Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Jesus Testifies

Jesus Salas, the former house manager of Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch, testified yesterday that he once saw three young boys coming out of Jackson's wine cellar drunk.

Salas said that it happened one morning in 2003.

The prosecution asked if they appeared to be drunk, Salas said:

"Yes, I did...When I saw the boys coming out of the arcade they weren't acting right and I approached them and asked if they were OK. And that's when I noticed the kids were drunk. They had been drinking. ... They weren't normal. Something was wrong with the kids."

Salas also said that Jackson had been in the wine cellar with the boys. He then said that on two occasions he was asked to serve Jackson wine in his bedroom.

On one occasion he said that Gavin Arvizo was present with two other boys, who were visiting. However, he said that the wine was not for the boys.

Salas also said that he had seen nude magazines in Jackson's bathroom.

Salas then went on to say that Janet Jackson (nee Arvizo) had twice pleaded with him to take them home.

Seemingly when the Arvizo family arrived back from a trip to Miami, Janet Arvizo called him and begged to be driven back to Los Angeles.

Salas took one of Jackson's Rolls-Royces to drive the family home in the middle of the night. They then returned to the ranch at a later date, and again Mrs Arvizo asked him to help them leave.

This time Salas refused, because he had been reprimanded by Jackson aides who told him not to let them leave again without permission.


"My belief is that they were not allowed to leave Neverland Valley ranch, because I had a talk to the mother and she was the one who told me,".

If they were "imprisoned" why did they not call the police?

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