Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Cook, His Wife, The Fries and His Book

In another bizarre vignette, in the tawdry tale of Michael Jackson's trial, Phillip LeMarque Jackson's former cook took the stand.

He claimed that he was delivering an order of french fries to Jackson one night and saw Jackson holding Macaulay Culkin up to a video game console, with one hand on the boy's waist and the other in the boy's shorts.


"I was shocked. I almost dropped the french fries,"

Well you would, wouldn't you?

Culkin has repeatedly said he was never molested.

LeMarque said that he sued Jackson for unpaid overtime and received a settlement. Mr LeMarque said he quit his job because his wife was asked to sign a false affidavit, saying she saw a former maid go through people's purses.

Needless to say this guy also went to a media broker, who said he could make around $500K for the story, I would have thought he could have got more than that.

LeMarque said that he decided against doing that, as it was against his principles, yet part of the story did appear in the tabloids; seemingly the broker was not an honourable man, and leaked it.

Seemingly the defence team were keen to ask LeMarquue about his pornography business, set up after he left Jackson's employ; however, Judge Rodney Melville forbade them from pursuing that line of enquiry.

Richard Herman, lawyer for LeMarquue, did his bit for money making after the testimony. He shamelessly plugged LeMarque's manuscript for a book:

"They (Mr and Mrs LeMarque) have the draft of a book, not an expose or a kiss and tell, but a history of their last 10 or 15 years as chefs. Lives of the rich and famous,"

He added, for good measure:

"Stella and Phillip Lemarque are good stand-up people, they are real French chefs from France,".

Aah! The sweet smell of money!

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