Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Cook, His Wife, The Fries and His Book

In another bizarre vignette, in the tawdry tale of Michael Jackson's trial, Phillip LeMarque Jackson's former cook took the stand.

He claimed that he was delivering an order of french fries to Jackson one night and saw Jackson holding Macaulay Culkin up to a video game console, with one hand on the boy's waist and the other in the boy's shorts.


"I was shocked. I almost dropped the french fries,"

Well you would, wouldn't you?

Culkin has repeatedly said he was never molested.

LeMarque said that he sued Jackson for unpaid overtime and received a settlement. Mr LeMarque said he quit his job because his wife was asked to sign a false affidavit, saying she saw a former maid go through people's purses.

Needless to say this guy also went to a media broker, who said he could make around $500K for the story, I would have thought he could have got more than that.

LeMarque said that he decided against doing that, as it was against his principles, yet part of the story did appear in the tabloids; seemingly the broker was not an honourable man, and leaked it.

Seemingly the defence team were keen to ask LeMarquue about his pornography business, set up after he left Jackson's employ; however, Judge Rodney Melville forbade them from pursuing that line of enquiry.

Richard Herman, lawyer for LeMarquue, did his bit for money making after the testimony. He shamelessly plugged LeMarque's manuscript for a book:

"They (Mr and Mrs LeMarque) have the draft of a book, not an expose or a kiss and tell, but a history of their last 10 or 15 years as chefs. Lives of the rich and famous,"

He added, for good measure:

"Stella and Phillip Lemarque are good stand-up people, they are real French chefs from France,".

Aah! The sweet smell of money!

Going For Broke

Adrian McManus, Michael Jackson's former maid, is clearly no fool when it comes to "turning a fast buck".

It emerged yesterday that she, and her colleagues, employed a media broker to sell stories to the tabloids; including lurid details about Jackson's sex life with his ex wife, Lisa Marie Presley.

McManus had insisted that she was not out to get Jackson's money, even though she and her colleagues had tried to sue Jackson for millions.


"I wanted justice,"

As Mesereau adeptly put it:

"But your idea of justice was millions of bucks?"

Is she just after money?

What do you think?

Friday, April 08, 2005

Jackson Kissed Caulkin

Adrian McManus, another co-plaintiff of Chacon, testified in the Jackson trial yesterday.

She described Macaulay Caulkin as being very wild and destructive then.


"I saw Mr. Jackson and Macaulay in the library..Mr. Jackson was kissing him on the cheek, and he had his hand by his leg, by his rear end,"

Caulkin has always denied ever being molested by Jackson.

McManus said she saw Jackson engage in the same actions with others, including Jordie Chandler.


"I saw Mr. Jackson kissing on Jordie, his cheek, his mouth..[Jackson's] hand was on his crotch. I was shocked. Flushed. I didn't say nothing. I stayed up there very quietly and waited for them to leave,".

Tom Mesereau asked:

"You said [in the deposition] that you trusted Michael Jackson and would leave your own son alone with him, isn't that right?".

McManus agreed, and Mesereau continued:

"You originally said that you never saw Jordie Chandler alone in Michael Jackson's bedroom...Are you telling this jury that throughout this deposition you committed perjury?"

To which McManus responded:

"I believe the whole time, I did not tell the truth,".

Chacon Testifies

Ralph Chacon, Michael Jackson's former security guard, testified yesterday.

He claimed that he saw Jackson performing oral sex on Jordie Chandler.


"I saw them standing in the nude ... facing each other..I saw that Mr. Jackson was caressing the boy's hair, he was kissing him on his head, and his face, his lips,"

Chacon confirmed, when asked, that he actually saw Jackson perform oral sex.

Chacon took Jackson to court in 1995 for wrongful dismissal, he failed and went into bankruptcy.

Chacon said that he never confronted Jackson about what he saw, nor about a second incident that allegedly occurred with Chandler weeks later in Jackson's recreation room.


"I saw [Jackson] enter the back door of the rec room, and he went over to Jordie. He bent over and said something to him, and then he kissed him,".

Chacon claimed that he quit his job at Neverland, after being intimidated and threatened by Jackson's armed personal bodyguards; he also alleged that his personal phone calls from Neverland were being taped.

Chacon admitted that he and his co-plaintiffs sold their story to tabloid press to pay for the suit.

I wonder if he will do the same with this one?

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Witness Accused of Lying

Michael Jackson's former maid, Blanca Francia, took the stand again yesterday and told the jury that Wade Robson from Australia did not speak English.

She also said that she didn't see anything happen between him and Jackson.

Wade Robson, who is now a successful choreographer in the USA, has publicly stated that Michael Jackson did not molest him.

Robson was questioned in 1993 when a previous allegation was thrown at Jackson.

Robson gave an interview to Sydney's Daily Telegraph in 2003 and said:

"His initial interests in me was because of my dancing. He saw the talent and the spark I had inside me and all he has ever wanted to do is just help my career" he said."

Wade admitted sleeping in Jackson's bed, but that nothing happened.

I have to ask, what on earth were the parents of these children thinking of allowing them to sleep in the same bed as that of a thirty year old man?

This surely counts as child neglect, doesn't it?

Needless to say, unless you haven't grasped it already, Australians speak fluent English. As such, it is fair to say that Francia's testimony was a tad "flawed".

Wade's mum, Joy, summed it up more succinctly; she called Blanca Francia "a liar".

A Laugh A Minute

It seems that a little laughter is not always a harmless pursuit.

It is reported that the jurors were overheard laughing during a break in the Michael Jackson trial.

This laughter was assumed by someone to be at a remark that was mocking a witness, as such the incident was reported to Judge Rodney Melville.

The story began when Robert Cole, a foreign editor for the British news station Sky News, said that as he walked past an area where jurors were taking a break he heard one juror mimicking someone crying, and others laughing.


"All I heard was, 'He was like uh-huh-huh (imitating a crying sound)' and then I heard laughter. It sounded like they had just heard this kid crying and they were kind of laughing at what had happened, mimicking him. I didn't hear any names or anything. . . . I don't know if they were talking about him or not."

Needles to say, when you have a corral full of journalist with nothing better to do, the story spread like wild fire and was embellished.

The story morphed into one where reporters supposedly overheard a juror say, "Oh boohoo, Michael Jackson tickled me."

The incident was reported it to the media pool co-ordinator, Peter Shaplen, so that Shaplen could notify Darrel Parker, the court administrator.

Parker than told the media:

"It is an unsubstantiated rumour and there is no investigation,"

In other words the story is utter bollocks.

Jailhouse Rock

It is reported that Christopher Carter, a former bodyguard of Michael Jackson, has been moved to a jail in Santa Barbara.

This is significant, because he may be a witness in the trial.

Carter was due to appear in federal court for arraignment on federal bank robbery and weapon charges, but his appearance has been postponed.

Carter was a bodyguard for Jackson from August 2002 to August 2003. The prosecution have said they expect him to testify that he once found Gavin Arvizo drunk, and that Gavin said Jackson encouraged him to drink alcohol.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Another Book

It seems that there is soon to be yet another book, exposing the tawdry secrets of life behind the gates of Neverland.

The book is entitled "Michael Jackson: The Man Behind The Mask", and will come out at the end of April.

This particular literary offering comes from Bob Jones, Jackson's former publicist who was fired after 30 years of service.

There is nothing more vengeful than a disgruntled ex employee.

The book will, we are told, expose the relationship that Jackson had with young boys.

The book reportedly details Jackson's relationships with several children including; Macaulay and Kieran Culkin, Emmanuel Lewis, Jordan Chandler, Wade Robeson, Brett Barnes and Jimmy Safechuck.

It seems that Jones confronted Jackson a few times about his behaviour with children, and was told to mind his own business.

Jones alleges that he saw Jackson suck on baby bottles with Emmanuel Lewis and Kieran Culkin.

The book also highlights Jackson's feigning of illness, in order to avoid doing things that he does not like; eg he allegedly checked into a hospital complaining of chest pains, in order to avoid performing at a concert.

Judge Melville should take note of that little habit!

Brown is to appear at the trial, and seemingly happily admits that the book is written purely to make money.

Nice to see some honesty from at least one person in this case.

Kit Stops Trip

It is reported that Kit Culkin, estranged father of Macaulay Culkin, refused requests by Michael Jackson to take Macaulay on a private trip to his LA apartment.

Seemingly this happened when the Culkins were staying at Neverland, when Culkin junior was around 8 years old.

Jackson asked for some time alone with Culkin junior, but Kit said that he refused and accompanied them to LA.

Kit is quoted as saying:

"The three of us drove down to Los Angeles together: Michael the host, Macaulay the Invited Guest and Me the Uninvited Guest. The apartment was decorated entirely in Disney prints and paraphernalia..."


"What struck me right off was that no one was there. No butler, no cook, no maid, no anybody. When compared to Neverland, where the employees are simply overflowing, it was very, very odd indeed, and made me think: 'You mean that just the two of you were planning on staying here?'..Mack and Michael played video games. Then Mack fell asleep, and I carried him to one of the bedrooms..."

He concluded:

"I returned to where Michael was and we made some small talk for awhile. But I noticed that as we talked he got more and more uncomfortable, which I think he always got when having to speak with an adult too long. It was very strange."

Jason's Mother Testifies

The mother of Jason Francia, the 24 year old who testified that Michael Jackson had fondled him, gave her testimony yesterday.

Mrs Francia used to work as a maid for Jackson at Neverland, between 1986 and 1991.

During her testimony she said that Macaulay Culkin had slept in Jackson's bedroom, during his boyhood friendship with Jackson.

Mrs Francia then went on to say that she saw another boy in the shower with Jackson, and that she had found the clothes of both boys on the floor next to Jackson's bed.

Culkin has repeatedly denied ever being molested by Jackson, and is not expected to testify.

According to Mrs Francia, Culkin was a regular visitor to Neverland over a period of 6 months when he was about 8. On occasions he would arrive without his parents.

She said that the second boy she saw with Jackson had stayed at Neverland for several weeks around 1989, when he was 8 or 9 years old.

She stated that once she went in to clean Jackson's bedroom, and heard laughing and playing.


"I came in and at first I thought they were playing in the bathtub or Jacuzzi and I didn't see them ... and I walked in and they were in the shower."

She claimed that she saw the two of them in the shower, and their underwear on the floor.


"Mr Jackson's, I knew, was white, and the boy's, I knew, was green like a neon colour, was right by the shower."

At this point she claimed that she became concerned about her own son's (Jason's) relationship with Jackson, after finding Jason sitting on Jackson's lap and later seeing them lying together in a sleeping bag on the floor.

Mrs Francia and Jason had accepted a $2M legal settlement from Jackson in the mid-1990s over the allegations.

Why do people take hush money in cases like this?

Why did Jackson pay money to keep them quiet?

These are the two questions that have to be answered, if the jury is to form a clear opinion about the truth of the allegations.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


In a rather bizarre revelation yesterday, it has emerged that Jackson has a "bolt hole" to run off to if things don't go his way.

It seems that the late Marlon Brando granted Jackson lifelong sanctuary on a tropical island.

Brando transferred the use of half an acre of land, on his private Pacific island, to Jackson "in consideration of gratitude and affection"; one year before he died in 2003, and just shortly after the infamous Bashir documentary.

The deeds state that Brando wrote to Jackson to thank him for hosting a birthday party for his daughter Nina.


"I can't easily describe the pleasure that has come our way with your invitation to Neverland,".

He then signed the letter "Love, Dad".

He also told Jackson that he had granted him sanctuary on the island "for the rest of (his) natural life".

The island is located in the French Polynesian atoll Tetiaroa. However, Jackson's passport has been impounded; so for the moment he won't be going anywhere, without the permission of the court.

Youth Pastor Tells Of Abuse

Jason Francia, the son of Michael Jackson's former housekeeper, gave a tearful and emotional testimony in court; as he described how Jackson had molested him three times, between the ages of seven and 10.

Francia, now 24 and former youth pastor, said:

"This is so much harder than I thought..It's embarrassing then, and its embarrassing now."

Francia said that he had undergone five years of psychological counseling, following the alleged abuse. He testified that Jackson had twice fondled him through his clothes, and that on the third occasion he put his hand into the then 10-year-old boy's shorts.

The final molestation took place when they were both playing video games in the amusement arcade at Neverland.


"He reached on my leg, then he reached up to my privates,".

Francia won an out of court settlement from Jackson in 1994, rumoured to be around $2M.

He said the he did not remember how the alleged abuse ended, and that he avoided thinking or talking about it.

Rather incongruously he said that he didn't believe that his mother, who is due to testify, knows about it yet.

Jesus Testifies

Jesus Salas, the former house manager of Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch, testified yesterday that he once saw three young boys coming out of Jackson's wine cellar drunk.

Salas said that it happened one morning in 2003.

The prosecution asked if they appeared to be drunk, Salas said:

"Yes, I did...When I saw the boys coming out of the arcade they weren't acting right and I approached them and asked if they were OK. And that's when I noticed the kids were drunk. They had been drinking. ... They weren't normal. Something was wrong with the kids."

Salas also said that Jackson had been in the wine cellar with the boys. He then said that on two occasions he was asked to serve Jackson wine in his bedroom.

On one occasion he said that Gavin Arvizo was present with two other boys, who were visiting. However, he said that the wine was not for the boys.

Salas also said that he had seen nude magazines in Jackson's bathroom.

Salas then went on to say that Janet Jackson (nee Arvizo) had twice pleaded with him to take them home.

Seemingly when the Arvizo family arrived back from a trip to Miami, Janet Arvizo called him and begged to be driven back to Los Angeles.

Salas took one of Jackson's Rolls-Royces to drive the family home in the middle of the night. They then returned to the ranch at a later date, and again Mrs Arvizo asked him to help them leave.

This time Salas refused, because he had been reprimanded by Jackson aides who told him not to let them leave again without permission.


"My belief is that they were not allowed to leave Neverland Valley ranch, because I had a talk to the mother and she was the one who told me,".

If they were "imprisoned" why did they not call the police?

Monday, April 04, 2005

Jackson Invokes God

Michael Jackson has reportedly said that "God and the truth are on our side."

He then went on to say:

"You understand I can't be there today," said Jackson. "I wish I could... I know you've traveled from around the world and I'm glad you came."

"I truly believe I have the most wonderful fans in the world," he said. "I'm looking forward to being with you very soon. Keep on dancing. I love you all very much."

Jackson made a speakerphone call on Sunday to approximately 200 fans, who had gathered at a hotel ballroom in Santa Maria.

The event cost $20 per head, and featured; singers, Jackson impersonators and someone known as "Majestic Magnificent."

In the spirit of peace and love, some Jackson fans beat a pinata with the face of prosecutor Tom Sneddon on Saturday.

The Jackson fan club president, Deborah Dannelly, said:

"It was meant in fun. We don't mean any harm to Mr. Sneddon".

Back To The Future

The testimony in Michael Jackson's trial will shift from the present to the past, as allegations will be produced that he molested or inappropriately touched five other boys in the 1990's.

The prosecution contend that evidence of past misdemeanors will help prove whether Gavin Arvizo is telling the truth.

Only one alleged victim, the son of a former maid, is expected to testify. The testimony about four others will come from third-party witnesses who, according to the prosecution, saw "molestations and touching ... kissing (and) hugging".

Macaulay Culkin and two Australians are expected to testify for the defence, that Jackson never touched them.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Insurance Worries

It seems that in addition to the strains of the trial, Michael Jackson may have some insurance worries.

It is speculated that he may get "short shrift" from his insurers, if he tries to claim the costs of his trial from them.

There is seemingly a difference between civil and criminal trials, in terms of possible insurance indemnity; specifically, it is much harder to claim cover for criminal trials.

It is estimated that the legal costs of the trial, to Jackson, will hit around $10M.