Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Jackson Reality Show

In a sign that he is beginning to realise that he is running out of money, Michael Jackson is trying to sell Neverland on a US reality TV show.

Jackson is hoping to feature Neverland on US cable network Bravo, and sell it for $50M on the show Million Dollar Listing: Hollywood.

A source is quoted in the media as saying:

"Michael needs cash and fast. By making the show the exclusive agent for the Neverland sale, he can get some up-front money real quick. The show will have exclusive access to Neverland and can do numerous segments about selling one of the most famous residences in the world. Michael is in a bad way.

He is running out of funds and appears distraught. He showed up at a meeting last week with his pants inside out! He's a mess

Monday, December 18, 2006

Jackson Cancels Christmas

Michael Jackson has pulled out of the Tokyo Christmas party that was due to be held tomorrow.

Jackson had been due to appear at the Premium Christmas Party for 1,600 fans, who paid up to $3K per ticket for the chance to meet and greet him.

However, it seems that the event has now been renamed the Premium V.I.P. Party, and now will be held on March 8 2007.

Seemingly even more tickets, 300 at high prices, will be offered.

Quite whether Jackson attends this event remains in the "laps of the gods".

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jackson Finds New Ways To Waste Money

Michael Jackson, despite his considerable financial difficulties, has found a new way to waste what little money he has left.

It is reported that he "spent a fortune" calling a premium rate phone line, to try to help his friend David Gest win the British reality TV show "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here".

Needless to say, Jackson failed. There are, rather sadly, many thousands of brain dead idiots who are happy to waste their time and money watching and voting for the Z list "celebrities" that inhabit this swamp of a show. Hence the actions of one individual cannot really influence the outcome.

Gest was evicted from the jungle last week in fourth place.

Jackson's brother, Tito, is quoted as saying:

"It was such a shame David went out, but we think he did a great job. Michael voted for David to stay in. He spent a fortune."

What a waste of time and money!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Molestation Claims Rejected

In a rare piece of good news for Michael Jackson claims made against Jackson, by Daniel Kapon, for child molestation and fraud have been dismissed by a Los Angeles judge.

Kapon has accused Jackson of "repeatedly and forcefully sexually molested him" from when he was two until he was 14.

L.A. Superior Court Judge Rolf Treu dismissed the molestation claim, along with charges of plagiarism, conversion, breach of contract, accounting fraud, negligence, civil conspiracy and unfair business practices.

However, allegations of assault, battery, willful misconduct, false imprisonment and sexual battery are still open.

Kapon filed a suit in January 2006 in Orange County. The suit alleged that Jackson forced him to take drugs, drink alcohol and subjected him to unnecessary cosmetic surgery, and burned, tortured and beat him.

Kapon claims that he was occasionally held captive in a car as well as at Neverland.

Kapon also claims that Jackson stole Kapon's song lyrics, ideas and melodies during the years when Bad, Dangerous, HIStory, and Blood on the Dance Floor were released. It should be noted that Kapon was aged between four and 14 at that stage.

The remaining case is scheduled to go to trial June 4 2007.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Casino Plan For Neverland

The Sun reports that a Native American tribe wishes to purchase Neverland for £20M, in order to turn it into a casino.

Given Jackson's perilous financial situation, he would be wise to take them up on their offer.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Paternity Claim Rejected

Superior Court Judge Robert A. Schnider has rejected Nona Paris Lola Jackson's claim that, due to a rumored sexual relationship with Jackson, she should be named the legal mother of Michael Jackson's three children.

Nona Jackson has described herself as a "black Jew born in Britain". However, despite her claims, she presented no evidence that she had ever contacted Michael Jackson regarding her filing.

Nona Jackson claimed that she had indeed contacted Michael and ex-wife Debbie Rowe prior to the legal case. On this basis she claimed that she should be involved in the lives of Prince Michael Jr., Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince Michael II.

Nona Jackson, who rather incongruously signed her own lawsuit "dudu", was given a second chance by Schnider after he ruled that she could file a similar suit as soon as she had appropriately served all interested parties.

Expect more on this in due course.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Jackson To Do Charity Work

Allegedly Michael Jackson will travel to Rwanda next year, to perform charity work there.

Jackson is reportedly eager to improve health care and education.

Kije Mugisha, the Deputy Director General of the Rwandan bureau of information, said:

"Michael Jackson will be here in June 2007, he confirmed this.

Michael Jackson is eager to know how many hospitals are in place in Rwanda and how he can help in improving people's health here.

He promised to do what he can afford to do. It could be in terms of equipment or any other assistance. We shall get to know much of that when he is here in June next year

Cynics might argue that it may be unwise for the people of Rwanda to pin too much hope on Jackson doing anything for them; as the peopled devastated by hurricane Katrina can testify, they are still waiting for Jackson's much hyped charity single.

Friday, November 24, 2006

The $4500 Christmas Party

It has now been confirmed that Michael Jackson will come to a Christmas party being staged in Tokyo on December 19th.

However, unlike the World Music Awards debacle in London, he will not be performing.

Those fans who have the desire, and cash, to attend this event will have to fork out a mind numbing $4500 per plate.

This will entitle them participate in a "meet and greet" event. However, those who pay a "mere" $2500 per plate will only get some food and a signed photo.

Value for money?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Jackson Plans Another Comeback

It seems that, despite the drubbing that Michael Jackson received for the World Music Awards debacle last week, he is game to have another go at relaunching himself.

Jackson is planning a comeback in the New Year with the help of David Blaine, the magician.

A Jackson "source" is quoted as saying:

"There is nothing more sacred to Michael than his electricity on stage, press reports claimed he will never sing again like he used to, they are in for a shock.

The attacks have personally hurt him, he has always prided himself on his abilities as a live performer. His response will be dramatic and the answer is going to be onstage, it is something nobody else could create

Seemingly Jackson spoke to Blaine shortly after the World Music Awards debacle.

Cynics might take this latest "comeback" story with a large pinch of salt. After all, the world is still waiting for the charity release aimed at helping the victims of last year's hurricane Katrina.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Lindsay Lohan, who hosted the World Music Awards last week in London where Michael Jackson effectively ended his singing career, came to Jackson's defence.

She said:

"I don't care. He's Michael Jackson for Christ's sake!"

It is unclear as to whether that is of any real help, or indeed significance.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Jackson To Launch Film Career

Michael Jackson has reportedly decided to give up singing, and instead focus on film making.

Following on from the debacle of his performance of "We Are The World" at the World Music Awards last week, his "sources" are telling the media that he now wants to produce pictures.

Last week's shambles has provoked some public mud slinging. On the one hand Jackson's team are blaming the organisers for the shambles, and allege the Jackson's mike was deliberately cut off after four lines of his song.

Whilst those who actually worked on the event, are laying the blame fairly and squarely on Jackson and his entourage. A backstage hand is quoted as saying:

"You should also know that Michael himself asked for the track to be shortened by four minutes and then he walked on stage late - basically when he felt like it. He is not really an entertainer anymore - and his 'people' are a joke.

A huge team came with him and not one of them had a clue. Celebrities are notorious for being tricky backstage, but in all my 15 years in the biz - this was the worst I have ever seen. Neither the venue or the crew were to blame for anything. MJ gets what he deserves

Friday, November 17, 2006

Career Ended

Following on from the debacle of Wednesday night's appalling performance by Michael Jackson at the World Music awards, some fans are demanding their money back from the producers.

Max Clifford, pr guru, has reportedly said that this marks the end of Jackson's career.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Jackson Booed Off Stage

As widely predicted, Michael Jackson's appearance at the World Music Awards in London last night was an embarrassing failure.

He started off badly by not greeting the fans, who had been expecting him to sing "Thriller".

Needless to say Jackson did not sing Thriller. Instead, in what clearly was a pr blunder of the highest magnitude, he was placed on stage with a choir of children.

I wonder what the pr people behind this stunt were thinking?

Jackson, having told the crowd how much he loved them (an overused showbusiness term lacking any sincerity whatsoever), then launched into a rendition of "We Are The World".

His voice then cracked four lines into the song.

At this stage the crowd began to boo, and started stamping their feet before Jackson left the stage.

One onlooker was quoted in a tabloid as saying:

"When he stopped singing no one could understand why. But when he started rambling a lot of people lost their patience.

That's when the booing started and got louder and louder until he left the stage

Jackson claims that the story that he would perform "Thriller" was a "misunderstanding". That being the case, why did his pr machine not correct that misunderstanding before the event?

The auguries, warning that this event would be a flop were there for all to see.

Jackson had been making backstage demands totalling £250,000. Within these demands he included personal hair and make-up artists, a private jet and 20 first-class plane tickets for his entourage.

Not content with pissing off the awards organisers, he decided to also annoy the Hempel Hotel, in London's Bayswater area, where he was staying at £6,300 per night.

The hotel had to erect an 18ft wall on its first floor to provide more privacy for him and his three children, Prince Michael, Paris, and Prince Michael II.

Seemingly many other hotels had already turned down his request for accommodation.

It seems that he is now trying to live off past glories, the question is when will the money and patience of the fans run out?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Countdown Begins

The countdown has now begun for Michael Jackson's performance at the World Music Awards in Earls Court London tonight.

Cynics have said that he will pull out at the last minute, citing an ailment such as back pain or dehydration.

We shall see.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Mother of Jackson's Accuser Guilty

The mother of the boy who was central to last year's molestation trial of Michael Jackson, has pleaded no contest to welfare fraud and has agreed to repay more than $8,600.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Barbara Johnson ordered the woman to perform 150 hours of community service.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Christmas Dinner With Michael Jackson

Those of you who are fed up with the endless round of turkey dinners over the festive season, may find the prospect of having Michael Jackson for dinner an interesting alternative.

That at least is what the promoters of the "Premium Christmas" are hoping. The organisers are expecting Michael Jackson to appear at a Christmas party in Tokyo.

If Jackson agrees it would be officially announced this week, and will be held in Tokyo on December 19th, at a cost of a "mere" $3400 per plate.

Jackson will not have to sing for his supper, merely be there whilst recorded music is played.

Those with the platinum tickets would be allowed to "sit nearer to Jackson", and have a group picture taken with him.

Surely there are better ways of wasting $3400?

Friday, November 10, 2006

The Freak Show

Speculation is mounting that the appearance of Michael Jackson at the World Music Awards in London on 15 November, will in fact never happen.

Jackson has said that he wants to do a live recreation of the graveyard scene from "Thriller" to finish the show. Some are now unkindly referring to the awards as "The Freak Show".

One tabloid has said of Jackson:

"He looks dreadful and hasn't performed for years, I fear it's going to be a humiliating freak show which he will regret."

The smart money is on Jackson pulling out before the show, citing "dehydration".

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Jackson To Perform Thriller

Michael Jackson will perform "Thriller" from his 1982 album, when he appears at the World Music Awards in London on November 15th.

He will receive a Diamond Award, given to artists who sell more than 100 million albums.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Jackson To Appear at World Music Awards

Michael Jackson will attend the World Music Awards, in Earls Court London on the 15th of November, this will be his first public appearance in the UK for nine years.

Jackson is scheduled to receive the Diamond Award, which honours artists who have sold over 100 million albums.

The award is based on record sales, not votes or judges' panels.

Melissa Corken, founder and executive producer of the awards, said:

"We are thrilled to be bringing the World Music Awards to London, the music capital of the world. The UK is the home of many of the world's greatest selling artists of all time. The presence of Michael Jackson is very exciting for us."

Actress Lindsay Lohan will be hosting the awards, and Beyonce, Mary J. Blige and Andrea Bocelli will be performing on the night.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Another Trial?

It seems that Michael Jackson may be facing yet another criminal trial.

Author/Pop singer Parys Sylver has began legal proceedings against Jackson, stating that Michael Jackson molested him during a trip to Neverland in 1996 when Sylver was around 9 years old.

Allegedly the attack happened during a rest stop for Jackson's 1996-7 HIStory tour.

Sylver was cast to play Jackson in a biopic entitled, "Cry: The Michael Jackson Story". However, production was cancelled because Jackson became involved with his upcoming album.

The legal documents states:

"Jackson fondled defendant, claiming it was all natural."

And so it begins.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Water Finds Its Own Level

It should come as no surprise to anyone that a person with as an "eccentric", for want of a better word, and public a lifestyle as Michael Jackson would attract a certain number of "oddballs".

Therefore the reports that a London woman has filed court papers in Los Angeles claiming that she is the mother of Michael Jackson's three children, are all par for the course.

Nona Paris Lola Jackson filed her papers last Friday, signing her name "dudu". The papers request that she be allowed to have a say in the child custody settlement that has been reached between Jackson and his ex-wife Debbie Rowe.

Nona Paris Lola Jackson claims to be a "black Jew born in Britain", and claims that both Debbie Rowe and Lisa Marie Presley, Jackson's other ex, never had sex with him.

Nona claims that she is the mother of Prince, Paris and Blanket.

The court papers quote her as saying:

"Michael and I are a sexually active couple and have been this way from the beginning."

She goes on to claim that she has written more than 3,000 songs for Jackson.

The hearing is scheduled for 29th November. That will be interesting!

Friday, October 20, 2006

New Album?

It is reported that Michael Jackson, in between court cases, has found some time in his trial schedule to try to work on a new album.

Allegedly he is working with Will. I. Am of the Black Eyed Peas, in Ireland.

In the event that this work produces something of substance, a new album might be released in 2007.

We shall see.

By the way, whatever happened to the album for the victims of Katrina that was hyped so much by Jackson last year?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Jackson Sues...Again!

Seemingly, instead of writing music, Michael Jackson's new occupation is that of "professional litigant".

Jackson has now decided to sue his former lawyers for conspiring to force him into bankruptcy.

Jackson has accused Los Angeles law firm Ayscough and Marar of conspiring with other lawyers, who represented him in the past, to force him into involuntary bankruptcy.

Jackson also cited claims that his former lawyer, Brent Ayscough, threatened to leak confidential information about him to the press, broke rules of professional conduct and committed acts of negligence and malpractice.

Earlier this year, Ayscough sued Jackson for $216K he claimed that he was owed in unpaid fees.

Jackson is also busy with a $48M lawsuit brought by Darien Dash, the cousin of Damon Dash. Dash claims he has Jackson's signature on a document promising to pay him a 9% fee for arranging financing for a $275M loan in 2004, which is held by Fortress Investments.

Clearly Jackson will have some trouble finding the time to write any more music in the coming months.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Bush Interview

Billy Bush conducted an "interview" with Michael Jackson, when he was in Dublin.

Those of you expecting insight and probing questions into Jackson's life, will be very disappointed. Bush has allowed Jackson to dictate the terms of the "interview" (Jackson in fact stated that he didn't want an interview), and has used it for some low level PR for his theoretical "comeback".

The "interview" can be accessed via this link Bush.

Monday, October 16, 2006

The Price of Motherhood

Debbie Row, Michael Jackson's ex wife, has given up all visitation rights to their two children.

Rowe had originally filed for visitation rights and custody of Prince Michael and Paris. However, in exchange for an annual payment of £395K, she has relinquished her parental rights.

Can Jackson afford that?

Evidently Rowe cannot be feeling that maternal towards her children.

Friday, October 13, 2006


In response to stories that Michael Jackson was in St. Tropez wearing women's clothes, his representative has stated:

"Mr. Jackson has not visited St. Tropez in recent years, nor has he donned a woman's hat and pumps for disguise."

Here is the original story as it appeared in The Sun.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Jackson Crossdresses Again

Evidently Michael Jackson has developed a liking for wearing women's clothes. A few months ago he was spotted in a Bahrain shopping centre, dressed as a woman. Now he has been spotted again, this time in St Tropez, dressed as a woman.

Jackson was wearing a large floppy sunhat, three inch pointed heels, skinny fit women's jeans and a fluorescent orange handbag.

Jackson is on holiday on the French Riviera, with his three children.

He is the guest of Prince Alwaleed, a nephew of Saudi Arabia's King Fahd, on his private yacht Kingdom 5KR.

Jackson wandered around in this outfit, with his daughter Paris, through the backstreets then stopped off roadside for a rest. Paris was dressed in a similar fashion, but then again she is a girl.

As the old British saying goes:

"Now't so queer as folk".

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rehashing The Past

A Michael Jackson CD/DVD box set will be released by Epic Records November 14.

Visionary - The Video Singles will feature 20 Jackson hits, plus accompanying videos to the songs. The tracks include "Thriller", "Bad", "Rock With You", "Billie Jean" and "Heal the World".

Rehashing the past is all well and good. However, the question is, will Jackson ever write and release a new song?

Friday, October 06, 2006

Parental Eviction

Michael Jackson has quashed reports that his parents, Joe and Katherine Jackson, might be evicted from their Los Angeles home.

It has been reported that Jackson's parents are facing foreclosure on their home in Encino, California, and that they have asked their son Randy to beg Michael for financial help.

Given his own financial problems, I would have thought that this was a long shot.

Needless to say, this being the Jackson clan, nothing is ever simple. Reports indicate that Randy wants the $3M he lent Michael, during his child molestation trial, back.

The National Enquirer quotes an "insider" as saying:

"Randy claims that he was the only one who kept Michael afloat, by handling his finances as Michael was desperately fighting to keep himself out of jail on child abuse charges."

Michael's publicist Raymone Bain has ridden to the rescue stating that the eviction stories are "absolutely untrue", and that he isn't "aware" of any claim by Randy against Michael.

The trouble is, Michael being unaware of a claim and there being a claim may well be two different issues in Michael's world.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Home Detention

Jeffrey Borer, the former owner of a private jet company, was sentenced yesterday to six months home detention and three years of probation for secretly videotaping Michael Jackson as he flew to Santa Barbara with his attorney to surrender in the 2003 child molestation investigation.

Borer also was also ordered to pay a $10,000 fine and serve 150 hours of community service.

Borer and co-defendant, Arvel Jett Reeves, admitted that they installed two digital video recorders to record Jackson and his lawyer on the trip to Santa Barbara in November 2003.

Reeves was sentenced in July to eight months in prison, and ordered to spend six additional months in a halfway house and pay a $1,000 fine.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Rowe and Jackson Settle

Michael Jackson has settled his legal battle with ex wife Debbie Rowe, over visitation rights for their two children.

Rowe filed legal papers to reinstate her rights in 2003, after Jackson was arrested on child molestation charges.

Rowe's lawyer Marta Almli said:

"We're still dealing with the details but it addresses all of the disputes between the parties. I can't say anything about the terms of the settlement but I don't think it would have happened if both parties didn't agree it was appealing to both of them."

Jackson's attorney said:

"My client is very satisfied with the results. Hopefully (Jackson and Rowe) can both get on with their lives now and be through with this litigation."

It is rumoured that one of the main inducements to Jackson to wrap this up, was the threat of having to undergo a psychiatric examination. Rowe's lawyers had already lined up Dr. Mary Lund.

Hands up all those who think that there will be no further litigation between Rowe and Jackson?

Can't see any.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Janet Not Speaking To Michael

Janet Jackson told Oprah Winfrey that she hasn't spoken with her brother, Michael, since he was acquitted of child molestation charges last year.

She said that the trial "took its toll on the entire family."

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Jackson's Tapes Held

It seems that Michael Jackson's decision to split away from Bahrain's Two Seas Records, which he confounded, has not gone down very well with his ex founding partner Prince Abdullah of Bahrain.

Prince Abdullah has blocked the release of Jackson's much vaunted charity single, and is refusing to hand over the master tapes.

Seemingly the Prince has bankrolled Jackson to the tune of $3M, and is pissed off that Jackson has walked away (apparently due to the Prince's desire for more female voices on the record).

The question is, who will bankroll Jackson now?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Jackson Splits

Michael Jackson has split with the Bahrain based record label, Two Seas Records, only five months after signing on.

Jackson's spokeswoman, Raymone Bain, confirmed that Jackson is no longer affiliated with the label; even though he cofounded it only last April, and even though it was to be used as the vehicle for his comeback album.

Jackson formed Two Seas Records with Bahrain royal family member Abdulla Hamad Al-Khalifa. It had been planned that British music executive Guy Holmes would serve as CEO and oversee production on Jackson's new disc, which had been aiming for a 2007 release.

However, it is reported that the deal between Holmes and Jackson had never been formalised. Quite what Abdulla Hamad Al-Khalifa, who has tried to help Jackson, thinks of the split is not reported.

Needless to say, this volte face brings into question the likelihood of Jackson ever releasing his much vaunted Hurricane Katrina benefit single "From the Bottom of My Heart".

It seems that in order to keep himself in the public eye, and to appear to be busy, Jackson has formed the Michael Jackson Company to oversee his finances and to possibly become a record label.

Reality will eventually hit home, when the money runs out.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Jackson's Exile

The recently unsealed papers from Michael Jackson's ongoing custody battle with his former wife, Debbie Rowe, over their two children have revealed a warning from Jackson's lawyer, Thomas Hall:

"Even though he is absolutely innocent of any such charges, Michael may be subject to arrest, prosecution or an investigatory detention if he was to return to the United States."

Jackson currently resides in Bahrain, where he cannot be extradited from to the USA.

Basically, if Jackson returns to the USA, he is a marked man.

Monday, September 25, 2006


There are a string of conflicting stories swirling around the media at the moment, concerning Michael Jackson.

No surprise there then.

These ones concern Jackson's reported desire to open a 500 million Euro theme park in Ireland, populated by leprechauns.

A spokesman for Jackson has retorted that the stories are "erroneous and ridiculous".

At least the stories have given Jackson, who seems to have given up creating music, some publicity.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ant Swore at Jackson

There's a headline I didn't expect to be writing!

Well, attention grabbing headlines apart, it seems that Adam Ant (ex pop star from the 80's) allegedly swore at Michael Jackson twice over the phone because he thought that it was one of his friends pretending to be Jackson.

However, when Jackson's record producer Quincy Jones called Adam Ant (real name Stuart Goddard) that he realised that in fact Jackson had called him.

Ant said:

"We spoke on the phone a bit. The first time he called me I thought it was one of my bandmates taking the piss.

I told him to fuck off twice.

It was only when Quincy Jones rang me up later that I realised it really was Michael!

He eventually invited me to his place near LA for the day. He was just a very charming and gracious host, but very shy.

He showed me around his animals - there was no monkey at the time - and we watched the movie White Heat in his private cinema. That was before it went all crazy for him

Ant has subsequently had mental issues of his own.

Quite why this story is now only surfacing, some 23 years or so after the alleged event, I have no idea.

I can only assume that someone needs some publicity for a book, or career relaunch.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Michael Jackson To Marry?

The current rumour to burst onto the internet is that Michael Jackson is about to get married again.

It is alleged that he will marry the nanny of his children, Grace Rwaramba, in Switzerland this weekend.

Grace is Rwandan, and allegedly has taken over control of Jackson's life since he moved to Bahrain. It is even alleged that members of Jackson's family must get approval from Grace to speak to him.

Let us see how true this story really is.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Jackson Ordered to Pay Ex Wife $60K

Michael Jackson's financial woes just keep getting worse. He has now been ordered to pay his ex-wife Debbie Rowe $60K in legal fees.

Jackson has until September 28 to pay the costs to Rowe, who is fighting for custody of their two children, Prince Michael and Paris.

Los Angeles Superior Judge Robert Schnider rejected Rowe's original request for $195K, on the grounds that she had been granted an $8M divorce settlement.

In 2001 Rowe waived all access rights to Prince Michael, and Paris. However, in 2004, she changed her mind and began fighting for visitation and custody rights.

Lawyers for Jackson and Rowe will meet this week to settle the case.

It's not all bad for Jackson; after all, if he were Paul McCartney he would now be facing a claim of over £100M.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Jordie Chandler Accuses Father

Jordie Chandler, who as a boy accused Michael Jackson of molesting him and was paid $20M to stay out of court by Jackson, has won a ruling that could open a trial on a claim that he was attacked by his father.

Jordie Chandler is seeking a restraining order against his father, who allegedly "struck him on the head from behind with a twelve and one-half pound weight and sprayed his eyes with mace or pepper spray and tried to choke him."

A state Family Court judge in August 2005 had granted Chandler a temporary restraining order, but later refused to issue a permanent order.

The two-judge appellate panel said that was a mistake:

"Given the nature of the attack, it would appear that..immediate danger" could be inferred.

The panel sent the case back for trial, and the temporary restraining order remains in effect.

The ruling was made on June 8th 2006. However, it is only now being reported.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Irish Retreat

Despite his massive financial problems, Michael Jackson has still managed to scrape together £250K to spend on a retreat in Ireland; a castle to be exact.

Jackson has been staying at Luggala Castle, in County Wicklow, for the past three months at £20K a week.

The castle has 7 bedrooms and a gaggle of private chefs, butlers and cleaners.

It was speculated earlier this year that Jackson wanted to move to Ireland permanently.

A Californian psychic, Randa Starr, has gained some free publicity by speculating that Jackson is fascinated by fairies and leprechauns.

Maybe the leprechauns will lead him to a pot of gold that will resolve his financial crisis.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Fat Butt

Janet Jackson has revealed that her bad body image stems from comments made by her brother, Michael, when she was younger.

Janet claims that Michael had often called her names, eg "fat butt".

"I was always made to feel I was a fat kid by Michael.

He'd call me brutal names. It really affected me, even as an adult

Janet Jackson went on to say that she realises that his behaviour stemmed from his own issues with his body.

A cynic might argue that this recent personal "revelation" may have something to do with generating publicity for her forthcoming album, due to be released in September.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Documents Unsealed

It is announced that 17 previously sealed documents, from Michael Jackson's child molestation trial last year, have been made public.

The documents are available at the Santa Barbara Superior Courts website:


The documents relate to the motions filed by attorneys in the case in December 2004 and January 2005.

Darrel Parker, assistant trial courts executive officer, indicated that documents are being released as they are sorted through.

Michael Jackson Turns 48

Michael Jackson celebrated his 48th birthday yesterday in Europe.

During the day, his children held a surprise birthday party for him which included a puppet show.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Neverland Fire Under Investigation

The fire that destroyed over 40 acres of Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch on Friday, has been brought under control. However, the authorities are querying the cause of the blaze and have launched an investigation into the fire.

Jackson was not in residence when the fire started.

The fire did not reach the main residence Friday, it came within a quarter-mile of the amusement structures.

None of the animals housed in Neverland were harmed.

The Santa Barbara County Fire Department has not said whether Jackson will be billed for the cost of fighting the fire.

A bill that Jackson could well do without.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Neverland Fire Threat

A wildfire burned about 40 acres of Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch yesterday.

The fire came within a quarter-mile of the main residence.

Santa Barbara County Fire spokesman, Jeff Ross, said that no structures caught fire at the 2,800-acre estate.

About 100 firefighters were battling the blaze along with water-dropping helicopters.

The ranch's amusement park rides were within the burned area.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Animals Up For Sale

Those of you who want to give an animal a kind home, may wish to take a look at what Michael Jackson is currently trying to offload to pay his debts.

Jackson has put his animals from Neverland up for sale. He has sold an elephant to a circus near Los Angeles. He also has four giraffes up for sale, at $35K a pair.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Murals Up For Sale

It seems that Michael Jackson's finances are in such a hole, that he can't seem to afford to pay for some artwork that he ordered.

Jackson allegedly owes money to an art-gallery owner in Santa Ynez Valley, California. Needless to say, the hapless creditor wants his money.

Seemingly, Jackson asked the gallery owner to frame two large mural portraits of himself:

1 A picture of him playing with Peter Pan

2 A picture of him dancing in a rainbow


Additionally, Jackson ordered a collection of Norman Rockwell prints of children playing (how wise was this?); these he wanted framed.

No money forthcoming, it is reported that the owner of the gallery may put these up for sale on eBay.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Curse of Jackson

It is reported that On August 5 2005, Jordy Chandler said that his father hit him on the head from behind with a 12 pound weight. He also said his father had sprayed mace in his face.

Roger Friedman is claiming that Jordie's uncle, Raymond Chandler, says that anyone who has contact with Michael Jackson is cursed.

Maybe if people were not so keen to try to make a fast buck out of their association with Jackson, the "curse" could be lifted?

Monday, August 21, 2006

Beware Imposters

Dave Dave, who was set on fire as a child by his father and befriended by Michael Jackson during his recovery, reclaimed a condominium last week that someone posing as Jackson's cousin had been accused of stealing from him.

Dave was also awarded $93K. Dave's lawyer was Brian Oxman, who took the case on at the request of Jackson.

Dave was 6 when his father covered him in kerosene, and set him on fire in an Orange County motel room during a custody dispute.

Dave alleged that Darnello Jackson posed as Michael Jackson's cousin to gain his trust, and tricked him into signing over his $335K condominium in Inglewood.

The two met in 2003 at Neverland.

Darnello Jackson did not appear for the hearing or file any court papers.

The lesson here is clear, always check out someone's background when conducting business with them.

Friday, August 11, 2006


Michael Jackson has allegedly received a second forclosure notice on his parents' home in Encino California this year.

The Hayvenhurst estate is estimated to be worth around $7M, but has a $2M mortgage.

The last time this happened, Janet Jackson stepped into the breach and bailed her brother out.

It seems that the threat has elicited a cheque being sent by Jackson.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Jackson Accused of Fraud

Yet another day, and yet another legal case for Michael Jackson and his ever changing team of lawyers to worry about.

This one relates to a case filed by Jackson against a concert promoter, Marcel Avram, to prevent arbitration over a disputed 1999 concert contract.

This dates back to a case in 2002, when Jackson testified in a $21M lawsuit brought by Avram. Avram accused Jackson of backing out of two concerts on New Year's Eve 1999.

There eventually was a settlement, in which Jackson paid $6.5M. Jackson contends that this was a full and final settlement.

However, Avram is seeking arbitration over the amount. Avram's lawyer, Louis R. Miller, said that Avram was entitled to $9.2M that was spent promoting a benefit concert in South Korea.

Miller also claims that Jackson committed fraud, by not disclosing to Avram that Sony Music Entertainment owned the rights to footage of the concert.

Jackson's lawyer, Thomas C. Mundell, told Superior Court Judge Soussan G. Bruguera on Tuesday:

"Nobody pays $6.5M and doesn't get a full release from future claims."

The judge must now rule.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Infamy, Infamy, They've All Got It In For Me

Those that the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.

Michael Jackson has hit the news yet again, this time he claims that his former staff are trying to make him bankrupt; much like making a fool of oneself, that is something which is usually self inflicted.

Jackson's spokeswoman, Raymone Bain, claims that an alleged plot was uncovered through leaked documents. These allege that some of Jackson's former advisors had attempted to persuade other associates into a petition which would leave Jackson broke.

Bain is quoted as saying:

"In what could be one of the biggest conspiracies in entertainment history, documents have been sent to Michael Jackson and his representatives which reveal a deliberate plan by some former advisors and associates to force Mr Jackson into involuntary bankruptcy."

Seemingly Jackson's new legal team, the others resigned because he allegedly had not paid them, are investigating the scheme and plan to file several lawsuits against the alleged conspirators.

Bain also said:

"In addition, there is a strong possibility that these documents will be forwarded to the US Attorney General for review and possible involvement.

Michael Jackson was neither shocked nor surprised. He's always been suspicious that some of those whom he entrusted to act on his behalf may not have acted in his best interests

Jackson should take the advice of Mr Micawber:

"Annual income 20 shillings, annual expenditure twenty shillings and sixpence; the result, misery".

In other words, learn to live within your means!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Neverland Up For Sale

It is reported that Michael Jackson is considering selling Neverland to the Scientology "church".

It is speculated Scientology members were eyeing the property, with plans to turn it into a celebrity retreat compound.

However, there is always fly in Jackson's financial plans, it seems that members of Michael Jackson's family, many of whom are Jehovah's Witnesses, are unhappy with the thought of the Scientologists buying the property.

Notwithstanding the religious objections, Jackson will have to find some money from somewhere.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Jackson's Legal Woes Mount

It seems that Michael Jackson has yet to learn one of life's harsh realities, if you make use of lawyers for heaven's sake make sure that you pay them.

Unfortunately, Jackson seems to be oblivious to life and its realities.

Wachtel & Masyr a law firm representing Jackson has parted company with him. They claim that he hasn't paid them.

The parting of the ways has come at rather an awkward moment as they were representing him in a claim for $48M made against Jackson by a financial company, which also claims that it hasn't been paid.

The astute amongst you may notice a pattern here.

Jackson is claiming that he fired the firm.

Attorney William Wachtel has described his trouble communicating with Jackson through a series of representatives. Seemingly Jackson relies on a series of intermediaries, who come and go as rapidly as politicians' promises.

Jackson dropped out of contact with the firm entirely after his only face-to-face meeting with his lawyers in June, at the Hotel de Crillon in Paris.

Wachtel said:

"Unfortunately, Mr. Jackson has failed to respond to every e-mail and telephone message left for him over the past four weeks."

In a letter from Jackson to the firm, dated July 17, Jackson said that he had fired Wachtel.


"It is with deep regret that I must terminate the services of Wachtel & Masyr, LLP, effective immediately."

Attorneys from the firm of Latham & Watkins quit in November, they were also handling the case, after reporting that their bills weren't being paid and that it was impossible to communicate with Jackson.

U.S. District Judge Kevin Castel has said that he would allow Jackson to reorganise his legal team, the deadline being 5th September. No legal team, then Jackson would have to appear in person.

As already noted, if these allegations are true, seemingly when dealing with Jackson make sure you get the money up front.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Another Day Another Trial

It seems that Michael Jackson has some form of addiction to court cases, as yet another one is appearing in his already busy court schedule.

Jackson is now being sued for legal fees he allegedly owes Ayscough & Marar, an LA law firm, who claim that Jackson owes them $200K for their services in 2005.

Attorney Brent Ayscough claims that his firm was hired by Jackson, to provide legal services during his child molestation trial. One of the cases that the firm were allegedly asked to oversee was the suit brought against Jackson by former business associate Marc Schaffel.

Ayscough and Marar's lawyers claim that they were paid on time until mid 2005, when Jackson's legal fees were paid out by his trial lawyer Thomas Mesereau's company.

They claim that the money paid to Mesereau was to be spread around several law firms, who were all working for Jackson. However, Ayscough & Marar claim that they haven't received that money. Mesereau & Yu are not named as defendants in the case.

The lawsuit filed by Ayscough & Marar also details some of Jackson's debts; including $300M to Fortress Investment Group and $1.6M to his brother Randy.

If the allegations are true, it seems that the lesson to be learnt here is that when working for Jackson demand payment in advance.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Secret Cameras

Arvel Jett Reeves, owner of an airplane maintenance service Executive Aviation, was sentenced yesterday to eight months in jail for hiding cameras in a jet used by Michael Jackson in 2003.

It was his intention to sell the tapes.

Reeves pleaded guilty in March to bugging Jackson's jet, as he flew toward his arrest on child molestation charges.

Jeffrey Borer, who owns the XtraJet charter company and who was also indicted, will be sentenced on October 4th.

Borer's role was to charter the aircraft for Jackson, and to contact various media companies to try to sell the recordings.

There are some really shitty people in this world.

Friday, July 21, 2006

The Trial Continues

Although there has been a judgement issued by the jury in the Schaffel/Jackson case, the amounts awarded to the two parties ($200K for Jackson and $900K for Schaffel) may be adjusted.

Santa Monica County Superior Court Judge Jacqueline Connor, who oversaw the case, plans to hold a separate accounting phase of the trial to look further at Jackson's claims that Schaffel owes him money.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Doo Doo Head

In Michael Jackson's weird and "whacky" world, I guess it should come as no surprise to learn that he referred to Macaulay Culkin as "Doo Doo Head".

According to papers released by Californian judges, in addition to using that rather odd nickname, Jackson also set up a secret Neverland society.

The papers also contain a photograph of Culkin obtained from Jackson's bedroom, with the following written on it by Culkin:

"To Apple Head Always remember keep Apple Head Club Doo Doo Head Alive."

Seemingly the Apple Head Club was a secret society that Jackson encouraged his young friends to join.

Sounds normal, right?

Monday, July 17, 2006

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

It seems that Michael Jackson's tiger bills are not being paid, ie the cost of the upkeep of his tigers ex Neverland is not being covered.

Jackson's spokeswoman, Raymone Bain, has claimed that he knows nothing about this and that the Jackson camp will look into it.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

And The Winner Is?

Michael Jackson's legal tussle with Marc Schaffel ended Friday, with Santa Monica jurors awarding Schaffel $900K and Jackson $200K.

Jurors were not impressed with either party, and said that they overlooked unappealing qualities of both parties to rule on the merits of the various financial claims.

Jury foreman Roy Shimogaki, asked if the decision to award both parties money showed Jackson and Schaffel were credible, said:

"I wouldn't go that far.

The plaintiff was not the most upstanding character, but neither was the defendant

Showbusiness attracts such unpleasant characters.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Jury Deliberates

Michael Jackson's legal tussle with Marc Schaffel, over an alleged debt owed to Schaffel of $1.4M, has now been placed in the hands of the jury.

The closing arguments concluded yesterday. Schaffel had originally claimed $3.8M. However, following the usual wheeling and dealing in such cases this has been reduced to $1.4M.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Another Day Another Trial

In Michael Jackson's weird and whacky world, no day is complete without there being a trial or legal matter to worry about.

Debbie Rowe, Jackson's ex wife, is suing Jackson claiming that he has failed to pay her what he promised when the two divorced in 1999.

The lawsuit was filed July 3 in Los Angeles Superior Court. In it Rowe seeks an immediate payment of $US195K for attorney fees and $US50K for living expenses, so that she can continue pursuing her child-custody case against him.

The next court hearing on the matter is booked for July 26.

It never rains, but it pours!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Defence Alleges Deception

The defence in the current Michael Jackson trial, in which he is being sued by former associate Marc Schaffel for alleged non payment of fees, has leveled a counter allegation that Schaffel was trying to enrich himself.

They called accountant Jan Goren to the stand, who said that he was able to trace most of the complicated transactions in a ledger kept by Schaffel. However, he noted that some of the explanations provided by Schaffel were inaccurate.

Jackson's lawyer, Thomas Mundell, noted that there were a lack of receipts. Goren said that a $500K transaction that Schaffel claimed was a loan to Jackson, was not a loan at all.

Schaffel had testified that Jackson was in New York on September 11 2001. He claimed that Jackson called to ask for $500K, in case he needed to go into hiding with his family, and then stopped at Schaffel's home to pick up the money. Jackson has denied the story.

Goren said Schaffel did withdraw that amount from a checking account for Neverland Valley Entertainment Co., the business he was in with Jackson, but then deposited the same amount into his personal money market account.

Mundell asked Goren if he identified "any 'cash to MJ' transactions that were not bona fide."

"Yes," said the accountant, "numerous ones."

Schaffel's attorney, Howard King, has promised to rebut the claims, and said it would become clear that Schaffel is not seeking reimbursement for any of the alleged loans which are being challenged as deceptive.

Mundell said he was introducing the details to show "a pattern of false claims of loss" by Schaffel.


"We want the jury to look at the pattern of deceit".

Goren testified that Schaffel is probably owed $471K.

The defence contends that given the number of deceptive transactions by Schaffel, he is owed nothing.

The trial continues.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


The jury in the current Michael Jackson trial, brought by ex associate Marc Schaffel, got to listen to some of his phone calls on Wednesday.

The calls became increasingly frantic as he demanded action from Marc Schaffel on a number of projects including, a collaboration with Marlon Brando on TV shows and videos and the release of a charity recording.

The tapes were of voice messages left on Schaffel's answering machine. Schaffel claims that Jackson owes him $3.8 million in royalties, expenses and other debts.

In one message dated 2001, Jackson said:

"Marc, it's Michael. ... Marc, please never let me down. I like you. I love you. ... I really want us to be friends and conquer the business world together. Please be my loyal, loyal friend. I love you."

How utterly nauseating!

Schaffel claims that he had been working on a number of projects for Jackson, and had arranged a $10M line of credit for him.

Schaffel went on to talk about the possible deal with Marlon Brando, quote:

"We had several meetings with Marlon. Michael wanted Marlon Brando to do several DVDs on acting lessons. Mr. Brando was getting up there in age and Michael considered him the greatest actor of all time."

Jackson left several messages about Brando. In one he said:

"Marlon Brando has been pushing. He's a wonderful man. He's a god. He wants a lot of money. He wants to get things done right now."

Another project that failed to materialise was Jackson's record, "What More Can I Give," which was a charity project for victims of 9/11. It was never released (much like the Katrina record), because of complications involving Jackson's relationship with the record label.

In 2003, plans changed, and Jackson called Schaffel with urgent messages saying he now had a plan for the recording to be a charity project tied to the Iraq war.

"It should be for America in Iraq... It's a perfect cause. It means more now than any other causes."

Where's that one then?

Schaffel also alleged that he made to Brazil in November 2003 to deliver $300K to someone in South America, to take care of a personal matter.

Schaffel acknowledged that he was paid $1.4M in royalties from two videos sold to Fox television and received other expense payments, but said he was still owed $664K in royalties.

Schaffel's attorney called Alvin Malnik, who said he advised Jackson on financial matters without charge after they met in 2002, he claimed that Jackson was bewildered by money affairs.

He said he once received an urgent call from Jackson saying he needed $1M immediately.


"It was very, very important that he buy a piece of jewelry for Elizabeth Taylor and a substantial amount of it went for that.

The reason was that Elizabeth Taylor would not sign a release for her participation in the Fox special. He knew her well enough that he knew if he brought a piece of jewelry he could obtain the release and that's how it was done

That's how it's done folks, money and gifts will get you what you want. That at least is how it has worked so far for Jackson, this approach may no longer work for him.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Janet Jackson Turns on Son

Janet Jackson, the mother of the boy who accused Michael Jackson of abusing him last year, blames her son for the failed court case.

It is reported that she has turned her back on him, and refuses to cook for him; treating him like dirt.

Allegedly she screams at him:

"You allowed him to touch you! You allowed him to do it!"

This was of course the same woman who managed to annoy the jury so much during the case, with her attitude and finger clicking.

Seemingly she also blames her son for her current court case for welfare fraud.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Jackson Attends Court On Video

Michael Jackson gave his deposition yesterday, in the court case over the dispute with Marc Schaffel and $3.8M, via videotape.

In the video he said that he thought Marc Schaffel had been compensated, because he seemed happy.

Schaffels' attorney, Howard King, showed a portion of the tape (which was made in London) and noted:

"I've wanted Mr. Jackson to be here to tell his story.

He won't be here except by deposition. I had to go to London to take it. He will make a fine presentation. He's finely made up, costumed. You'd think he'd been in front of cameras his whole life

In the tape, made in September 2005, Jackson was asked if he thought Schaffel wanted to be paid for his services.


"I know he wanted something from me, of course... I do remember these long letters. He wanted me to pay him."

Jackson then continued:

"I'm sure he got money."

How could he be sure?

"Because he always seemed to be happy."

King noted "Money doesn't buy happiness."

King raised Schaffel's connection with the gay porn industry:

"Mr. Schaffel has a successful business background and one of these was in the legal adult entertainment business. In 2000 he was done with that and he began to work with Mr. Jackson."

Jackson's lawyer, Thomas C. Mundell, noted the Jackson is forgetful and accused Schaffel of fraudulently moving funds from Jackson's accounts to his own pocket and billing Jackson for expenses when he no longer worked for him.

He went on to contend that Schaffel in fact owes Jackson money.


"The evidence will show Mr. Schaffel should have left well enough alone. He could have gotten away with a chunk of money from Michael Jackson ... but he sued for several million dollars."

King called Allan Whitman, a longtime Jackson business manager who was fired this week, as a witness.

Whitman detailed the advisers who came and went, as Jackson hired and fired them.

Some, according to Whitman, were paid $100K a month for services while others such as billionaire Ron Burkle and business magnate Alvin Malnik gave their services for free.

The trial continues.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hey Hoh Back To Court We Go

As is the custom in the summer months, Michael Jackson makes sure that he has a court case to worry about.

This one involves a dispute between Jackson and Marc Schaffel, a former disgruntled business associate; it reached court yesterday.

Schaffel claims that Jackson owes him $3.8M for loans, unpaid wages and expenses.

The case is expected to last over a week, and is being held in Santa Monica.

Jackson has announced that he has split with his accountants, business managers and lawyers.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Jackson To Move To Europe

Seemingly Michael Jackson has grown tired of Bahrain, and is planning to move the Europe. That at least is the theory according to his spokeswoman, Raymone Bain, who said Jackson has also severed ties with his longtime business managers as part of a "sweeping restructuring" of his affairs.


"He's just decided that with all of the projects he's going to be involved with and all of the people he's beginning to work with in the music industry, it's easier (to live in Europe).

He'll be going back and forth to Bahrain but Europe will be his principal residence

According to Bain, she has been promoted to general manager.

The smart money is on; Scotland, Ireland, France or Germany for Jackson's next home.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Janet Jackson On Trial

Janet Jackson, the woman who claimed Michael Jackson molested her son, was ordered on Wednesday to stand trial on a charge of welfare fraud.

Janet Jackson is accused of accepting $8,000 in fraudulently obtained assistance, and four charges of committing perjury on welfare applications.

Prosecutors allege that she hid the fact that she received a substantial settlement in a lawsuit against J.C. Penney before she filed for welfare.

Her lawyer, Patricia Hattersley, said that she hopes that the case can be resolved without a trial.

The prosecutor's office said the case will go to trial unless she makes restitution.

The trial is scheduled for August 7th.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tiger Tiger

Michael Jackson's tigers have reportedly been found a new home.

The two pet tigers, Thriller and Sabu, have been adopted by actress Tippi Hedren, who runs an animal sanctuary in California.

Hedren is engaged to Dr. Martin Dinnes, Jackson's ex veterinarian. Dinnes has been visiting Neverland once a week, to make sure that the remaining animals are well cared for.

It was irresponsible to set up the menagerie in the first place.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Another Summer, Another Trial

The good old summer time is once again upon us, and in keeping with the season it is now time for another trial involving Michael Jackson.

This one involves his old associate Marc Schaffel.

Jury selection begins June 26.

Friday, June 16, 2006

No Charity Single

It seems that the much vaunted and awaited charity single from Michael Jackson for the victims of hurricane Katrina, ironically entitled "What More Can I give?", will not be released.

There is an argument over royalties. It is reported that Jackson insisted on maintaining ownership of the copyright of the song, and had no intention of donating any of the royalties made from the track.

The only money to be donated to charity, if the single was released, would have been from actual CD sales.

Details of this dispute were brought to light by a videotaped statement for the forthcoming lawsuit filed by his former associate Marc Schaffel.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Back To Court

Michael Jackson is going back to court this Monday, or rather his legal team are. This time it is to fight his corner in a case involving Marc Schaffel, an alleged pornographer and ex Jackson associate, who is seeking $3M from Jackson for breach of contract.

Schaffel also alleges that Jackson is broke, and is addicted to painkillers; de rigueur in Hollywood I would have thought.

A quote from Schaffel's trial brief says:

"In the rarefied air of the world Michael Jackson inhabits, sometimes referred to by his closest advisers as 'Michael World' things were different."

Schaffel alleges that Jackson carried no credit cards, cash or cheques, and relied on advisers and others to attend "to his every need."

Schaffel claims that Jackson plays one adviser against another, via "emotional pleas and strident demands."

Jackson's attorneys claims:

"To say that Schaffel is an unsavoury character is an understatement. He is a professional swindler and pornographer with a long history of dishonest, immoral and manipulative behavior."

Why did Jackson become involved with such an unsavoury character then?

Schaffel claims that Jackson hired him to produce two rebuttal documentaries to the British documentary "Living With Michael Jackson."

Jackson's attorneys are counterclaiming for alleged money owed to Jackson.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Revenge Is Sweet

Bob Jones, Michael Jackson's ex PR manager, puts the boot into his old boss in no uncertain terms in an interview in The Scotsman.

In it, he notes that Jackson has yet to face up to his past and calls Jackson the "world's greatest manipulator".


"He loves people to believe he is a victim and that people have taken advantage of him, but that's bullshit. He has chosen the route he has taken.

I tend to think that we grow through all our situations, but, to be honest, I couldn't say that he will.

He has chosen to be what he is, and, although it is rather sad to see the world's greatest entertainer - and it's undoubted that he has no peer - whatever befalls him, he brought on himself

Jones was sacked by letter in 2004. As they say, revenge is dish best served cold!

Saturday, June 10, 2006


World famous spoon bender, and one time friend of Michael Jackson (until he persuaded him to do the Bashir interview), Uri Geller has said that he thinks that Jackson may leave Bahrain for Britain.

However, Geller fears that Jackson will be pursued by the British media.


"It is possible. Knowing Michael Jackson, it's definitely possible.

But Michael has been built up and then demolished by the British tabloids so I don't know how easy it would be for him to live there.

He would be hounded and watched all the time. It would be very tough for him

Geller persuaded Jackson to do the Bashir interview for why then?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Election Day

Voters in Santa Barbara County went to the polls yesterday to elect a successor to Thomas Sneddon, the district attorney who prosecuted Michael Jackson in 2005.

Sneddon, who has held office for six terms, is not seeking reelection.

The three candidates were; Assistant District Attorney Christie Stanley (endorsed by Sneddon), Doug Hayes (endorsed by the North Santa Barbara County Women's Political Committee) and Gary Dunlap (endorsed by the Michael Jackson Fan Club).

In April, Dunlap made a direct appeal to Jackson fans in a letter, warning that if Stanley were to win:

"Michael will probably be best advised to never return to his beloved Neverland.

When I win, I will change that

How lame to allow one issue to determine who becomes DA.

Dunlap was a consultant to Jackson early on in the molestation trial. Oddly though, before that he had sued Jackson (so he claims).

Common sense seems to have prevailed, and Dunlap came last with 14% of the votes cast; Stanley won with 69%.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Pay Up

Doubtless Michael Jackson will be amused to learn that he is not always on the receiving end of lawsuits.

This time the boot is most definitely on the other foot as the Santa Barbara County District Attorney's Office, which prosecuted Jackson last year, has had a lawsuit filed against it by Annette L. Reichart for back pay for work on developing a database of documents and images in the Michael Jackson child-molestation case.

Her lawyer, Brian Oxman, is reported to have said that Reichert was hired to create a searchable database of evidence for Santa Barbara County District Attorney Thomas Sneddon and his staff.

Oxman, who is rather interestingly an attorney for the Jackson family, said that Reichert performed her duties but was not fully compensated.

Reichert is allegedly owed over $40K, and deserves $100K more for giving up other work; at least that is Oxman's view.

DA Tom Sneddon retorted that Reichert worked on the prosecution's case for a period of time. However, she disappeared in the middle of the prosecution, "leaving us high and dry" he said.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Jackson To Adopt?

Having recently visited various orphanages, while on a tour of the Far East, it is reported that Michael Jackson (evidently treating the visits as some form of shopping expedition) wants to adopt a child and take him/her back to Bahrain.

The fact that he already has three children, two of whom are being fought over with his ex wife Debbie Rowe, seems to have eluded him.

Given that he stood trial for alleged molestation last year, you would have thought that he would have learnt a lesson and avoided "child related matters".

Evidently not!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Jackson Visits Orphanage

Michael Jackson visited an orphanage in Tokyo yesterday, as part of his first set of public appearances since his trial last year.

Having battled his way past hundreds of screaming fans, he then went inside where 160 orphans were waiting to see him.

Jackson, who accepted the Japan M-T-V video music award the previous night, will be in Japan for six days.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Jackson Goes To Tokyo

Michael Jackson will make his first public appearance, since his trial, at a ceremony in Tokyo to accept MTV Japan's "Legend Award".

That at least is the story according to his spokesman, Raymone Bain.

Jackson will attend the award ceremony, tomorrow, at Yoyugi Olympic Stadium. This will be the launch pad for an Asian tour encompassing; Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Jackson also plans to visit some orphanages when in Tokyo.

Jackson is quoted in the media as saying:

"I look forward to seeing old friends and saying hello to my huge fan base in Japan who, like my other fans around the world, have for so many years consistently shown their love and support to me and my family."

Bain also claims that Jackson is still working on the song he planned as a charity fundraiser for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Remember that?

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Janet Arvizo To Stand Trial

Janet Arvizo, whose son accused Michael Jackson of child molestation in 2003, will be standing trial for welfare fraud and perjury in Los Angeles.

Arvizo waived her right to a preliminary hearing in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Friday.

She is charged with accepting about $8,000 in welfare cheques, despite having over $30,000 in her bank account.

Ironically this alleged fraud was unearthed during the Jackson trial, when Arvizo refused to answer questions about her personal finances and pleaded the Fifth Amendment.

She also managed to piss almost everyone off in the court, with her attitude and behaviour.

I doubt that the diehard Jackson fans will be too upset to hear that she is standing trial.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Bombshell Revelations

David Gest, the estranged husband of Liza Minnelli, is planning to reveal some "bombshell revelations" about Michael Jackson in his forthcoming autobiography.

Gest has collaborated with Mark Bego to write the book, which include stories about Debbie Reynolds, Dionne Warwick, Esther Williams, Cyd Charisse, Martha Reeves and Smokey Robinson.

Bego claims that:

"He (Gest) knew a teenage Michael Jackson and he knows some bombshell revelations.

He knows where a lot of the skeletons are buried in that particular story

I wonder if there really can be anymore "revelations".

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mutual Admiration

Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama received an unexpected compliment, when he realised that Michael Jackson was attending a recent concert that Ragheb was holding in Bahrain.

It is reported that Jackson listened to the concert, and exchanged greetings with Ragheb after the show.

Jackson admired Ragheb's talent, and Ragheb told Jackson that he had hoped to have the opportunity to meet him. Ragheb described Jackson's music as a source of inspiration.

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Humourless One

Michael Jackson is currently displaying a distinct lack of humour by demanding an official apology from the editor and publisher of GQ, over the magazine publishing photos in its May issue of a Jackson double.

Jackson is also demanding that the magazines be pulled from news stands.

The magazine's offence?

In an article, "Where's Michael?", journalist Devin Friedman documents his attempts to find Jackson in Bahrain. He enlists the help of a Jackson double to illustrate his story. In one photo the double sits in a cinema, accompanied by a row of children. Another photo shows him standing in the desert wrapped in a black cover and headscarf, wearing a glittery white glove.

The GQ editor-in-chief dismissed Jackson's complaint, noting that is was obvious that the photos were satirical and that the magazine didn't have any intention to offend Jackson.

Jackson has, I would have thought, more important things to worry about and to devote his time to.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

You Can Judge a Man By The Company He Keeps

As the old saying goes "you can judge a man by the company he keeps", this is maybe something that Michael Jackson should have remembered before hiring jailed private investigator Anthony Pellicano during his child abuse case.

Pellicano is awaiting trial on charges that he illegally wiretapped the phones of a number of stars including; Sylvester Stallone, Garry Shandling and Keith Carradine.

It is reported that Michael Jackson, Steve Bing, Stevie Wonder, James Woods and Kevin Costner used his services.

Jackson is alleged to have paid Pellicano $2M before last year's child molestation trial.

I wonder if he was worth it?

Monday, May 01, 2006

Fake Press Release

Things, in the world of Michael Jackson, are never what they seem to be.

In a press release issued last week, from what was portrayed as Michael Jackson's Bahrain record label 2 Seas Records, it was stated that Jackson was collaborating with 50 Cent, DJ Whoo Kid, and aspiring artist Lucy Diamonds on the track 'Now That I Found Love' on a mixtape called 'MJ Unit: The Takeover'.

However, it sees that this release was a fake. Sue Harris, who is the spokeswoman for 2 Seas Records, confirmed that the press release was a fake.

She was quoted as saying:

"I do not know who put this story out, certainly not us. But it doesn't surprise me.

As far as we are concerned, details regarding the recording of Michael Jackson's albums are being kept under wraps.

We will not be making any comments as to who may or may not be working with Michael Jackson in the studio.

We will not be making any announcements, nor will we be reacting to any speculation or reports in the media

DJ Whoo Kid said:

"I don't know who made that up. I don't know who Lucy Diamonds is."

Fake or not, it is a nice way to generate publicity for Jackson and his associates.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Neverland Reopens

It is reported that one month after closing it, Michael Jackson has reopened his Neverland Ranch.

Jackson was ordered to shut down Neverland by local authorities in March, after he fell behind in paying his employees' salaries and their insurance policies.

Jackson has now hired 10 members of staff to take care of the zoo animals, after paying $49K in fines.

Common sense would suggest that it would be better for both Jackson's finances, and the welfare of the animals if they were found good homes and Neverland sold off.

Unfortunately, common sense seems to be in rather short supply.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Six Pieces of Silver

It seems that justice has a price, and that some of those who act as jurors are more than happy to make a buck or two after performing their civic duty.

Jeffrey Welbaum, an alternate juror from Michael Jackson's child abuse trial, has sold official court notes for $2,550 on eBay.

Welbaum sold six notebooks of observations from the courtroom, together with his ID badge and a certificate of appreciation signed by Judge Rodney Melville.

Welbaum is quoted as saying:

"It's something that's probably more important to someone else, like a fan of Michael Jackson's."

I do not think that it is right that jurors profit out of their role in a trial, it taints the validity of their verdicts.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Lawsuit Dismissed

A lawsuit against Michael Jackson, alleging molestation in 1984, has been dismissed.

Jackson proved that he was in California when Joseph Bartucci Jr., a New Orleans-area man, claimed that he was kidnapped and molested for nine days in 1984.

Bartucci claimed that he was forced into a white limousine on May 19 1984, during the New Orleans World's Fair, and driven to California while being molested, held at gunpoint and cut with steel wire and a razor blade.

Bartucci claimed that the emotional and physical trauma had caused him to forget everything that happened until 2003, when he saw a Court TV show about child molestation charges brought against Jackson in California.

U.S. District Judge Eldon Fallon said that Wayne Nagin, who kept Jackson's appointment calendar in the spring of 1984, had given a sworn statement saying that Jackson was rehearsing in California for his Victory Tour from May 20-27 1984.

Judge Fallon also said that Charilette R. Sweeney of Encino, California swore that she had known Jackson since 1976, and remembered talking to him on May 13, 17 and 20 1984, about getting an award from President Reagan on May 14 of that year.

Judge Fallon wrote:

"This evidence conclusively demonstrates that Mr. Jackson was in California from May 19 to May 27, 1984, and could not have been in New Orleans to participate in the events alleged".

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Jackson Tries To Stave Off Bankruptcy

Michael Jackson is allegedly close to cutting a deal that would stave off his imminent bankruptcy.

It is reported that he will agree to give up a part of his a song catalogue that includes Beatles' hits to the Sony Corporation, it is estimated that Jackson's share is worth around $500M.

Jackson used his stake in the catalogue as part of the collateral for $270M in loans from Bank of America. Bank of America then sold the loans in 2005 to Fortress Investment Group, a New York-based investment company that buys distressed debt.

As part of the new agreement, Fortress has agreed to provide a new $300M loan and reduce the interest payments.

Jackson has reportedly agreed to provide Sony with an option to buy half of his stake at a set price.

We shall see.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Jackson in Denial

Michael Jackson, despite delaying salary payments to his Neverland staff for 3 months and having to shut Neverland because he is strapped for cash, has reportedly spent £50K on a diamond-encrusted watch.

Jackson is allegedly £150M in debt, yet seemingly has a little trouble accepting the reality of his situation.

He bought his new timepiece, which has 800 diamonds on it and a gold face, at the seven-star Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Custody Battle Continues

In his ongoing battle with Debbie Rowe over custody of his children, Michael Jackson has filed a Petition for Review with the California State Supreme Court.

Jackson requested that the State Court review an earlier decision that helps clear the way for Rowe to argue for custody rights to Prince Michael and Paris.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

April Fool

My compliments to www.entertainmentwise.com, who published a rather amusing April Fool story about a group of people with the same name as Michael Jackson suing him.

The story claimed that these Michael Jackson's were embarrassed by their own name, and were marginalised in the social and work lives because of Michale Jackson's troubles.

The sad and rather alarming thing is that many people, if the comments left by readers on the website are anything to judge by, believed the story.

Dear oh dear!

Read the fake story here.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Most Foolish

Michael Jackson has been crowned America's "most foolish person", for the fourth year in a row.

Jackson beat Paris Hilton and Dick Cheney (who came joint second), President Bush came third.

1000 people were polled, and 690 voted for Jackson; a landslide.

Jeff Barge, who runs the poll, said:

"Michael Jackson seems to have a lock on the number one spot for the foreseeable future."

Friday, March 31, 2006

Jackson Plans Makeover

Reports, if they are to be believed, indicate that Michael Jackson is contemplating yet another change of image.

Jackson discussed his comeback with DJ Whoo Kid, when they met in Bahrain.

Whoo Kid is quoted as saying that he offered some tips on make up etc:

"I told him he needs to cut his hair, get some million-dollar earrings, get a million-dollar watch and take all them spaceship clothes off.

He said: 'I have to change my whole outlook.' He said he was trying to work out

We shall see!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Judge Orders Papers

Superior Court Judge Robert Schnider this week ordered lawyers for Michael Jackson and ex-wife Debbie Rowe to submit copies of missing papers from their divorce file.

Judge Schnider ordered Rowe's lawyer, Marta Almli, to submit duplicate copies of Rowe's 2001 motion to terminate her parental rights to her two children with Jackson.

He ordered Jackson's lawyers, Michael Abrams and Thomas Hall, to submit a copy of Jackson's opposition to the motion.

Judge Schnider is quoted as saying:

"The way this file looks, it's clear to me that documents have come in an untimely fashion."

The papers must be submitted within 30 days.

A hearing has been set for May 24.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New Deal?

It is reported that Michael Jackson is signing a new record deal with the Prince of Bahrain.

Jackson has agreed a deal with 2 Seas, the label of Prince Abdulla Hamad Alkhalifa.

Allegedly Jackson has written one new song, 'I Have This Dream', which will be released as a single on the label.

50 Cent is also about to record a song with Jackson.

50 Cent's bandmate, DJ Whoo Kid, met with Jackson during a recent trip to Bahrain. DJ Whoo Kid gave Jackson a tape with the proposed track, so that he could listen to it before making a decision.

Where is the hurricane Katrina single then?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Jackson Dines Out

Michael Jackson went to make an offer on a Bahraini businessman's house, but ended up having dinner with his family instead of buying the house.

A source is quoted in a local paper saying:

"Michael was being chauffeured in the Saar area (in Manama) when he spotted a house he liked. He did not hesitate to call on the family and ask them if they were willing to sell their house.

The family, astonished by the unexpected appearance of the superstar and amused by the offer, told him the house was not for sale, but that he was welcome to share their dinner

With the closure of Neverland, it is rumoured that Jackson intends to stay permanently in Bahrain.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Jackson Flogs Animals

It seems that Michael Jackson is so desperate for cash that he is now selling off his collection of lions, tigers and other assorted animals from his Neverland menagerie.

An insider is quoted as saying:

"He's desperate for cash and is offering the animals for a fraction of what they're really worth. He needs money fast."

So if you are looking for a cheap elephant, you know where to go.

However, Michael's sister La Toya is claiming that the collapse of Neverland is part of a long-term plan.


"It's all part of the plan but you're just learning about it.

When he left [for Bahrain] he said, 'It's finished. Never again.'

His privacy, he felt, was invaded, so it's time to leave and that's what he did

Maybe she should tell that to the workers at Neverland who weren't paid for three months?

Friday, March 24, 2006

Jackson Enters Politics

Michael Jackson, or rather his image, has entered the world of politics.

Jackson's photo is being used by 'anti-liberal' activists in the current election campaign being held in Budapest, Hungary.

They have put Jackson's face on posters in Bucharest, that accuse Hungary's liberal party of promoting paedophilia.

The posters lampoon the Free Democrats' (SZDSZ) campaign, which centres on a young boy called Pisti Kovacs.

The posters, featuring Kovacs, Michael Jackson and Macaulay Culkin, say "more SZDSZ, more paedophiles."

Seemingly an SZDSZ member, who was planning on running in this April's election, is being investigated for allegedly owning child pornography.

The SZDSZ has been running a campaign asking:

"Who will take care of little Pisti Kovacs?"

I doubt that Jackson will be at all amused at this.

Monday, March 20, 2006

50 Cent

Reports suggest that Michael Jackson is planning a comeback by recording a song with 50 Cent.

Allegedly 50 Cent met Jackson at the Bahrain Grand Prix last week.

A source is quoted as saying:

"Michael was talking to 50's DJ Whoo Kid who spoke to 50 there and then about it. The track would catapult Michael back into the limelight, which he is desperate for, and 50 has always been a fan."

I would take all of this with a heavy pinch of salt, and remind people that Jackson has yet to release his much hyped song for the victims of hurricnae Katrina.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


There seems to be some confusion as to the fate of Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch.

Foxnews.com reported that Jackson has permanently shut Neverland, and laid his 60 employees.

However, Raymone Bain - Jackson's spokesperson, is quoted as saying:

"It is public knowledge that Mr. Jackson currently resides in the Middle Eastern country of Bahrain.

He therefore decided to close his house and reduce his workforce. This is a common practice when a residence is vacant for an extended period of time."

Reports indicating that Neverland has been closed or 'shut down' for good are inaccurate

It is really a matter of personal choice as to who you believe, the Jackson PR machine or the independent media.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Jackson Finally Pays His Workers

Michael Jackson has finally deigned to pay the $304K of back wages owed to his 69 staff at Neverland.

I doubt that he would have bothered had it not been for the intervention of the State of California, who have fined him $100K and closed Neverland.

Dean Fryer, a spokesperson for the state's Department of Industrial Relations, is quoted by MTV yesterday as saying:

"We have confirmed that Michael Jackson's representatives are processing the wages ... and will be distributing payroll directly to the employees tomorrow."

It is pathetic, and thoroughly reprehensible that he did not pay them when the monies were orginally due.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

24 Hours

Michael Jackson has been granted a 24 hour reprieve to pay the £200K wages that he owes his staff who work on his Neverland ranch.

The staff have not been paid since December, and Jackson faces being sued by Calfornian authorities if he doesn't honour his debt.

He has been given until 1700 California time today to find the money.

Jackson's spokeswoman, Raymone Bain, said that Jackson does not comment on matters involving his finances because he considers them to be private.

She also pooh poohed the stories about Jackson moving to Britain:

"He's not purchased a house in London, he's not been scouting schools for his kids, he has no intention to moving to London

This is totally erroneous and they need to stop it

With Jackson the story changes everyday, it is all but impossible to know what to believe anymore.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Jackson Misses Funeral of Jackson

Michael Jackson and his sister Janet decided to absent themselves from the from the funeral of an ex-Jackson Five drummer, Johnny Jackson (no relation), who died in a stabbing on March the 1st.

Five members of the Jackson family did attend the funeral held in Indiana, Johnny played in the Jackson Five for 15 years.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Michael Jackson In Britain

Michael Jackson has been living in Britain, apparently for the past month, this somewhat contradicts other reports that he had been staying with his family in California.

If the reports are true, then he has been staying at Cliveden in Berkshire, a magnificent stately home and backdrop to the Profumo sex scandal of the early 60's.

The reports claim that he has asked if it is up for sale, which it isn't. Given the fact that he cannot afford to pay his workers at Neverland, you would wonder where he thinks he will get the money from to be able to buy a stately home.

Jackson and his entourage were staying at Spring Cottage on the estate, which was where orgies involving; call girls, a Russian spy and leading names including John Profumo and Christine Keeler took place.

Allegedly Jackson also stayed in the Cotswolds and visited Scotland.

The rumours also claim that Jackson has asked about schooling his children in Britain.

One of Jackson's spokesmen is quoted as saying:

"Michael has been in the UK for several weeks now. It is very unlikely he will return to the US. Europe and Britain in particular feel like a safe haven to him at this time."

As with all stories concerning Jackson, this I would say should be taken with a hefty pinch of salt.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Jackson Breaks With Bahrain

Michael Jackson has left Bahrain, amid reports that he has fallen out with Prince Abdullah of Bahrain, and returned to stay with his family in Encino California.

He would have doubtedly gone back to Neverland; however, because of unpaid wages and insurance, Neverland has been closed by order of the state of California.

In one small bright piece of news for Jackson, it is reported that his sister Janet has brought Michael's $2.2M mortgage on the family's Encino home.

Had she not done that, it is likely that he would have had nowhere to stay.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Neverland Shut Down

Evidently Michael Jackson's finances are in a very parlous state, as it seems that he has not been paying staff insurance or indeed the staff who work at his now abandoned Neverland.

As a result of this foolish lapse, California officials have fined Jackson $170K and ordered employees at the Neverland to stop working.

The California Department of Industrial Relations issued a "stop order" on Neverland. This prohibits employees from going back to work until workers' compensation coverage is restored. It fined Jackson $69K for the lapse.

The agency also demanded that Jackson pay his staff at least $306K in back wages, by next week, and fined him $100K for failing to pay wages.

If Jackson fails to meet these demands, the agency "will pursue appropriate legal action".

It is reported that the agency is investigating 47 complaints from employees about unpaid wages.

Jackson will find that running away to Bahrain solves nothing, it is immature and foolish to pretend that problems will go simply go away.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Jermaine Denies Book Report

Jermaine Jackson, one of Michael Jackson's older brothers, appeared on Larry King Live and dismissed reports that he had planned to write a book exposing Michael's alleged addiction to drugs and penchant for small boys.

The book, "Legacy: Surviving The Best And The Worst", was allegedly touted by way of an eight page proposal in 2003.

Jermaine claims that Stacy Brown, author of "Michael Jackson: The Man Behind The Mask", faked the whole thing.

Needless to say, Brown is not taking this lying down and has said that he has Jermaine on tape.


"He'd be crying, spilling his guts, pouring his heart out for hours on end. I thought, 'Man, this is really deep.'

I've got Jermaine on tape, and the tapes are being turned over to attorney Mel Sachs

Brown is apparently planning to go public with tapes of conversations he had with Jermaine Jackson, as part of a "very aggressive" slander suit against Jermaine.


"The fact is I would not have written anything without the express consent of Jermaine Jackson and, in fact, you will see more than it on paper in the coming days; you will hear it on tape. Jermaine should be very careful about what he says.

(The tapes are) currently in the possession of, and being reviewed by, Mel Sachs. He and I have talked and we will be launching a very aggressive slander suit against Jermaine Jackson

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Who's The Daddy?

It seems that the lineage of Michael Jackson's second son, Prince Michael II (or Blanket as he sometimes calls him), is being called into question by the media.

Reports state that Jackson chose an attractive woman, who resembled Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek, from a book of egg donors.

Jackson then allegedly found a sperm donor to fertilise her egg.

Seemingly, if the reports are to be believed, Jackson was playing God and trying his hand at creationism.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Jackogate Tapes

Jeffrey Borer and Arvel Jett Reeves have pleaded guilty to secretly videotaping Michael Jackson, in November 2003, when he flew to Santa Barbara with his attorney Mark Geragos to surrender in the child-molestation investigation.

Borer and Reeves admitted by plea agreements that they installed two videorecorders, to record "a professional entertainer" and his lawyer November 2003.

They entered their plea to U.S. District Judge A. Howard Matz.

The federal prosecutors have agreed to dismiss two other charges, endeavouring to intercept oral communication and witness tampering.

They face up to five years in prison, and a fine of $250K.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Jermaine Puts The Boot In

One of Michael Jackson's brothers, Jermaine Jackson, has put the boot into Michael's well crafted image and doubtless ensured that Michael will never to talk to him again.

Jermaine submitted a book proposal in 2003, working title "Legacy: Surviving The Best and Worst", the details of which have now reached the media.

In the proposal, Jermaine says that he watched Michael fall into vicious rages as a result of him being high on a mixture of prescription drugs and drink.

Jermaine also questions Michael's behaviour around his own nephews.


"Does he really know what he does with these kids? I don't want to tell you my brother's innocent. I am not certain that he is.

Michael couldn't survive one day in prison he would commit suicide. He has a thing for young children

Jermaine states that the Jackson family has protected Michael's image, and that at the start of his career they thought that he was gay.


"But Michael, well, he wasn't interested. We used to quietly say that we couldn't have a gay brother."

Jermaine also notes that Michael cheats, lies and has changed the colour of his skin (I think everyone knew that).

Allegedly Michael's behaviour towards his own nephews left the Jackson family "shaken". Jermaine claims that he found Michael holding brother Tito's young sons in a disturbing manner in the mid-1990s, after their mother died.

According to Jermaine, Michael hates Jews; in Jackson's (if the proposal is to be believed) mind Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen stole the idea for Dreamworks studio, including the boy-on-the moon logo, from him.

In an unpleasant piece of anti semitism in the proposal, Jermaine says:

"The Jews are the powerful ones and they have done a lot to put my brother in his place ... just another n**ger."

The proposal, for good measure, then lists Michael's drugs of choice; Vicodin, Demerol, codeine and Percocet, cocaine, Jack Daniels and wine.

If the family really had worries about Michael's behaviour towards children, why did they not intervene to stop it worsening?

Friday, March 03, 2006

Jackson Converting To Islam?

The rumour mill concerning Michael Jackson's possible conversion to Islam has gone into overload, after he pledged to erect a mosque in Bahrain.

Jackson has obtained planning permission to build a 30 metre building outside Manama, on land adjoining the palace of the Bahraini royal family.

Jackson was a Jehovah's Witness, but since his arrival in Bahrain has been regularly seen in shopping malls wearing a Muslim abaya robe, which is traditionally worn by females.

Raymone Bain, Jackson's spokesperson, said:

"Michael is looking to give something back to the country that has welcomed him so openly."

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Has Jackson Left Bahrain For Good?

The media is awash with rumours that Michael Jackson, currently in Europe, has left his temporary Bahrain bolt hole for good.

However, a Bahraini official close to Jackson has denied the reports.

The official said that Jackson had gone on vacation to Europe with his family, and was in touch daily with Sheik Abdullah; allegedly he is coming back to Bahrain in a few days.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Mesereau Denies Split

Tom Mesereau, Michael Jackson's lawyer, has denied reports that he has dropped Jackson because of late payments.

Last week Mesereau withdrew from two impending lawsuits. However, Mesereau insists that he never intended to form a long-term partnership with Jackson. He also states that he remains close friends with Jackson.


"I am very disturbed by the false, erroneous, and self-serving reports about the relationship between Michael Jackson, my law partner, Susan Yu, and me.

For approximately seven months, we assisted Michael Jackson in this effort. We never intended to assume these obligations on a permanent basis.

We are still in communications with Michael Jackson, and his assistants, and remain close friends. People should leave Mr Jackson and his family alone

Friday, February 24, 2006

Mesereau Quits

Tom Mesereau, Michael Jackson's lead attorney in last year's child molestation case, has quit his position as Jackson's lawyer.

Mesereau and his partner, Susan Yu, resigned yesterday. They were representing Jackson in his $4M lawsuit brought by Jackson's ex-business partner Marc Schaffel.

However, neither Mesereau nor Yu appeared for Schaffel's deposition last week.

It appears, according to reports, that Mesereau has quit because he is not getting paid.

It is very unwise of Jackson to treat the lawyer, who won the molestation case, in this manner.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Debbie and Michael Saga

The ongoing legal spat between Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe, over custody of her children, has spilled out into the media again.

This time court documents have been released that show that Rowe originally received $5M from Jackson, when they divorced and she agreed to give up the children. On top of that, she also received a mansion in Beverly Hills and an allowance of $900K per annum (until she started speaking about Jackson in public).

Other documents released quote Rowe as saying:

"I have just been advised by Michael's 'inner circle' that he is abusing drugs and I was even given the name of the physician that is prescribing all of Michael's medications, which I fear is dangerous not only to Michael but also to the children."

Why do celebrities even bother to get married?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Fake Jackson Attends Party

Kudos to the fake Michael Jackson, who gate crashed a black tie charity event in Roxbury Comprehensive Community Health Center Boston this weekend.

He managed to "blag" his way in, and gain VIP treatment for himself and about a dozen chums.

Officials at the event were seen to escort "Jackson" and his entourage to a private balcony.

Jenny Hoefel, an executive with the event organiser, said that "Michael Jackson" did make a donation via credit card to the charity!

Given the real Jackson's financial difficulties, it is entirely possible that the contribution from the fake may in fact be more likely to be honoured.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Katrina Album May Be out...Soon

Six months after hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, Michael Jackson's much vaunted single allegedly designed to help the victims may actually be released; soon.

In a telephone interview from Dubai last week, Sheik Abdullah bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the son of Bahrain's king, is quoted as saying:

"The record is coming along great. We've been taking our time to perfect it and mix it."

The working title for the single is now "I Have This Dream". Guest artists, according to the Prince, include; Snoop Dogg, R. Kelly, Ciara, Keyshia Cole, James Ingram, Jackson's brother Jermaine, Shanice, the Rev. Shirley Caesar and the O'Jays.

The Prince said that the release has been delayed because additional artists wanted to contribute.

He won't say who though:

"I'd like to keep that as a surprise."

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Rowe Wins Round

Michael Jackson's ex-wife, Debbie Rowe, yesterday won a round in her battle over custody of her two children.

The appeals court ruled that her parental rights were not properly relinquished under the law. The appellate court said that the judge in the 2001 case, where Rowe gave up her rights to act as parent, did not handle it properly.

Indeed the original judge, Steven M. Lachs, acknowledged in 2004 that he failed to have state officials do an independent investigation into what was in the best interests of the children.

The ruling quoted from Rowe's original motion in October 2001.

"Michael has been a wonderful father to the children and I do not wish to share parenting responsibilities with Michael because he is doing so well without me. I want to forever give my any and all rights pertaining to the children because I believe that by doing so, it is in the children's best interests."

Rowe changed her mind two years later, claiming that the publicity surrounding Jackson's alleged molestation of children had been the reason for her change of heart.

Rowe is quoted as saying:

"I am thrilled with today's ruling."

Friday, February 10, 2006

Jackson Tours Italy

Michael Jackson has left Bahrain for an Italian vacation with his children.

Jackson was mobbed by fans in Florence and Venice, but has spent the last several days unnoticed in the Neapolitan Riviera resort of Sorrento.

Jackson was with an unidentified male, Paris, Prince Michael I and Prince Michael II.

They are staying in a Sorrento villa, owned by two society ladies.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Rowe Puts The Bite On Jackson

Michael Jackson's ex wife and mother of some of his children, Debbie Rowe, has changed her tune a bit since she appeared at his child molestation trial where she could say nothing but positive things about him.

Now Rowe wants some money out Jackson.

Lawyers for Rowe claim that he is $75K behind in paying her legal fees for their ongoing custody battle.

Jackson and Rowe have been fighting in Los Angeles family court for custody of Prince Michael and Paris; who currently live with Jackson and his third son in Bahrain.

The court had ordered Jackson to pay Rowe's legal team.

The next hearing the custody fight is scheduled for March the 17th.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Jackson and The Pope - Utter Bollocks!

It turns out that, according to both the Vatican and Michael Jackson's spokeswoman, the story about him recording some songs written by Pope John Paul II is utter bollocks.

Raymone Bain, Jackson's spokeswoman, said:

"Contrary to published reports in Italy, and the United States, Michael Jackson has not participated in any discussions with the Vatican or Edizioni Musicali Terzo Millennio, an Italian music label specializing in religious songs, to record music to Pope John Paul II's prayers."

She added:

"None of Mr. Jackson's authorized representatives have contacted either the Vatican or Edizioni Musicali Terzo Millennio, regarding this proposed project."

Bain said that Jackson had been contacted by the Vatican "about a year ago", about working on some music.


"Because he was in trial at the time, he was not able to focus on it."

The Vatican has said that it is unaware of any contact with Jackson.

I don't know, but it seems questionable to me that the Vatican would have contacted Jackson before the verdict in the trial had been decided.