Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Friday, November 24, 2006

The $4500 Christmas Party

It has now been confirmed that Michael Jackson will come to a Christmas party being staged in Tokyo on December 19th.

However, unlike the World Music Awards debacle in London, he will not be performing.

Those fans who have the desire, and cash, to attend this event will have to fork out a mind numbing $4500 per plate.

This will entitle them participate in a "meet and greet" event. However, those who pay a "mere" $2500 per plate will only get some food and a signed photo.

Value for money?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Jackson Plans Another Comeback

It seems that, despite the drubbing that Michael Jackson received for the World Music Awards debacle last week, he is game to have another go at relaunching himself.

Jackson is planning a comeback in the New Year with the help of David Blaine, the magician.

A Jackson "source" is quoted as saying:

"There is nothing more sacred to Michael than his electricity on stage, press reports claimed he will never sing again like he used to, they are in for a shock.

The attacks have personally hurt him, he has always prided himself on his abilities as a live performer. His response will be dramatic and the answer is going to be onstage, it is something nobody else could create

Seemingly Jackson spoke to Blaine shortly after the World Music Awards debacle.

Cynics might take this latest "comeback" story with a large pinch of salt. After all, the world is still waiting for the charity release aimed at helping the victims of last year's hurricane Katrina.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Lindsay Lohan, who hosted the World Music Awards last week in London where Michael Jackson effectively ended his singing career, came to Jackson's defence.

She said:

"I don't care. He's Michael Jackson for Christ's sake!"

It is unclear as to whether that is of any real help, or indeed significance.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Jackson To Launch Film Career

Michael Jackson has reportedly decided to give up singing, and instead focus on film making.

Following on from the debacle of his performance of "We Are The World" at the World Music Awards last week, his "sources" are telling the media that he now wants to produce pictures.

Last week's shambles has provoked some public mud slinging. On the one hand Jackson's team are blaming the organisers for the shambles, and allege the Jackson's mike was deliberately cut off after four lines of his song.

Whilst those who actually worked on the event, are laying the blame fairly and squarely on Jackson and his entourage. A backstage hand is quoted as saying:

"You should also know that Michael himself asked for the track to be shortened by four minutes and then he walked on stage late - basically when he felt like it. He is not really an entertainer anymore - and his 'people' are a joke.

A huge team came with him and not one of them had a clue. Celebrities are notorious for being tricky backstage, but in all my 15 years in the biz - this was the worst I have ever seen. Neither the venue or the crew were to blame for anything. MJ gets what he deserves