Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Money Can't Buy You Peace

I am reminded of that most excellent view postulated by Adam Smith, namely:

"...the beggar sunning himself by the road, has the peace and security that kings fight wars for...".

This seems to be highly apt in the case of Michael Jackson's life, both private and public.

During yesterday's hearing in Santa Maria, which Jackson and his family attended, Tom Mesereau (Jackson's lawyer) took a break from the court house and read a statement.

The statement covered a number of issues, most notably the "fact" that Jackson is the victim of music industry greed.

Additionally, it noted that Jackson had been "pressured" by advisers and the music industry to pay off previous accusers; the basis being the the negative publicity would not be good for the industry.

Now the case being put forward by the defence, is that Jackson regrets doing this. He had, according to the statement, "hoped to buy peace...he should have fought these actions to the bitter end..".

Now I could have told him that, for free!

I make one observation, Mesereau knows that the issue of previous payments has to be addressed; not to address them would seriously harm Jackson's case. The best and only way, under the circumstances, to address the issue is to blame others and express deep regret. This is a standard damage limitation trick pulled by the PR industry; when handling political and showbusiness scandals, eg George Michael, Hugh Grant, Clinton etc etc.

Virginal White

Michael Jackson, and family, turned up to Santa Maria yesterday; to watch "Jane Doe", the mother of the child allegedly molested by Jackson, testify.

In order not to draw attention to themselves, the Jacksons wore white.

Jackson's lawyer, Thomas Mesereau, cross examined "Jane"; and tried to get her to confirm that she knew that the investigator, whose offices were searched by the prosecution, had told her he was working for the Jackson defence team.

"Jane" failed to recall if he had told her this, she had assumed that he was working for Jackson.

Whilst this may seem to be splitting hairs it is, if you are a lawyer, vital; for if the defence can prove that she knew that he was working for them, the evidence collected from the search of his offices would be disbarred from the trial.

Jackson, as befitting someone regarded by some of his fans as a minor "god", was greeted with cheers when he arrived at the California courthouse yesterday.

Banners with pictures of him, and phrases such as "we love you" were held aloft.

One person braved the wrath of the crowd, by displaying a sign that read "We Support the Victim".

Friday, September 17, 2004

Video Exposure

Michael Jackson's defence team showed the court yesterday, a video of the search of Neverland by police in November 2003.

The defence are hoping to persuade the judge that evidence was collected improperly during the search, and as such should be disbarred from the proceedings.

Today will see "Jane Doe" take the stand, and Michael Jackson join the public in the public gallery.


Michael Jackson and his family are expected in court today, to eyeball "Jane Doe" who is accusing him of molesting her son.

It is the first time in 10 months that Jackson has seen "Jane".

As befitting the dignity of this case; a large throng of fans, protesters and media pundits are expected to encamp themselves outside the court.

Doubtless the usual followers of large crowds will be there; hot dog sellers and purveyors of memorabilia.

The Butler Did It

Rather, in the case of Michael Jackson's trial, the maid was acting suspiciously; that is at least the opinion of the sheriff's team, who searched Neverland in November last year.

The court heard yesterday from the police, who felt that the maid was being evasive and not entirety truthful with them; as she showed them around Neverland.

The court was shown a video of the search, which showed the maid and the police wandering around Neverland; a bizarre form of home for a middle aged man, containing life sized mannequins.

At one point the maid, according to the deputy, flicked a light switch on and off; this was, he believed, a signal to warn others.

At one point the team enter Jackson's office; which, for reasons that escape my non legal brain, was excluded from the search warrant.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

God Chose Me

It seems that "Jane Doe", the mother of the boy allegedly abused by Michael Jackson, believes that God has chosen her to bring Jackson to justice.

This theory is aired by "Jane" on a police tape, which has fallen into the hands of a US television show.

Why bring God into this sordid and unpleasant story?

If God exists, I am sure that he/she is keeping as far away as possible from this nasty business.

One more thought, how did the police tape fall into the hands of the media?

Eyeball to Eyeball

Michael Jackson will appear in court tomorrow, not on the stand; but as an "ordinary" member of the public in the public gallery, watching the cross examination of "Jane Doe" who is accusing him of molesting her son.

The appearance by "Jane", is at the request of Jackson's defence team; who wish to suppress evidence taken from Neverland, and the offices of a private investigator.

"Jane" allegedly called Jackson "the devil", and has stated that she would never take money from him.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The Clan

I understand that the Jackson clan will be attending tomorrow's hearing in Santa Barbara.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

All Publicity is Good Publicity

It is reported that Michael Jackson will be making a "surprise" appearance at the World Music Awards in Las Vegas tomorrow.

Hardly a surprise now, is it?

He will be presenting a lifetime achievement award to Clive Davis.

The organisers are said to be "worried" about a protest over his appearance at the awards; hence their totally lame attempt to keep the appearance "secret".

Let us speak candidly here, they know as well as anyone that this will generate huge publicity. The idea that they were seriously trying to keep his appearance at the show secret is laughable.

This is one aspect about some of the people in showbusiness PR that is so nauseating; they seem to assume that the majority of the public are as thick as a plank.

Monday, September 13, 2004

How To Piss Off Everyone

Raymond Chandler's book, "All That Glitters", is now published.

In it, the uncle of Jordie Chandler writes about the alleged abuse by Michael Jackson of his nephew Jordie in the early 90's.

The book, 271 pages long, covers the alleged molestation and $20M payoff of Jordie in 1994.

Whilst this book is most certainly going to "piss off" Michael Jackson, it probably will also "piss off" Jordie’s father.

Raymond, as part of his publicity campaign for the book, has appeared on NBC's "Dateline"; with a secret recording that he made of Jordie's father talking about the issue in 1993.

It seems that Jordie's father did not realise that the recording was being made, and probably would not be that happy to have it aired on NBC over 10 years later.

It also seems that the brothers are no longer "close to each other", as "All That Glitters" was not written with the participation of Jordie's father.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

It's a Family Affair

I understand that Michael Jackson, and his family, are planning to come to Santa Maria this coming week.

They intend to watch his lawyers cross examine the woman, who has accused him of molesting her son.

I would have thought that they would be keeping their heads down.

Seems rather ghoulish to me.