Michael Jackson's Trials

Michael Jackson's Trials


The Ongoing Trials of The Late Michael Jackson

Thursday, May 12, 2005


The jury in the Michael Jackson trial were shown outakes of the Bashir documentary.

In these, Jackson spoke of his innocent love of children, his overwhelming loneliness and his anger at critics who called him "wacko."

The footage was shot by Jackson's personal videographer, during the Jackson's interview with British journalist Martin Bashir for the documentary "Living With Michael Jackson."

Quote from the video:

"Everything I do is inspired by children. If it weren't for children I'd throw in the towel. I'd have no reason to live...I haven't been betrayed or deceived by children. Adults have let me down,".

Bashir was heard to verbally gush to Jackson, quote:

"My life, my romantic development was shaped by your records..some of the most beautiful pop music we have ever heard."

Jackson took a pop at his critics in the video:

"They are ignorant and I am prejudiced against ignorance,...They called me weird, strange, wacko. They said I'm a girl, a homosexual ... it is jealousy...I am Peter Pan in my heart."


"I used to be very lonely, you have no idea..I would walk up to strangers and say will you be my friend."

That doesn't ring true, if anyone had been approached by Jackson in this manner it would have been spread across the tabloids within 24 hours.

Jackson said:

"I feel pure and good inside...taking a good shower."

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  1. Anonymous7:13 AM

    You comment indicates an incorrect frame of reference. In the documentary, this statement refers to what he did as when he was younger and - at that time- the tabloids were not as they are.