Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Michael Jackson's Top Ten

Michael Jackson listed his top ten favourite things, in the outake video shown to the jury in his trail yesterday.

-- "I love innocence." He said he would slash his wrists before hurting a child.

-- "I love performing."

-- "I love all people."

-- "I love blue skies."

-- "I love trains."

-- "I love art."

-- "I love to read." He said his favorite authors include William Wordsworth, Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams.

-- "I love wisdom."

-- "I love Italians."

-- "I love silver-backed gorillas..I could watch them all day."


The jury in the Michael Jackson trial were shown outakes of the Bashir documentary.

In these, Jackson spoke of his innocent love of children, his overwhelming loneliness and his anger at critics who called him "wacko."

The footage was shot by Jackson's personal videographer, during the Jackson's interview with British journalist Martin Bashir for the documentary "Living With Michael Jackson."

Quote from the video:

"Everything I do is inspired by children. If it weren't for children I'd throw in the towel. I'd have no reason to live...I haven't been betrayed or deceived by children. Adults have let me down,".

Bashir was heard to verbally gush to Jackson, quote:

"My life, my romantic development was shaped by your records..some of the most beautiful pop music we have ever heard."

Jackson took a pop at his critics in the video:

"They are ignorant and I am prejudiced against ignorance,...They called me weird, strange, wacko. They said I'm a girl, a homosexual ... it is jealousy...I am Peter Pan in my heart."


"I used to be very lonely, you have no idea..I would walk up to strangers and say will you be my friend."

That doesn't ring true, if anyone had been approached by Jackson in this manner it would have been spread across the tabloids within 24 hours.

Jackson said:

"I feel pure and good inside...taking a good shower."

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Culkin Denies Abuse

Macaulay Culkin took the stand today, in the Michael Jackson trial, and denied claims Michael Jackson molested him.

Culkin told the court that while he had shared a bed with Jackson, allegations of sexual abuse were "absolutely ridiculous".

He noted that prosecutors had never asked him whether the charges were true, saying he had first heard them on TV.

Culkin admitted that he often slept in Jackson's bed during visits to Neverland in the early 1990s, when he was aged between nine and 14.

He rejected a suggestion by prosecutor Ron Zonen that Jackson may have molested him while he slept.


"I find that unlikely..I think I'd realise if something like that would happen."


"Somebody told me you should probably check out CNN because they're saying something about you..I just couldn't believe it. It was amazing to me that nobody even approached me and asked if these allegations were true."

Defence Witness Admits Lying

Joseph Marcus, a defence witness in the Michael Jackson child molestation trial, has admitted he lied to police about never seeing children sleep in Jackson's bedroom.

Marcus, the property manager at Neverland, said in court that he had seen children sharing Jackson's bed on a regular basis.

Yet he never spoke up?

What is wrong with these people?

He confirmed that he had never seen anything inappropriate happen at Neverland.

However, he admitted lying in a police interview about not seeing children sleeping in Jackson's bed.

Why did he lie to the police?

The prosecution pushed Marcus to validate his claim that Jackson had bonds with girls as well as boys.

Marcus finally came up with two "girls" names; Elizabeth Taylor and Liza Minnelli, saying rather feebly that they seemed "to be good friends" with Jackson.

Rather a lame witness.

Bail Bond Forfeited

It is reported that Michael Jackson has forfeited his $300K bail bond and replaced it with an identical bond, also costing $300K.

Jackson's $3M bail was set a year ago, and was handled by David Perez Bail Bonds of Covina, Calif.

It is normal for bail bondsmen to take a commission, on the bond's first anniversary. However, it is reported that Perez told Jackson's personal attorney, Brian Oxman (who has now been fired from the trial), that there would be no charge.

Despite this, Oxman has forfeited the $300K, and has taken out another bond.

There is no obvious rationale for this unusual action, especially given the fact that Jackson's finances are somewhat "shaky".

Culkin Will Testify

Despite earlier reports indicating the Macaulay Culkin would not testify at the Michael Jackson trial, it now seems that Culkin will in fact testify today.

It is expected that he will deny the testimony of an earlier witness, Philip LeMarque, who claims that Jackson fiddled with Culkin when he was 10.

Verdict For Sale

The Michael Jackson trial has spawned an entire industry of money making schemes. One rather more unusual scheme is the sale on eBay of a prediction of the verdict.

The seller claims to have accurately predicted the outcome of the O J Simpson trial and the 2004 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

He now claims to have predicted the verdict in the Jackson trial, and has written it down and sealed it in an envelope.

The highest bidder wins the envelope.

Full marks for originality.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Culkin Gets Cold Feet

It is reported that Macaulay Culkin may back out of appearing at Michael Jackson's sex abuse trial.

Culkin had been expected to reject allegations that he was molested by Jackson, despite spending nights in his bed in the early 90's.

But yesterday it was reported he was undecided about appearing in court. It seems that he is unnerved by the cross-examinations, to which other alleged victims have been subjected.

He's an actor, he can tough it out.

Au Contraire

The witnesses who testified yesterday in the Michael Jackson trial, contradicted the testimony of earlier witnesses.

They stated that they never saw Jackson act improperly with children at Neverland.

Joe Marcus, the ranch manager, and four other witnesses gave their testimony at the behest of the defence team.

Marcus said that Gavin Arvizo and his family never complained of mistreatment, and were free to leave at any time. Janet Arvizo "seemed to be just enjoying herself," he said.

He noted that Gavin and his brother were "destructive", but were "having fun".

Violet Silva, head of Neverland security in 2003, said that she never saw anything "illegal or inappropriate", nor did she have "no personal knowledge" of kids drinking alcohol at the ranch; that last form of words is well crafted.

Silva said that Gavin and his younger brother found the ignition keys in Jackson's Lincoln Navigator and a ranch van, and took them for joyrides on ranch roads. This was one reason for them not being allowed off the property, she said.

Francine Contreras, a former housemaid, said that the prosecution witness Adrian McManus stole clothes, watches and toys from Jackson.

She herself had been fired, not for stealing but for trespassing.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Jackson's Debt Sold

It is reported that the Bank of America has sold Michael Jackson's loans, totalling $270M, to Fortress Investment Group, a New York-based private hedge fund.

The collateral for the loans includes Mijac, which owns Jackson's song catalogue, and his 50% stake in Sony/ATV Music Publishing, which owns the Beatles' catalogue.