Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Back To Court

Michael Jackson is going back to court this Monday, or rather his legal team are. This time it is to fight his corner in a case involving Marc Schaffel, an alleged pornographer and ex Jackson associate, who is seeking $3M from Jackson for breach of contract.

Schaffel also alleges that Jackson is broke, and is addicted to painkillers; de rigueur in Hollywood I would have thought.

A quote from Schaffel's trial brief says:

"In the rarefied air of the world Michael Jackson inhabits, sometimes referred to by his closest advisers as 'Michael World' things were different."

Schaffel alleges that Jackson carried no credit cards, cash or cheques, and relied on advisers and others to attend "to his every need."

Schaffel claims that Jackson plays one adviser against another, via "emotional pleas and strident demands."

Jackson's attorneys claims:

"To say that Schaffel is an unsavoury character is an understatement. He is a professional swindler and pornographer with a long history of dishonest, immoral and manipulative behavior."

Why did Jackson become involved with such an unsavoury character then?

Schaffel claims that Jackson hired him to produce two rebuttal documentaries to the British documentary "Living With Michael Jackson."

Jackson's attorneys are counterclaiming for alleged money owed to Jackson.

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