Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Jackson's High Risk Lifestyle

The Reverend Jesse Jackson put his two cents into the Michael Jackson trial on Thursday, again.

He appeared on the Abrams Report, and said that after the trial (assuming that Michael Jackson is not found guilty) Michael Jackson wishes to build a theme park in Africa.

Jesse Jackson claimed that Michael Jackson does have enough cash for such a project.

I would have thought that a more productive use of the money for the children of Africa would be on schools, agriculture and sanitation.

Theme parks serve no purpose, other than to take one's mind off reality.

As regards Michael Jackson's self confessed habit of sleeping with children, Jesse Jackson said:

"I think that some of what he has done is just on the edge. It is high risk. And now me and his family is very acutely aware of what has happened. And I think that this type risky behavior will never happen again. It shouldn't have happened in the first place, but certainly it will never happen again."

Read that a few times and you get the impression that, despite what the good Reverend says, he actually thinks that Michael Jackson is guilty.

Devastating Video

The Prosecution in the Michael Jackson trial, showed the jury what has been described by some as the "devastating" video of Gavin Arvizo during a police interview in February and March of 2003.

Arvizo, who was clearly nervous in the video, told how Jackson allegedly molested him about five times and encouraged him to drink alcohol regularly.

During his testimony in March, Arvizo had said that he only remembered being abused on two occasions.

Arvizo said in the video:

"He said boys have to masturbate because if they don't they go crazy...He said that he wanted to show me how to masturbate. I said, 'no.' He said he would do it for me,"

He went on:

"He grabbed me in my private area. He put his hand in my pants ... he started masturbating me,"

Jackson then allegedly pulled Arvizo's hand onto his own crotch on one occasion.

The defence chose not to bring Arvizo back to the stand.

Both prosecution and defence have now rested.

It is expected that closing arguments may begin by next Wednesday.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Father Pleads With Jackson

Michael Jackson's father, Joe, is begging him to look after himself. He says that Jackson looks thin and frail.

Hasn't he always looked frail and thin?

Joe Jackson issued his plea during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, a US TV show.

Joe Jackson claims that he is concerned about his son.


"Even his fans are saying, 'Michael should eat.' They want him to eat. I want him to eat too...I'm trying to tell him to stay strong and eat so he can stay strong to get through this, but when you got a problem like he has... He has lost a lot of weight... and he don't get enough sleep at night."

Joe Jackson also said that his son's defence team should let Michael defend himself in court.

"He wants to defend himself. Michael wants to get up on that stand... I don't blame him. Let him defend himself. Let him tell it."

I would suggest that would be very unwise, hence the fact that the defence have stopped Jackson from appearing in his own defence.

Prosecution Try To Salvage Arvizos

The Prosecution in the Michael Jackson trial spent yesterday trying to salvage the tattered reputation of the Arvizo clan.

They called witnesses to try to rehabilitate the Arvizo's reputation, and to rebut the accusation that the Arvizos received a $152K settlement based on fraudulent claims of assault and battery from J.C. Penney security guards.

The defence claim that the bruises that Janet received were from her abusive ex -husband.

A Kaiser Hospital representative testified that Janet Arvizo walked into the emergency room at 1:11 a.m. on Aug. 28 for treatment. The implication was that there was no time for her husband to go home and beat her up before she showed up at the hospital.

However, jurors weren't given definitive answers about whether her bruises were fraud or fact.

The medical questionnaire filled out by the jailer, indicated that she refused medical treatment and did not exhibit any symptoms that suggested a need for emergency care.

The emergency room records, according to the witness, noted only that she was discharged at 4:15 a.m. in "good condition," that her X-rays were "normal".

It will take more than that to salvage the Arvizo family name.

A Lighter Shade of Pale

Judge Rodney Melville has ruled against showing jurors in the Michael Jackson trial a photo of Michael Jackson's penis.


"I'm going to deny the request to bring in the evidence of the blemished penis,".

The photos come from a search warrant in 1993, when Jackson faced accusations of molestation from Jordie Chandler.

The blemish was not described in open court Thursday, but Chandler gave investigators details in 1993 about his intimate knowledge of the "splotches" on Jackson's butt and a lighter one on his penis. He also drew pictures.

Prosecutor Ron Zonen is quoted as saying:

"The fact that [Chandler] was able to give a description of a unique feature of his anatomy that could not have been known by him except for a very intimate acquaintance with Mr. Jackson is very good circumstantial evidence of the fact that the relationship between he and at least that child was something more than casual and something more than innocent,".

Notwithstanding that, Judge Melville has ruled that Chandler's drawings of Jackson's penis, the photographs were more prejudicial than probative.

Again the question has to be raised, what on earth were the parents of both boys thinking of in allowing their children to be so close to a 30/40 year old man?

Gavin's Video

Judge Rodney Melville has agreed to show the jury in the Michael Jackson trial a videotape of a July 2003 police interview of Gavin Arvizo, to show that his story has been consistent.

The defence lawyers said they that would then want to question Arvizo about the tape during the defence rebuttal. The said they may also want to question Janet, his mother, that will be fun!

The defence also want to question a psychologist who interviewed Arvizo, and the lawyer who sent him to the psychologist.

As the old saying goes, it's not over until the fat lady sings!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Gavin's Ghost

Gavin Arvizo may make a return visit to the Michael Jackson trial, via videotape.

The prosecution team begin their rebuttal, and wish to bring Gavin back via videotape; showing his first interview with police in July 2003.

Prosecutors say the tape would show that his story has been consistent from the beginning.

The defence says that if jurors can see the tape, then they should have the right to question Gavin about it.

They are demanding that Gavin returns to the stand for more cross-examination.

And So To Bed

The defence rested in Michael Jackson's trial yesterday, without putting Jackson himself on the stand.

The defence wrap up concluded that the Arvizos were con artists, out for anything that they could get.

The prosecution have now begun their rebuttal.

In theory the jury could begin deliberations by the middle of next week.

Cunning Gavin

Chris Tucker, the comedian, was the final defence witness in the Michael Jackson trial yesterday.

He said that he found Gavin Arvizo to be "unusually cunning", for a 12 year old. He first met him at a benefit, while Arvizo was fighting cancer, in 2001.

Tucker said that he became suspicious about the Arvizos, when they turned up at the set of a movie he was filming in Las Vegas and wouldn't leave.

Tucker ended up paying for their hotel and expenses, but they were still there several weeks on.

They sound like total bums to me.

Tucker even arranged for a private flight to Miami for them, after they discovered that Jackson was there.

He said that, when in Florida, he took Jackson aside and warned him to be wary of the family.


"I said, 'Michael, something ain't right,'".

District Attorney Tom Sneddon, for the prosecution, suggested that Tucker encouraged the family by asking them to come to his brother's wedding. However, Tucker said that they invited themselves.

When Sneddon showed a photograph of the family at the wedding with Tucker, the comedian quipped, "That's a nice photograph. Can I get it?"

Sneddon replied:

"That depends on whether youĂ‚’re a good boy."

Whatever the verdict of the jury about the truth, or otherwise of the Arvizo's allegations, it is clear that the reputation of the Arvizo clan will forever remain in the gutter.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Jackson To Leave America

Michael Jackson will leave America and move to Europe or Africa, as soon as his trial ends; ie he will leave the country next week.

That is of course assuming he is not found guilty, and sent to jail.

It is reported that Jackson has already sold Neverland for $37M to pay for the costs of the trial.

Bets are now on as to where he will go.

And Now To Rest

It is reported that the defence in Michael Jackson's trial will rest their case today.

Chris Tucker, who started testifying yesterday, will be the last of 50 witnesses called by the defence.

Tucker told the jury that Gavin Arvizo once called him asking for money, to help cover the costs of his treatment for cancer. Note, Arvizo was covered by medical insurance.

Tucker said that he sent $1,500 to the Arvizos.

I wonder if Gavin ever saw that money?.

Jackson will not take the stand.

Whilst I understand why the defence don't want to call him, I don't understand why the prosecution didn't call him.

Lawyers Ask For Prudence

Michael Jackson's defence team have asked to call Prudence Brando, the 9 year old granddaughter of Marlon Brando, to testify at Jackson's trial.

They believe that she would be able to tell the court about the poor character of Gavin Arvizo.

Seemingly she would be able to say that Arvizo and his brother Star were "destructive and always crashing golf carts", and that they tried to enter a llama's cage at Neverland.

Court documents are quoted as saying:

"She said they would then go on the rides like the Sea Dragon, and would throw candies at people from the rides,"

However, the prosecution have objected.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Jay Leno Gives Testimony

Jay Leno has finished his 30 minutes of testimony in the Michael Jackson trial.

He was called by the defence to corroborate the contention that Gavin Arvizo, and his clan, had targeted celebrities; trying to "grift" them out of money.

However, in an embarrassment for the defence, Leno testified that the Arvizos never asked him for any money, and that he never sent them any.

Don't the defence and prosecution ever check what their witnesses are going to say, before they put them up on the witness stand?

Leno did confirm that Gavin Arvizo had called him a number of times, about five years ago, leaving a number of voice messages. These said that Leno was the greatest, and that he was Gavin's hero.

Sometimes too much praise can annoy, and it seems that Leno became annoyed at the calls. He told a friend of his, who also knew the Arvizos. She said that she would take care of it, and as if by magic the calls stopped.

The defence had suggested that Leno had told police about the calls; this turned out to be nonsense.

In other words this appearance, as far as the defence were concerned, was a damp squib.

The Tonight Show Today

The defence team in Michael Jackson's trial will call "The Tonight Show" host Jay Leno today, to testify that he was once asked for money by the Arvizo family.

Leno dedicated much of his "Tonight Show" monologue last night to discussing his forthcoming court appearance.

Leno is expected to testify that he once received a phone call from someone he believed to be Gavin Arvizo.

Janet The Welfare Cheat

The defence team in Michael Jackson's trial effectively put Janet Arvizo on trial yesterday.

They brought in a welfare worker, who said that Janet Arvizo did not disclose on a welfare application that her family received funds from a $152K lawsuit settlement just 10 days earlier.

The implication of this, and earlier tactics by the defence, is clear; they are painting a picture of Janet as being a money grabbing, lying, cheating manipulator.

Janet Arvizo's former sister-in-law also appeared, she said that her attempts to hold blood drives for Gavin were contemptuously dismissed by Janet.


"She told me that she didn't need my (expletive) blood...that she needed money."

An accountant also gave testimony that the Arvizos notched up $7K in shopping and dining expenditure, during their 1 week "captivity".

It is very clear that the "captivity" story is bullshit.

I must question how it is that the prosecution were dumb enough to allow themselves to be duped by Janet Arvizo on this particular part of the case.

Monday, May 23, 2005

It's A Wrap

The defence in the Michael Jackson trial is coming to the end this week.

Comedian Chris Tucker and talk show host Jay Leno are scheduled to take the stand this week, in the final wrap.

Once the defence rests its case, the prosecution will get a chance for rebuttal and the defence can then put on witnesses again for counter-rebuttal.

However, both sides have indicated they intend to limit themselves to a few days.

The rival lawyers will then present their final arguments, before leaving it to the jury to decide.