Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Tricky Stuff, Law

Information is now hitting the net about what went on at the June 10th hearing, in Santa Barbara, in respect of the charges made against Michael Jackson for alleged child molestation.

It seems that Robert Sanger, for the defence, stated that they would be seeking to file a 995 motion by June 25 (when the next hearing is scheduled).

A 955 motion means that the defence is stating that the indictment against Michael Jackson was made without reasonable/probable cause. In other words, the defence team are trying to dismiss the charges.

Judge Melville has ordered that the 955 motion be sealed until a hearing can be held. He wants the arguments to be made publicly, that way the law can be seen to be being upheld.

Friday, June 18, 2004

A Pox Upon The Leakers

I understand that Michael Jackson issued a statement on Thursday; in which he castigated the individual/individuals responsible for leaking the details of his 1993 settlement terms, in the case accusing him of child molestation.

As noted previously on this site, Jackson had agreed to pay $15M to a boy who claimed the singer molested him.

It seems that Jackson paid the money to protect his career. As I noted previously this action, in my view, only stored up trouble for the future.

Jackson is reported to have said that the leaker is disrespecting both himself, and the Santa Maria Court gag; which is trying to prevent trial by media.

The irony is that the gag, which was imposed by Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judge Rodney Melville, may have in fact been breached by Jackson's statement about the leak.

It was unclear whether Thursday's statement by Jackson was subject to the gag order.

Dear oh dear, what a mess!

Thursday, June 17, 2004

It's All Garbage

I read an interesting article in the New York Times, about the opening of "Star Trash"; an exhibition of the works of Pascal Rostain and Bruno Mouron, at the "Star trash" store in SoHo New York.

Here you can view and buy garbage that is art, or is that the other way around? Rostain and Mouron have taken the garbage of the stars, and turned it into "art".

We have a saying in the UK "where there's muck, there's brass" (ie money can be made out of garbage and dirt), which seems entirely apposite in this case.

Mouron and Rostain make an interesting comment about Michael Jackson, noting that he has garbage does not have much artistic potential. It seems that, despite his large retinue, Jackson's garbage indicates that he is a sad lonely man.

Well, some of us suspected that anyway.

I would imagine that the quality of his garbage is the least of Michael Jackson's worries at the moment.

Mouron and Rostain are welcome to buy my garbage anytime.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Hush Money

It is reported that the final settlement that Michael Jackson made to the boy, who accused him of molestation in 1993, was quite hefty.

It seems that Michael Jackson set up a trust fund of around $15M. The settlement is covered by the caveat that Michael Jackson does not admit to any wrongdoing.

In my view, the trouble with these pay offs is that they store up trouble for the future.

If Michael Jackson is innocent, then he sets himself up as a target for every "get rich quick" scam artist on the planet. Additionally, his personal "brand value" is diminished; as he is seen not to stand up and fight for his good name.

If Michael Jackson is guilty then the people who accept the payoff diminish their names in the eyes of the world and, more importantly, leave an alleged child molester free to molest another child again.

Surely this cannot be right?

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Not a Penny Less

Santa Barbara County Judge Rodney Melville formally rejected, in papers released on Monday, the demand by Michael Jackson to have his $3M bail reduced to not more than $435K in his child molestation case.

Judge Melville ruled that Jackson's wealth justified the size of the bail amount.

Jackson's attorney, Thomas Mesereau Jr., believes that the size of the bail discriminates against Michael Jackson's wealth.

Additionally, he argued that Michael's charitable contributions, lack of criminal record and links with Santa Barbara County should be taken into consideration.

The prosecution fears that Jackson will do a "moonlight flit".

Judge Melville is reported to feel that the amount does not represent a problem to Jackson, and observed that Jackson has twice posted the $3 million bail "without objection or apparent difficulty".

It was reported that the judge also observed that the financial inducement to appear before the court was appropriate.

Although the trial of Michael Jackson is set to start on September the 13th, it is acknowledged that there may be difficulty in selecting the jury by this time.

The next hearing is scheduled for June 25 in Santa Maria.

It is going to be a long summer.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Taking The Piss

In amongst the allegations of child abuse by Michael Jackson, there are stories of Jackson allegedly plying underage boys with alcohol.

It seems that on a private plane trip, two stewardesses claim that Jackson asked them to serve alcohol in Coca-Cola cans.

These cans were then given to the alleged victim of abuse, and his younger brother. I understand that a security guard has stated that he saw the alleged victim drunk in Neverland.

It is alleged that in order to hide the fact that alcohol had been served to a minor, urine from the alleged victim (who had a doctor's appointment) was stolen.

This story is denied by the Jackson camp.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Bart Simpson

There is one publicly recorded case, when Michael Jackson spent the evening in the bedroom of an underage boy, that has not been latched on to by the media.

I refer of course to the episode of the Simpsons, first aired over a decade ago, when Michael Jackson made a guest appearance. In that episode he spent the evening with Bart, in his bedroom, unsupervised.

That was entirely innocent. Not everything revolves around sex.