Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Thursday, April 07, 2005

A Laugh A Minute

It seems that a little laughter is not always a harmless pursuit.

It is reported that the jurors were overheard laughing during a break in the Michael Jackson trial.

This laughter was assumed by someone to be at a remark that was mocking a witness, as such the incident was reported to Judge Rodney Melville.

The story began when Robert Cole, a foreign editor for the British news station Sky News, said that as he walked past an area where jurors were taking a break he heard one juror mimicking someone crying, and others laughing.


"All I heard was, 'He was like uh-huh-huh (imitating a crying sound)' and then I heard laughter. It sounded like they had just heard this kid crying and they were kind of laughing at what had happened, mimicking him. I didn't hear any names or anything. . . . I don't know if they were talking about him or not."

Needles to say, when you have a corral full of journalist with nothing better to do, the story spread like wild fire and was embellished.

The story morphed into one where reporters supposedly overheard a juror say, "Oh boohoo, Michael Jackson tickled me."

The incident was reported it to the media pool co-ordinator, Peter Shaplen, so that Shaplen could notify Darrel Parker, the court administrator.

Parker than told the media:

"It is an unsubstantiated rumour and there is no investigation,"

In other words the story is utter bollocks.

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