Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Timeline Changed

The media reports that Dr Conrad Murray (Michael Jackson's doctor) has changed his story of events leading up to Jackson's death.

Murray first told the authorities that he administered propofol to Jackson at 10.50am, before leaving the room for several minutes to visit the toilet.

After unsuccessfully attempting to revive Jackson, it is thought that Murray did not call emergency services until 12.21pm.

Speculation is that Murray will admit that he failed to check on Jackson two minutes after giving him the medication.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Voicemail Leaked

A voicemail made by Dr Conrad Murray (Michael Jackson's doctor) in the final minutes of Jackson's life has been leaked to the media.

In it Dr Murray is heard calmly calling another patient, and saying:

"This is Doctor Murray, Bob. Hi, how are you? Sorry I missed you. Just wanted to talk to you about your results of the EECP.

You did quite well on the study. We would love to continue to see you as a patient even though I may have to be absent from my practice for, uh, because of an overseas sabbatical

As to whether the calmness displayed is good or bad for Murray as he faces trial, depends very much on whether you are viewing it from the perspective of the defence or prosecution.