael Jackson may have been telling "porkies" (lies) in relation to his alleged "manhandling" by law enforcement officers last year.

An inquiry has concluded that the story was a fabrication. Jackson may now face charges for filing a false report, on top of those relating to child molestation.

The investigation took a staggering 2500 hours, and covered over 160 witnesses. I trust that if Jackson is charged with filing a false report, he is made to pay for the cost of this investigation!

Yesterday saw a family reunion. The entire Jackson clan turned up to Santa Barbara, to watch Michael's nemesis (Tom Sneddon) take the stand in a pre trial hearing.

For reasons best known to himself, Michael Jackson arrived in a double decker bus.

Reports indicate that white was the dress code of the day for the family; co-ordinated wardrobes are so important at these events, don't you think?

Tom Sneddon and Tom Mesereau (Jackson's defence attorney) were not the pleasant towards each other, a tad testy so reports indicate.

The circus continues.

Monday, August 16, 2004

The Circus is Back in Town

Today will see something of a media scrum in the town of Santa Barbara. Michael Jackson will be coming to town, to see his nemesis Tom Sneddon take the witness stand in a pre trial hearing.

In addition to Michael, various members of his family will turn up. Daddy Jackson Joe, his wife and some of Michael's brothers and sisters will also come to court.

It had been originally assumed that Michael would not appear in court, until his actual trial commences in January. However, it seems that the prospect of watching Sneddon being grilled was too tempting to resist.

Chris Pappas, the Santa Barbara police dept spokesman has reportedly said that they are ready for all contingencies.

My sympathies go to the people of Santa Barbara, who doubtless will feel that they are under siege today.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Punch Up

Tomorrow will see a splendid punch up between Michael Jackson's lawyer and Tom Sneddon (for the prosecution), as the latter takes the stand in a pre trial hearing.

Such is the popularity of this event, even Michael will be attending.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

The High Price of Justice

Santa Barbara now finds itself on the media map, as a result of the Michael Jackson trial, and as such can "enjoy" the benefits that fame can bring.

However, as with everything in life, there is a price to be paid. In this particular case, it is estimated to be around $426K to date.

This covers the pretrial hearings held from January 2004 to date. Once that the trial "for real" is up and running, in 2005, the cost per day is estimated to be around $50K.

Whilst these cost estimates include the security and other staff costs, they do not include investigation and prosecution costs.

Rather wistfully Michael Brown, the County Administrator, is hoping for interest in the case to wane.

I suspect that, once the trial starts, the interest in it will rise exponentially.

Friday, August 13, 2004

A Nice Day Out

It is reported that Michael Jackson will attend court next week, in order to watch prosecutor Tom Sneddon take the stand.

Michael will also be accompanied by his parents and siblings.

The appearance by Sneddon is in relation to the surveillance that he carried out of the office of Bradley Miller, a private investigator.

The prosecution deny that they knew that Miller was employed by Mark Geragos, Jackson's attorney at the time.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Foregone Conclusion?

Michael Jackson's ex wife, Debbie Rowe, is reportedly convinced that she will win her custody battle for her two children (Prince Michael and Paris).

Her belief is based on the fact that Jackson faces trial for child molestation, a second time that such allegations have been made against the singer.

Personally, I would say never take anything for granted.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Friends Like These

It seems that in the world of showbusiness, friendship can be somewhat transitory and superficial.

Macaulay Culkin, a "friend" of Michael Jackson, is reported to be reluctant to help out his chum; by coming to his defence, in respect of the child molestation allegations.

Culkin is of the opinion that any defence that he offers, would be shot down by the riposte; "Well, weren't you ten years old when you hung out with him?".

To my view, that should not prevent him trying to help his friend out.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

A Fool and His Money

It seems that Michael Jackson is not too perturbed about his forthcoming trial, in January, for alleged child molestation.

It is reported that he, and his expensive entourage of lackeys, is in South Beach Miami; on a house hunting trip.

I would venture to ask, given his current poor level of finances, how can he afford another house?

I understand that the room charge per night, in the hotel which he will be using in Miami, is around $2500; before he even touches the minibar!

So where is the money coming from?

Monday, August 09, 2004

Nature Abhors a Vacuum

The absence of new information concerning the forthcoming Michael Jackson trial, in January 2005, has caused consternation in the media.

In order to fill the void, they are now forced to make stories up; albeit that they are clearly spoofs.

One such spoof was played on Channel 955 Detroit. It consists of a phone interview with "Michael Jackson", concerning his alleged fatherhood of quads.

To listen to the spoof, visit Channel 955 Detroit.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Family Sticks Together?

Michael Jackson's sister, Latoya, has spoken out in support of her brother; in relation to his forthcoming trial for alleged child molestation in January 2005.

In a TV interview, she said that she believed that everything would work itself out. Adding that the crisis has brought the Jackson family together.

However, this new found sense of sticking together didn't quite demonstrate itself at last month's 76th birthday celebrations for Michael's father Joe. None of his children turned up to the event, leaving Jackson senior feeling "hurt".

Saturday, August 07, 2004

A Right Old Panning

It seems that yesterday's screening on VH1 of "Man In The Mirror, The Michael Jackson Story" was not a total critical success.

Critics have universally panned the film.

It labours under the insurmountable burden of not being authorised, hence none of Jackson's music was used in it.

The film even uses footage of the planes crashing in to the Twin Towers, quite what that has to do with Michael Jackson is not clear.

The conclusion is that if you are looking for a meaningful insight into the life and mind of Michael Jackson, you won't find it in this film.

Friday, August 06, 2004

The Circus Comes To Town

In yet another complaint, filed on Thursday, Michael Jackson's attorneys have noted that they have not received lists of items seized during searches by the authorities; as they prepare for the forthcoming Michael Jackson trial for child molestation in January.

The complaint was filed last week, as with everything else, it was under seal. Judge Rodney Melville unsealed the complaint yesterday.

There are more seals in this case than in a circus!

The defence team are short of around 70 search warrants in the case, and 50 affidavits.

The prosecution responded by saying that they are providing information as quickly as possible.

Thursday, August 05, 2004


Michael Jackson has won another award, this time it is not for music; instead he has been awarded Company Magazine's most sought after accolade.

He has been voted "unsexiest man of the year", in a survey of the magazine's readers.

I suppose the old showbiz saying should be applied here, "any publicity is good publicity".

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

The Prequel To The Sequel To The Finale

Those of you who have not had enough of Michael Jackson, can now see his life story on VH1 on Friday.

The film is called "Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story"; and will take the viewer on a journey through Michael Jackson's life, starting in Motown up to his January 2004 court appearance.

This therefore leaves plenty of opportunities for at least one follow up film. This film will either end on a high note with Jackson being acquitted, or end with him going to jail; which in turn leaves room for a third film, portraying his time in jail and his life after his release as he tries to rebuild a shattered career.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Monday started the week with another outbreak of fighting, between the defence and prosecution teams in the forthcoming Michael Jackson trial.

Michael Jackson's defence team on Monday noted that Tom Sneddon, for the prosecution, had violated a gag order.

They cite the remarks made by Sneddon to a recent district Attorneys' conference. He was quoted as saying that "We sent letters to some people saying we intended to call them as witnesses in order to keep them off TV."

Tom Sneddon denies that this broke the gag order.

So it seems, as I have already noted on this site, that the trial is going to be dominated by diversions relating to the gagging order rather than the issues that are meant to be discussed; namely, is Michael Jackson guilty of child molestation or not?

Take the gag off say I!